Monday, December 02, 2013

The fraudulent chavista electoral message

I need to say it: the chavista message for the next election is more fraudulent than ever, if it were possible.... Note: I am not an electoral prude but chavismo electoral propaganda and actions are quite a mix of the tacky and the mean.

Let's start with the looting and sacking and distortion on price etc.  Sensing that people are justifiably concerned that stores will be empty because no one will renew inventory least the regime bankrolls it, the regime this weekend made a big show of allegedly replenishing the DAKA store of Boleita in Caracas. Judge by yourself.
Antique dryers or unsold left over stock?

These are the dryers shown today. They are cheap, much lower technology than what Daka offered before. In fact, my dryer is the same though I bought it  in 1997, and its nobs are plastic instead of chromed.  One month ago you would only find such dryers in far away popular districts, not that they sold much to begin with: who needs dryers in the tropics? I should know, mine is in a warehouse... DAKA dryers used to have all sorts of electronics, window panes and what not.

Then again, that DAKA show was not intended for me but for chavismo lumpen who think justifiably that dryers are luxury for people living in big apartments.

The other fraud is made easy by the monopoly of visual airwaves the regime now has. Watch VTV prime time these days and chavista candidates are already inaugurating public works while Capriles is a foot note on the Globovision late news, if he is lucky. But through Twitter you can get good stuff such as the video below.

Wanted list?
In there you see the inauguration act of a partial section of Los Teques new subway (way, way overdue, way, way out of budget, but who's counting?). The man filming says that neighbors started banging pots so chavistas put the music real loud. And the street, in full campaign, cannot be filled, by far.  But on VTV they filmed at close range, the first few lines, to suggest the multitude in bolivarian metaphysical bliss.

But perhaps the most mind insulting comes from Caracas streets these days where I need to drive a lot for family reasons. The jams are unbearable but they give you the time to examine the electoral posters of the different candidates.  This one is the edulcorated version that chavismo wants to project for the candidate for mayor at large, Villegas, and Caracas Libertador, Rodriguez.

Are these candidates chavista? Where has the fiery red color and tone of elections past?  What's the story with pastels and blues?  These people actually can smile?

It could be convincing for some but I need to remind the readers that these two people are proven scoundrel and criminals. Though I understand it is a badge of merit within chavismo...

Rodriguez was a CNE director during the Recall election of 2004 where he was supposed to be an umpire but could not hide his preferences. He not only got rich from automated machines contracts via Smartmatic automated fraud company, but in payment of his services for creating the fraud system inside the CNE he was Chavez vice president for a few months.  He is probably the original thinker of the infamous Tascon list, or at the very least its main enabler.

Rodriguez also appears in the same poster but with a red shirt (rarer) or a white one. Just as these online clothing store which allow you to change the color of the shirt you buy on their model with a click.  Blue, white and red, nice touch! Also note that the hat could be as well the one from the opposition or the hijacked version with a 4-F etched.  It is of course the 4-F version but the intent at confusion is obvious, at least for the thinking voter.

Villegas is someone who pretended to be a journalist and who dedicated his career to silence his colleagues. Once as the minister of propaganda he went as far as announcing illegal recordings of private conversations. Incidentally with Rodriguez.  Villegas is a poster boy on how chavismo corrupts absolutely, transforming a seeker of truth into a sectarian bitch.

In both cases, by the way, note a more or less discrete evocation of Chavez and NONE of Maduro, in any poster I could see anywhere for that matter.

I think I have rested my case. The saddest thing is that it may work in a country with such a short memory and so easy to sell its vote.


  1. "He not only got rich from automated machines contracts via Smartmatic automated fraud company,..."

    So, if Smartmatic stashes a fraud mechanism, are you voting, Daniel? (Rhetorical question.)

    1. Rhetorical or not, I will answer. I will vote if anything because it is the only way that I know Maduro will know how much I despise him, even if true results are never published.

    2. A little birdy tells me he already knows.

  2. It seems that Daka employees are now public employees.

  3. My opinion is that the CheatOMatice only works with one contest. In local elections with so many races its hard for them to build all the algorithms needed to make it look fair. Even for the last NA election they had to violate the one man one vote concept in many districts to get the seats they needed!


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