Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maduro promises us kangaroo courts (or is that rabipela'o courts?)

Bolivarian special court and jury
The regime knows it has blundered and that the organized looting it has recklessly promoted could boomerang badly. So appropriately Maduro announced yesterday that there will be "special courts" created to prosecute those that "speculated" on prices. Considering that anything above 1% is considered speculation by chavismo that means that we are all a target.  For good measure, since clearly the Nazional Guard and the Police are often either helping the looters or unwilling to confront them he asked the chavista militia to ensure the security of the threatened stores. In fact, he wants to make sure the militia gets its share of the loot.

Of course, these kangaroo courts are unconstitutional although for chavismo they will be made legal. Maybe we shall call them rabipelado courts since the Common Possum is the lone, I think, Marsupial of our continent.  Militia is equally unconstitutional, but who's counting?

We even had a military jerk bitching in cadena that the opposition was mocking the people in line at Daka. They cannot even get that one right, we are condemning them for taking advantage of the misfortune of someone to make a gain.

Forging on with faascism....


  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Don't they vote on decree powers this week?

  2. Island Canuck3:51 PM

    Not until they throw out 1 diputada today & buy off her back up

  3. Dear Daniel,

    In South and Central America there are various - In Venezuela at least 9 - species of marsupials, not only opossums. Most are small, nocturnal and rat or mouse like. Actually opossums - 3 subspecies I think - migrated into North America when the central America land bridge formed.


    1. right! I got the sub continent mixed up :)

  4. Anonymous10:32 AM

    You could also have named the courts "Rabo 'e Cochino" (Pig Tail) courts.

    They hurt going in and they hurt going out..................

    Roberto N


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