Friday, September 06, 2013

Fascist "journalists" inside the Nazional Assembly of Venezuela

Sometimes there are little items that truly freeze you blood. A certain Dayra Manuela Rivas is a "journalist" at the National Assembly and its TV network, ANTV which is supposed to be our local version of C-span but that is nothing less than a propaganda outlet where opposition representatives not only cannot participate but are now excoriated. You just need to look at the front page to see that ANTV is nothing else but crap, and at tax payer expense.

Just to make sure that you can
see by yourselves that it comes
from the web page of the
Nazional Assembly of VNZL
Today La Patilla revealed an OpEd (yeah, right...) dedicated to trash in the vilest terms Maria Corina Machado. Of course, MCM has been trashed for years along anyone that criticizes the regime. What is novel here is that she is blasted, without evidence, without proof, already sentenced in the web site of the Nazional Assembly of Venezuela by that little shit of Dayra Rivas. The article is not even original, it has all the cliches in use by the regime, all the "reminders" of past crimes that are STILL without trial, without evidence, charges repeated endlessly in the hope that it will make them true.

All inspired in the techniques for character assassination in use in Cuba and in any totalitarian regime. This is not journalism, this is not an OpEd, this is beyond character assassination.

You can read the complete article at La Patilla if you have the stomach for it. There is really no point in translating much of it, the second paragraph will do.

¡Los mismos rostros! ¡La misma serpiente! Un solo objetivo: ¡Arrodillar, doblegar a Venezuela ante los pies del imperio norteamericano! Dicen en algún lugar de la mancha [sic] que recordar es vivir, pero en Venezuela, recordar las acciones fascistas de aquellos de quienes pretenden apoderarse de las riquezas del país, y despojar al pueblo de sus derechos –tal y como lo hicieron los gobiernos de la cuarta república durante más de 40 años-, significa defender el legado del Comandante Supremo, Hugo Chávez, la Revolución Bolivariana y el Socialismo, así esto implique ¡levantar verdades o fusiles!
The same faces! The same snake! a single objective: To kneel down, to bend over Venezuela at the feet of the North American Empire! They say that in a place of La Mancha [The poor thing has no idea on the literary reference she uses! she confuses them, misspells them, proves that she is an ignorant] that remembering is to live, but in Venezuela, to remember the fascist actions of those who pretend to grab the riches of the country, and remove the rights of el pueblo- just as the governments of the IVth Republic did for more than 40 years-, means to defend the legacy of the Supreme Commander, Hugo Chavez, the Bolivarian Revolution and Socialism [capital letters intended by her here, even is she forgot the others], and thus this shall imply raise truths of riffles!

As usual, not only cultural references are wrong, but the text is ill written in Spanish, confusing, the mishmash of an angry bitch trying to pass as a journalists, and forgive my French please!

But that is where fascism thrives, on such feeble minds.


  1. Disgusting.....I hope this ends soon...The entire government needs to be swept out...This is the silver lining of Capriles not getting in Miraflores on the 14A...Now the filth is exposed for all the world to see and when change does come and Capriles is in he will have the right, the backing, and the support to throw all the garbage out of the institutions that no longer function...Great articles you write, BTW..

  2. It seems the media hegemony is becoming the biggest problem facing Venezuela. All the blackouts blamed on sabotage and a military unit formed to protect it (ha!) and now evil empire plans for 'Total Collapse' revealed: as always getting their pathetic defence in first...'hey, we're so good anything that goes wrong cannot possibly be our fault'. You mention feeble minds but I live in hope that el pueblo venezolano are becoming 'less feeble': how can anyone believe the shit Maduro and Co spout?


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