Saturday, August 17, 2013

Maduro's confession that he is a totalitarian; and yet controls shit

PSUV flowchart?
Sometimes the glorious bolibanana revolution comes up with snippets that one does not know whether to cry or laugh one's head off.  Maduro delivered such a revealing doozie yesterday that the mind reels. In short he went to justify that the PSUV Chavez party did not hold primaries for the following reasons [with my comments included]:

  • Si hubiéramos ido a procesos de primarias, ¿cómo creen ustedes que estaríamos ahora? Tengo una opinión: hubiésemos quedado partidos en tres, cuatro y cinco pedazos. In short: had we held primaries we would be a fractured party today. [In this single sentence Maduro acknowledges that the PSUV is a weak party, prey to centrifugal forces, and implying he has barely control over them, if any. That he admits a reality we all knew is simply astounding, stupid, or Machiavellian as he appeals for the wish of the lumpen chavismo to be held under the sway of a great powerful leader that thinks for them. Your pick]
  • [en las riamrias] la amenaza permanente de la pasión individualista de alguna gente que aspira a cargos públicos con una fuerza sospechosa. Primaries are an opportunity for unscrupulous people to reach for public office. [This is even more extraordinary. Not only Maduro admits that inside the PSUV many are wanting of a primary to attack his tenuous grasp on power, but that they have the strngth to do so. He also tries to come across as a saint, that the only way to have good public servants is to trust him. Jeeez...]
  • Las primarias no volverán a celebrarse en el Polo Patriótico mientras "prevalezca la cultura burguesa de las democracias carnavalescas". Primaries will never be held inside chavismo as long as the bourgeois carnival democracy remains. [And it got worse. With that one Maduro admits that the aim of the PSUV is to become a monolithic communist party, that primaries are a fake democracy and that such a system should be eliminated and replaced in the future by another socialist system to be determined in its due time. In other words, primaries can only exist in a one party state, I suppose.]
If anyone needs to get evidence on why chavismo is not, never was a democratic movement, s/he needs not go further than yesterday's rambling of Maduro. These words were crystal clear, there is no ambiguity, the objective of the PSUV is the one party state, at best.

This is bad news, my friends.


  1. Island Canuck6:07 PM

    As per your previous post on GloboVision the screws are slowly turning.

    A lot will depend if we ever get to the municipal elections in December.

    The economy is collapsing, prices are skyrocketing (unofficial exchange jumped 10% last week) & shortages are getting worse.

    As you said "This is bad news, my friends."

    1. Which is yet, incidentally, more evidence as to why the regime could not wait until January to shut down Globovision

  2. No surprise and nothingn to see here. Move along now.

  3. "A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth - some obvious truth he isn't supposed to say."

    -- Michael Kinsley

  4. margareth9:18 PM

    Aveledo: "El impotente ante los problemas quiere hacerse omnipotente"


  5. As a foreigner living in question, maybe a stupid one long will/can the people continue to accept the current situation? Seems to me the only way the people will rise up is when the government starts to take away their favorite things......starting with their blackberry, facebook, twitter, direct TV or when the inflation becomes to a point where the common people cant even buy their cervezas to go to the beach each weekend

    1. cerveza blocked point-of-sale, that's when.

  6. margareth10:02 PM

    pane et circenses

  7. Anonymous2:37 AM

    All bad news, yet every Venezuelans sits and waits wondering if things will actually change. No fire at all in this country. Truly sad.

    1. And your proposal is?

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Millions in the street and STAY THERE for as long as it takes and no matter what (Egypt example). Put fear in Chavistas mind and the rats will run into exile. Military will have no option but to intervene and remove the Chavista regime. Throw all the corrupt criminal Chavista leaders in jail.
      I don't see another way out. Voting the regime out will never happen.
      Unfortunately this scenario will not happen either. El bravo pueblo is no more. It still is too comfortable to live in Venezuela. In spite of all the negatives, the alcohol is flowing and partying goes on as always. Blackberries, breast augmentations, subsidized easy international travel are the priorities in this now oppo political nihilistic society. Lots of blahblah, no action.
      The idea that the regime will collapse by itself has now been suggested for about 10 years, yet it never happens.

    3. Always nice to see courageous Anonymous send other people to the front to open their shirts in front of Nazional Guard bullets.

