Saturday, August 03, 2013

Chavez's heirs in full psychotic dissociation

The most remarkable thing about the events scheduled tomorrow is that the chavista government is calling for a public support to force the chavista government to fight corruption.  That is right, the people that are supposed to fight corruption are the ones calling for a "protest" against corruption.

There is simply no way to make sense of it unless we consider two hypothesis. The first one is that chavismo and its supporters are entering psychotic dissociation. The second one is that the chavista brain is wired outside the parameters of logic.

Though, now that I think of it, both hypothesis overlap severely...

Yet, the facts are quite simple. The opposition, justly incensed by the fraudulent accusation of corruption on one of its representatives and his punishment before trial, has called to a rally in Caracas and a few other cities to protest the real corruption in Venezuela.  The regime bereft of any new idea and dead set in retaining office at any price had no other idea but to call a counter protest on the same day, same time, same motive even though ALL in Venezuela know that the corruption is way, way more over chavismo side than the opposition.

I am not going to describe the extent of corruption in Venezuela today: this blog alone has so many entries on that matter... Not to mention that international agencies have ranked Venezuela in the bottom countries for a variety of abuse from corruption in fiances to corruption in justice. Any blogger with a will and time can find enough evidence to stir trouble.

For EVERY VENEZUELAN corruption is almost a daily occurrence. We can start with the humble homemaker who has to stand in long lines for a few items of food while her neighbor did not have to put up because she has the "contacts" to skip the line or arrive at it early; or get it for free or delivered if she has real good contacts. Or the public worker like my S.O. who has witnessed small time corruption, and has inferred from it major scale one. Or a manager like this blogger tired of having to pay off Nazional Guards on road blocks for his deliveries because there is yet a new regulation unknown for us, or because a comma was ill placed on some form even though the form and the cargo matched perfectly. Amen of giving money for drinks because the Guard merely fulfilled his duty to inspect the load and did not find anything wrong.

We are all subject on regular basis to a demonstration of corruption and we all know that it comes from the regime unwillingness to fight it, understanding that allowing massive corruption is a tool of power for the said regime. That this one tomorrow calls for a protest against corruption, trying to blame it on the opposition is simply unbelievable, even for the most hardcore chavista. Let's not forget that the hard core chavista is already a direct beneficiary of corruption by benefiting of preferential state advantages that are denied to other citizens just because s/he screams Viva Chavez.  Many of these hard core are already used to be paid to attend marches, to receive a free bus ride and a food allowance to go to Caracas to support Chavez. If they do not see the contradiction of tomorrow, if they think that indeed the opposition is more corrupt than the regime, then they surely suffer of psychotic dissociation as their leadership does.


  1. Anonymous4:38 AM

    So what is the solution ?

    Wait another 14 years to see if some miracle gets the right people into government and the military ?

    1. This entry is not to about solutions.


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