Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A piece of Venezuelan ridicule where Snowden actually played a part.

In the series "It is a good thing that people do not die from ridicule" Iris Varela gives us new evidence today. The minister for prisons, who a few days ago was proven useless once again as the "pran" of a Ciudad Bolivar prison let the world know that he was the one in charge inside, has blasted two tweets based on Snowden spying revealtions.

Brothers in the fatherland, close down your Facebook accounts because unknowingly you have worked as CIA informants! Check out the Snowden case!

People and countries victim of gringo spying should sue the USA for a just indemnification for that deed! Let's bankrupt the USA economy! Note: she uses the Spanish acronym and the english one in the SAME tweet!!!!

You cannot make up such stuff! She is an idiot....


  1. Island Canuck10:22 PM

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....

    Just a minute, catching my breath
    Vamos, a quebrar economía de USA!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....

  2. Dr. Faustus11:49 PM

    After reading THAT, ..a thought.

    Perhaps the opposition has become too soft. Look at this woman. She threatens. She bullies. She promises physical harm to anyone who gets in her way, or even disagrees with her. A thug. A threat of violence in the eyes. In your face. I'll spit in your face,..if I want to. Try and stop me. Not even Hitler's SA/SS was THAT brazen.

    In reality most people like this are actually cowards. Those historians who've studied Chavez knew that he was all bluster. A coward behind a raised chin. When the infamous coup took place in 92 he (Chavez) was the first to surrender, especially when threatened with physical violence. His co-conspirators were aghast. "We were winning the coup, and the dumba$$ who promised us all that we were to fight to the end,...surrendered!" Iris Varela is no different. This is a government of bullies. They thrive on threats of violence to their opposition. What should the response be? I dunno. But,...but, ya kinda wish that somebody would put a fist in her.... I know. I know. That's not the answer. Violence begets violence. Still. These people are criminals.

  3. The last thing Vzla needs at this moment is a weakened US economy...quite a stupid statement to say the least.

    1. margareth1:05 PM

      For us its a stupid statement, but the poor and illiterate who only depends on what they hear by the State tv beliefs every word the Chavista says, and that is dangerous. This Regime wants to keep his people dumb.

    2. Sure, there is a method in her madness. But she is still an idiot.

      It is interesting to observe that among chavismo lumpen violence, viveza, insult can look as marks of intelligence. Oh, well.......

    3. A steady diet of violent behaviour, viveza, and insults also camouflage deeper psychological and intellectual handicaps.

      Gee, it's a good thing Varela bought what she needed, during her trip to a Florida Wal-Mart, before issuing these ridiculous commands.

      As an aside, I wonder if FB can confirm a drop in Vzlan users of its service as of July 10th.

    4. Island Canuck9:01 PM

      "As an aside, I wonder if FB can confirm a drop in Vzlan users of its service as of July 10th."

      You've got to be kidding.
      No Venezuelan will give up their FB because some idiot asks them to.

    5. No I'm not kidding, IC. I would love it if FB could confirm that there was NO drop in Vzlan users of its service, after Fosforito's shout-out.

      Obviously, I don't expect FB to engage in this nonsense. And obviously, I don't expect even the most moronic followers (and ojo, I don't label all followers of officialdom as morons) to delete their FB account.

      It's just that if FB (or otherwise) could confirm that there was no drop in Vzlan users of FB service, it would be a lovely slap to Vz officialdom.

  4. Anonymous10:51 PM

    It is so ridiculous, it isn't funny! NSA is welcome to my Facebook, it is so boring, the reviewers would go to sleep

    1. ditto. I rarely use FB and would welcome the added "friends". jajaja

    2. Iri Varela is crazy. I don't know if there is a system in that head of hers.

      She should tell people to get out of Twitter. Twitter is as good a vehicle for data mining and spoofing as Facebook. I asked her on Twitter what she was still doing there...I don't expect her to answer, of course.

      Now, you should know: from a mining point of view it doesn't matter if you are boring or not. Either way you are relevant. The more, the merrier. You are still connected to people and the connection is not random. If they had a network of only terrorists or political hotbeds or the like, they wouldn't have so much value as with what they have right now. "Boring profiles" are good.


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