Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Media shopping and its future use

We are in an economic crisis of increasing dramatic proportions and yet "groups of investors" are buying media groups....

A few weeks ago it was Globovision, and this week it is the Cadena Capriles, holder of Ultimas Noticias, the newspaper most read by the middle to lower sectors of the population (income and/or education, not that this means Ultimas Noticias is a lousy paper, it is not in its context). The neutralization of Globovision has already started but Ultimas Noticias does not really need to be neutralized. So why? To sneak in more propaganda? That would not work as "el pueblo" has largely ignored the attempts of the regime at pro Chavez rags (Ciudad Caracas, Correo del Orinoco, Vea, all with dismal sales). If Ultimas Noticias were to start resembling regime propaganda its sales would go down fast.

My hypothesis is that bolibourgeois groups are used as fronts by chavista political tendencies for future political needs. If the regime exits soon, they will be the new private "opposition media". If chavismo stays and if the internal warfare of chavismo continues, these newly sold media could be used by one faction against the other.  The only victim for sure is freedom of information for all.....


  1. Dear Daniel, sea lo que sea, resulte lo que resulte, siempre estaré aquí para leer lo que opines. Que el espíritu del universo te mantenga...good night, my friend.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    It may be true, in which case, "let one thousand flowers bloom," swamp them in a flood of low-budget high production value micro-stations using the latest technology that will give the people access to objective and also entertaining content via web, cable, broadcast, wi-fi. This could easily become a Venezuelan Gold Rush, as former leviathans fall and newbies take up the prime feeding spots. Wouldn't it be nice to all of the fourteen years' of ill gotten gains wasted on this failed attempt, if it cannot be recovered by the chief fiscal and interpol? then, after they fall, buy them up at a bargain and put the malandros in El Rodeo. I understand there is a Linda Blair suite there they'd love!

  3. The time is coming for pirate radio.....


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