Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Are the radicals winning the regime's infighting?

Chavismo has been torn apart, in secret, since Chavez death. The battle implies several factions, from rich corrupt bolibourgeois to radical idiotism pushing forward ideas that have always failed in history. It seems that the radical point of view may be getting the upper hand. That does not mean it is winning as some of the factions may have decided to cool it for a while and wait for better times. But in harsh economic climate and a legitimacy problem, they may all agree that a short stint in the radicalism parlance may do them some good. Some evidences.

The first one of the list comes from Maduro himself who having avoided expropriations, a favorite Chavez tool, has decided to start his own ones this week end. Granted, it is a rather small plot of land to build subsidized housing, but at a time when Venezuela's regime is trying to lure back investors, this is not the smartest of moves and only betrays political nervousness, a hankering for Chavez coattail signature...

Tweeter gives us the next two examples.

Let's start with Diosdado Cabello, the president of the Nazional Assembly, that he has silenced by assaulting the opposition members.  He says in this tweet:

The fascist criminal capriles [no capital letter] wants to fight corruption and his daddy is the main collector [of bribes] for the state works

Besides the violence of these words emitted without any proof offered [fascist violence?] we must remind readers that Capriles has sent to the nation's attorney's office a complete dossier of all the corruption acts of Diosdado Cabello when he was governor of Miranda. Not a single one of them, that I know of at this time, has been investigated. Almost 5 years and running. There are other tweets along those lines from the person that should be the most democratic politician in Venezuela considering he occupies the presidency of the dialogue chamber of the country.

The next tweet is from the ineffable Jaua, who also lost against Capriles last December and who seems more obsessed about his vendetta against Capriles than directing the foreign policy of Venezuela (then again, this one is, well, irrelevant these days).

The face of hatred of Capriles R. [capital letters this time around] of April 15is the one of the naked bourgeoisie, of fascism, with all its charge of intolerance and cult to death!

We can at least praise Jaua on having a vague idea about what fascism is compared to his other colleagues who use fascist for an all purpose insult. Still, he is fascist alright in his expressions as can be seen from other tweets of his making. However, let's not be mistaken, the attack on Capriles is just a pretext to weaken the opposition. Replace tomorrow Capriles by someone as mild mannered as Guillermo Aveledo and within days the vituperation will the the same. That is the fascist method, opponents are all indistinguishable, all equally bad, something that communism was more careful at, differentiating its type of opponents (even though the only real difference in the end between the systems was the exact date of departure for the concentration-camp/Gulag).

I note also that we should not underestimate the ignorance of Jaua who combined with his hatred is indeed a dangerous mix, and also a very fascist one. His incendiary words above were pronounced and tweeted while he was inaugurating a chocolate processing plant that supposedly will save Venezuelans from sweeping the floors of multinational companies. I suppose that in revolutionary plants robots sweep the floors.....
Today we open the plant Bombones Cimarron [Marron-slave Bonbons, such things cannot be made up] in Los Teques. Dignified jobs, chocolate for el pueblo, with the quality to export to MERCOSUR.

Unfortunately nobody has told Jaua about all the chocolate that is already coming from Brazil and that will compete efficiently against that Bombones Cimarron......

And to this you must add the latest incantations of Eduardo Saman, a most radical back into the government and in days making major waves of radicalism. He is these days closing butcher shops that refuse to sell meat at a loss, while promising that his fight against speculation [note: for him any earnings is of a speculative nature, so ideological is his formation] will decrease prices. And revert inflation I suppose? For him no one should make more than 8%, in a country that suffers 40% inflation....

And thus why I suspect that radical chavismo is carrying the day, for the time being. It may be only to ensure a favorable result in December vote, which I doubt it will. But one thing is certain, if the regime is so willing to gamble the remains of the economy and prosecute without reason or need the opposition as it does, their putative victory in December will be bought at an un-affordable price for  the country. A hollow victory, but a pregnant one, with hunger and violence.


  1. Charly2:26 AM

    Chavismo was a hodgepodge now on its bed death. Four months after His Nibs passing hardly anybody talks of him; were are the miracles, the mass suicides? People are too busy getting into lineups. What we have now is Madurismo, Cabellorismo, radicalochavismo (Izarritarismo anyone?). Whoever ends up on top will get out of it very diminished and loose for good a good chunk of Chavez followers. My bet? Around 30% National Socialists within a couple of years, probably less. Is there any evidence that Maduro has gained ground with the population since he got elected by the CNE. I would like to know because wherever I turn to they all swear at him.

  2. Government chocolate factory?

    1. Island Canuck5:44 PM

      Sure, to go along with Government milk factory, Government ice cream factory, Government ferry company, Government airlines, Government cement factory, Government iron & steel companies, Government aluminum company, Government farms, Government construction companies, Government electric companies, Government water companies, Government mail service, etc., etc.

      I might point out that not one of them function correctly.

  3. "Chavez lives in each bonbon!" Good god.


  4. Boludo Tejano8:45 PM

    Hoy inauguramos la fábrica de Bombones Cimarron en Los Teques.Empleos dignos, chocolate para el pueblo, con calidad para exportar a MERCOSUR.

    Chavismo just loves to use "digno." Here is a Golden Oldie about the "pueblo digno." Why is it that Chavismo, in using the word "dogno," converts the word into an oxymoron?

  5. NorskeDiv1:21 AM

    By saying that Carpiles is a fascist, and saying it so much, every Venezuelan must have heard the accusation, yet he got ~49% of the vote. Aren't they implying that 49% of Venezuelans are fascists? Hell, that's more of the vote than the Nazis got! At the very least, they are saying Venezuela is the most fascist friendly country in South America...


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