    4. Well said, Daniel.

      Comments of this persuasion (and that includes labels of naïveté applied to an entire nationality) sprout every now again from a few who are a shade less anonymous, but who nonetheless carry an arm's-length fantasy of how they'd like others to blow "the pop stand", in order to benefit their family members, still in Vzla.

    5. Anonymous8:40 PM

      Sorry, 2nd anonymous is "Mike", 1st anonymous is not. Honestly forgot to put my name on the post.
      I happen to be a US citizen and live in the US and for no money in the world would live in THIS Venezuela, although I have lived there in better times and loved and still love the country and it's people, except of course the radical Chavista thugs.
      You asked "and your proposal is?" and I gave you my opinion, however it is not MY problem, we have enough shit going on in the US.

    6. Anonymous9:11 PM

      syd: and your proposal is?

    7. I am not delusional enough to propose, from afar, changes to a volatile structure. Every place, every culture has a dynamic formed in history and social conditions. And any paradigm change to that culture must develop in-situ, if the change is to be long-lasting. #Realism.

    8. Anonymous4:26 AM

      Not delusional ENOUGH? In other words, you ARE delusional but not enough to have an opinion.
      Following your logic, then bloggers Toro, Nagel, Octavio, Coronel and e.g. commenter and blogger Kepler cannot have opinions re regime change in Venezuela from afar either, because it would be "delusional" behavior? The only one qualified would be Duquenal.
      Your Canadian logic and somewhat cowardly non-answer answer. Of course expressing one's opinion could mean trouble, particularly if it is not in line with the blog owner's train of thought. And, OMG, commenters may flame you! Scary, huh?

    9. Mike

      Not that I want to defend Syd who can do it herself quite well, but I do not think for an instant that her in situ meant me above the list you drew. I am quite sure she meant Venezuelans rather than non Venezuelans should solve our problems. No matter where they live. At least this how I understood her immediately. Then again I have read her long enough so I know how she operates for certain things.

    10. Anonymous7:24 AM


      Fine, your perception, but there is no wiggle room for some of the things she wrote.
      How does "from afar" fit into this? Combined with the indirect ad hominem attack of being delusional because of my OPINION or PROPOSAL, from AFAR? In context, this, by default, means exactly what she says: anybody having an opinion / proposal from afar on how to achieve regime change in Venezuela is delusional. Ludicrous.
      The statement "...any paradigm change to that culture must develop in-situ..." is a mundane truism.
      And yes I agree that she did of course not mean YOU specifically, she meant exactly what she said, I repeat: neither she, nor I and therefore by logical conclusion nobody from afar can opine.
      Finally, please don't state "Not that I want to defend Syd...", when that's exactly what you did.

    11. Mike


      However I was not defending Syd. Long time readers may recall that more than once I have had bitter exchanges with her. You simply read too much in her words.

  8. Charly12:31 PM

    It is not all bad news, with a little bit of ingenuity everyone can get his turn to help empty the coffers of the state. An example,everyone gets the right of $2,500 when he/she travels. Yet relatively few take advantage of this right because one has to backup his/her spending away from the Fatherland with the equivalent official rate Bolivares counterpart in the local bank account. Not everyone has the financial means to do it. So, here comes the good Samaritan who will help those eager to take a vacation outside the country without the means to do so. The idea is to identify people willing to travel and offer them the plane ticket (subsidized), the hotel in Peru and a bit of cash. The counterpart is to surrender the $2,500. Then the whole lot, sponsor and vacationers travel together to destination. This is working like a charm, main destination these days Peru. There is no limit to Venezuelan ingenuity and I personally admire this (just) display of libertarianism, telling Mr Maduro to stick his high principles up his....

    1. Island Canuck3:15 PM

      Charly, you also have to have a receipt for every cent you spend.

      They don't always audit you but if they think there is something suspicious they will demand that you produce every receipt.

      On another, off topic issue, that maybe Sra. Varela might like to comment on is the story of the 2 Irish brothers serving 11 year sentences for drug smuggling that escaped from a high security jail & walked across the border into Colombia to escape.

      I haven't read one word about this in Venezuelan news but it's a big story in Ireland:

      Somebody got a hefty payoff for this.

    2. Didn't mention you have to be in cahoot in Peru with someone that processes the dollars. This scam is very popular these days. Try to book a flight for Lima, you'll see.


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