Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How my week started at work....

Monday AM early. Funeral for the mother of an employee that died of A1H1N1.

Monday afternoon. A company driver on a delivery was attacked at a street light. they stole his papers and his money. Luckily nothing happened to him nor the truck or the delivery. Just some malandro in urgent need of some cash for a joint or something...

Tuesday morning. I was spending my morning, standing in line in diverse offices, inquiring about a property that the local chief had decided to expropriate. Note: we were up to date on all taxes etc, but no one bothered checking who was the owner of that vacant lot (that we held for future expansion) and it was "expropiese".  Just like that, because someone liked the site.

And then they expect me to be creative, to increase production, to hire people, to pay taxes.......


  1. NorskeDiv7:01 AM

    Tragic about H1N1, it really seems to be getting out of control in Venezuela.

    Expropriated, or stolen, will your business be duly compensated?

    1. Stolen implies no compensación. Expropriated a simbólico one.

      Fortunately for us it is a small plot that we had in reserve for a future expansion that will never come. Now I can sit down and watch the government build something that will be abandoned in a few years. Or reprivatized in favor of a regime crony.

    2. Photograph the *development*, Daniel.

    3. oh, i have it all in pictures. but it is a vacant lot, one in many a vacant lot in the area, among the abandonned manufacturing plants that working areas have become in venezuela where everyday less is produced.

    4. so date the photographs taken of the vacant lot, as of its expropriation.

  2. Yes, keep us posted on what happens with it.

  3. The wise shepherd never trusts his flock to a smiling wolf.firepigette


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