Friday, November 15, 2013

Why I am not covering the "enabling law"

Yesterday the regime managed to boot out enough opposition representatives or blackmail/buy enough to its side that it got the magical 99 number to vote the enabling law.  Such a momentous moment (redundancy intended) should be covered duly. But I'll pass for a few reasons:

First, I have covered already the essential, the truly fascist nature of that law voted yesterday in first reading and certain now to pass the second vote next week.

Second, we have been, as far as I am concerned, into a bona fide dictatorship since 2010, at the very least. This law changes nothing, it just simplifies the legal aspects of the regime, in a "retroactive way" on all the abuses committed in recent months.

Third, derived from second, Maduro and the regime are already doing all what they want about the economy. Redundantly again, the law is a mere "legal" stamp and maybe an additional excuse to settle scores inside chavismo.

Fourth, a regime that knows it has the right on his side, that feels confident and supported, that holds already a decisive majority in the parliament does not need such a show.  That enabling crap is a mark of weakness that pushes us over the brink. Why bother about the details?

What is more important to cover is how a huge chunk, a majority chunk of the Venezuelan population, not all of them, by far, chavistas, are only too happy to let private enterprise sink, without defending it, without being aware of the consequences. And the opposition MUD is at least in part responsible because for meager electoral calculations they are too afraid to confront the regime as it should be confronted even if it were to cost them a few town-halls next December. Apparently they actually think that the regime will "respect" whatever victories they will get.  After the video below you KNOW that the only way out is through some from of violence. We cannot escape it because those in charge today are seeking a violent confrontation.

This video is remarkable on many aspects that most commentators that are P.C. will not dare to tell you.

You do not need to understand the words at all.

The anguish of the store owner who prefers to be outright looted instead of sealing his death by the slow process of being forced to sell at a loss everything.

The anguish of the store clerks that know that the owners have worked very hard for their store and that she and other clerks are going to be jobless tomorrow.

The "public servants" there trying to calm them down and take them away from the cameras of the local TV or whomever is filming this.  Their faces betray that they are not happy with what they are forced to do. Yet, they are too far gone to take a stand on ethics.

And the non P.C. part I promised. the owners are of middle eastern origins. They are still sort of fresh from the boat (10 years?). They have probably supported Chavez for his love to anything Muslim against anything US and/or Jewish. And now they are paid in kind.  Though admittedly they may be from the Christian minorities. But it does not make any difference: the regime is ready to throw to the wolves whoever it takes.

A regime that has allowed dozens of such scenes this week and that has decided to let them keep recurrent for the next few weeks, until election time at least, is a regime that has lost all humanity, that has fully assumed its position of a gang of thieves that leads the servile and morally corrupt majority portion of the country. Why should I bother covering the enabling law?  The only thing worth discussing is ways out of this nightmare.

To conclude I would like you to come back to a post I wrote a little bit over a year ago "When mediocrity and resentimiento will all over".  And then you will understand why I suffer from a Cassandra complex.....


  1. charly11:37 PM

    I saw an interesting scene out my window today. Two pieces of shit in uniform one of them living in the same complex as I came out of a vehicle marked "Guardia del Pueblo" and started downloading plenty of electronics. Las divisas son su honor.

  2. The next step in the Cubanization of Venezuela will be the destruction of small and medium size businesses and the systematic intimidation of anyone opposed to coerce them leave Venezuela. Meaning that, from here on out, it gets really ugly.

  3. La misma Guardia Nacional que trafica en drogas , aresta a un hombre sencillo y trabajador de la forma mas injusta cuando su unico crimen era trabajar demasiado.

    Que desgracia! La inhumanidad se paga, y se paga a alto precio.Quienes no condenan esto abiertamente forman parte del problema.

    Todo esto es nada mas la charada del gobierno de pretender que la alta inflacion es culpa de los comerciantes y no de las medidas ineptas y corruptas del gobierno.Salen con las suyas por la grandisima ignorancia por gran parte del pueblo y por el otro lado la indiferencia en frente a la injusticia.Estoy furica.firepigette

  4. wow... that's such a sad scene... whats interesting is the people working there know that the costs are high to begin with, how does one expect to sell things at a loss? whats the point? I wonder does that mean everything becomes underground? like in Cuba? I would imagine if this keeps continuing, the chances for finding electronics for sale will be extremely hard? so now there is no toilet paper, sugar, coffee, milk, and electronics to buy in the list? I wonder if when venezuelans cant get their BBM/iphone/andriod, what will they do?

  5. All I can say is Wow. I had been looking for this video and it had been withdrawn from all the press pages. Thank you for posting it. Que pena tan profunda!

  6. Anonymous1:20 AM

    @Daniel, the guy in the Video is an Arab. Most possible from Syria - Muslim? Assad follower? Christian?
    Regards, Hans who thinks you have to reconsider what you post about Arab Nations ;-)

    1. ???????
      I did try to remain vague on purpose by writing "middle eastern".

  7. Hans,

    What could possibly be wrong with what Daniel said? I really cannot imagine.

    If anybody : Arab , Christian, atheist, blue, green or purple, takes advantage of being treated in a special way by sociopaths, they have to realize there will come a day when those same sociopaths turn against them.In this case it was some Middle Easterners, This is called intelligence.I see people like that everyday in my own life.Then later those same people are surprised to pay a price.


  8. Anonymous4:07 AM

    as an American, I have never understood as to why any People would welcome Socialism " Communism " take a page out of the eastern European History book, or else you will soon resemble the Cuban model

  9. Anonymous 1037, you have not idea how insightful is your observation. Socialism, communisn etc, is like a tiger puppy, is so cute when is little but it will kill you when it grows up. There is a good number of people that thought Chavez revolution was such a "cute" idea and today, when the tiger has all but killed Vzla, are horrified. While socialism has not reached its final and natural conclusion in Vzla, you can certainly see it from where we stand, complete chaos and destruction...this is the natural end of socialism. It has been tried, like you said, before in East Europe, Cuba, Chile, etc and in all those places you can see the result. So, it is amazing that people are still trying it, still support it, still pursuing it.
    At the end it will be like a gian toilet bowl, when the "flush" comes, it will twirl around and catch everybody, and suck them down...usually the ones to survive are, the instigators who seek asylum abroad, and a few lucky one at ground zero, left to rebuild from the ashes.
    And in 30 years (give or take a seems the political memory of nations is in the lattest stages of alzheimers and so cycles may become shorter) when the country is in better shape, and there is a healthy economy, another gorilla will preach the "equality" of socialism and down the toilet will all go.
    People have a better chance to prosper when there is freedom and socialism/comunisn is all about control.

  10. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Orlando, you are right on.

    With a majority in the AN, Maduro can get any law he wants passed right now in the same day if needed. The enabling law is overkill.
    The changes are 1. that Maduro is now completely culpable for any new laws and 2. Maduro can make laws that punish any PSUV in the AN that do not follow his orders.

  11. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Obama's economic theory in practice
    Coming to the USA sooner than you think


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