Monday, September 02, 2013

Suriname's Bouterse to preside over UNASUR, yet another fail for Brazil

I had just finished a post on Syria and checked twitter quickly. Alas, I need to write a second post....

It turns out that the son of former dictator, always strong man, currently alleged elected president of Suriname has been arrested in Panama for drug traffic and quickly expedited to the US. This during the UNASUR summit held in Suriname where Desi Bouterse is supposed to take the helm for the next few months. Such things cannot be made up.

Dino Bouterse is apparently quite a piece of work, just like his daddy is. El Pais goes further in his report, elaborating on the relationship between Daddy and Hugo when he was still alive. Indeed, both presided over authoritarian narco states so economic agreements had to be made. In particular for Suriname that probably makes more in a couple of shipments of coke than its annual budget....

So, why Brazil in the title, you may ask? Well, UNASUR is Brazil's Lula brain child to herd under the same roof all of the countries that have a border with Brazil so as to monitor and influence them better. Other uses of UNASUR have already proven to be meaningless such as its inability to force Maduro into a real electoral audit last April.

Now, since it is Brazil that truly holds the rein inside UNASUR (Colombia and Chile are there because they have really no other choice) it is simply out of all possible understanding that they have allowed Desi Bouterse to preside over UNASUR, even for a few months. That by itself, shows how little regard Brazil has for its own creation, presided by a convicted felon that could be arrested as soon as it gets in the Schengen space......

The foreign policy of Brazil has become a true continental embarrassment for people that know better.


  1. That's old news. Hey, we had our own convicted coupster as President first!

    Venezuela once more leads the vanguard of the realismo magico.

  2. Boludo Tejano7:32 PM

    The father of Ecuador's President Correa spent time in prison in the US for drug smuggling. Bolivia's President,Evo Morales, was a cocalero. Welcome to the club.


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