Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh Dear! Capriles uses the F word

But can you blame him?

The fascist government takes revenge actions against the airline we traveled to Chile, LAN and on return, this is how fascist act!
In short, LAN, the Chile airline, has been banished to an auxiliary runway of Maiquetia airport because it took Capriles as its passenger this week to Chile. As if Capriles had other choices to fly direct to Santiago....

The comie cliche call to arms
And apparently the airport had a welcome committee to receive Capriles with aggressions this afternoon. Just as Maduro hired the communist party of Chile to harass Capriles in Santiago as if this one was a nice NGO...

Still, I must object to Capriles use of the F word. If indeed totalitarianisms resemble themselves more and more, the actions in Caracas airport are more like the ones that the Cuba variety would take.  Those are the type of actions of "repudio" that Yoani Sanchez writes so much about. I know, I know, it is more and more difficult in the XXI century to differentiate fascism from communism (at least what was called Communism in the 80ies) but we should try.

At any rate, what they did in Maiquetia this week is once again proof that the regime is running out of options and that its creativity resides in using Cuban repressive techniques.

Now, will Piñera or Bachelet protest the treatment of LAN in Caracas?  Is it this not a direct evidence that ignoring human rights doe snot protect your commercial interests?

PS: Juan Cristobal sent me this lovely poster of the Communist Party of Chile pretending to call a movement of the people against Capriles.  You know, with spontaneous enthusiasm. They did manage about 100..... click to enlarge and read if you dig Spanish. Worth the effort.


  1. Charly2:21 AM

    The insult "Fascist" doesn't cut it any more, it is dull. Insulting this government as National Socialist would have far more impact and not that far off the mark. Just a personal opinion.

    1. I try to keep a certain coherence in my use of loaded words but you are right, "fascista" today is becoming used like "marico" or "puta", gutted of any meaning, in particular for the user.

      One thing that we can surmise now is that any regime, no matter from whichever ideological corner it comes, when it grows associated with the military and its corruption for sustenance has to become fascist in action if not in words. This is exactly what has happened to chavismo who in spite of a leftist discourse is so involved with the military, so corrupt a military, that it starts acting merely fascist.

  2. My opinion:

    From what I can see it is a bit unnecessary to worry toomuch about these terms when it would appear that the left–right political spectrum, when viewed without ideological rubbish, is just a system of classifying totalitarian political positions from within the same fundamental context or system.

    For this reason any term along that context will appear to lose meaning after a time, if used in contexts where people will still see fundamental polarities.



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