Thursday, January 16, 2014

Internet censorship in Venezuela: it has started

Alek Boyd this morning asked his friends to check his Infodio site where he exposes regularly with the help of a lot of people all those who under the Chavez regime have been minting money, in an illegal way not to say stealing it outright. I checked and sure enough this is what my pen drive receiver screen shot from Movistar gave me:

Illegal content? WTF?

That Movistar, a Spanish company under the directions of Spain where freedom of expression cannot be questioned, has caved in to some hacker or boligarch creep is already something to be worried about.  Apparently Intercable is also blocking it in some sectors and I shall know about it first hand tonight.

Alek Boyd has replied and as a public service after the jump you can find his whole entry. So from now on whoever the fuck is demanding to block Infodio will have also to block Blogger and more. I am thus in solidarity with Alek Boyd and I deeply hope that Movistar offers an apology or at least an explanation ASAP. We will not get silenced and if Alek cannot publish in Venezuela then just as Dollar Today did, we will find ways to expose all these creeps that have looted the country. Maybe we cannot get their money back but they will never get the social respectability they all crave so much. This is not the XIX century anymore even if chavismo and its corrupt hacks operate under that premise.

Is there any wonder why there are no whistleblowers in Venezuela?

    The question in the title may sound overly dramatic, but I don't think it is. This website has exposed a number of Venezuelan crooks, otherwise known as Boligarchs. We are an equal opportunity exposer, in the sense that with the very limited resources at our disposal we strive to shed sunlight on criminal / illegal activities of all Venezuelan thugs, whether in relation to power plants, banking, oil, foodstuff, telecoms, media, politics, military, etc. Readers will remember the series of exposes about Derwick Associates. That topic of research provided a wealth of further information and connections, previously unseen / unknown to the untrained eye. For instance, we now know for a fact that the online reputation management of Derwick is done by RaFa the hacker. We know that RaFa is a convicted criminal passing as "ethical hacker". Researching RaFa we discovered that many other convicted criminals and thugs are also serviced by RaFa. Then it was also revealed that the Derwick bolichicos have gone into deals with Francisco D'Agostino, whose father (Franco) was a notorious crook in the construction sector before Chavez came to power. I learned -didn't know before- that Franco D'Agostino is the father in law of Henry Ramos Allup, Accion Democratica's maximum leader. I learned -didn't know before- that D'Agostino is married to one daughter of Victor Vargas, Chavez's favourite banker. We now know that D'Agostino is an employee of Vargas, and also discovered that Ramon Jose Medina, one of the top leaders of Venezuela's opposition umbrella group (MUD), is also an employee of Vargas. We know that the leader of the opposition, Henrique Capriles Radonski, is first cousin of Miguel Angel Capriles Lopez (Michu), one of Venezuela's most low profile yet most corrupt "businessmen". We learned that the Derwick bolichicos use Venezuela's intelligence operatives from SEBIN to threaten and spy on journalists, bloggers and their families. We learned that with the billions stolen from Venezuela "reputed" American companies, such as JP Morgan and FTI Consulting, are collaborating in money laundering. In sum, there's a huge deal of new data that has been published, and that it will continue surfacing, about these people.
    Reactions have been swift. Today I was informed that this website has been blocked by some ISP providers in some parts of Venezuela (Movistar and Inter). Inter, or at least a part of it, was acquired by Francisco D'Agostino and Alejandro Betancourt. According to sources familiar with the deal, D'Agostino was making offers to Josef Maiman and eventually paid $45 million for a stake in Inter. Then RaFa's man (Carlos Diaz of purchased in quick succession, .net., .info, and, .org, .net, and .info, using my old address in Caracas (I know for a fact he doesn't live there). Videos and blogs accusing me of being a drug trafficker have been, and are being, uploaded with certain regularity onto Youtube and Dailymotion. In the latest attempt my critics created a Youtube account usurping the identity of my mother and then that of Diego Arria (former Special Advisor to the U.N. Secretary General). Then we have the ridiculous, and homophobic accusations printed in, a chavista website that also published that I "had AIDS" and was "irresponsibly spreading" it. There are other accounts about my prowess at "building drug trafficking submarines" (an activity in which my own mother is purportedly involved), and about my "having stolen 500 kgs of cocaine in 1995." All of that comes in the back of irresponsible and spurious allegations made by Abelardo de la Espriella, Alex Saab's Colombian lawyer, after I exposed Saab (whose partners are wanted in Ecuador in connection to a multimillion dollar fraud). My sisters have also been mentioned, my ID, residential address, and passport details. Jose Vincente Rangel, one of the most powerful political operators in Venezuela, has mentioned my name explicitly in connection to "attempts to overthrow" the chavista regime... 
    Hence the question: is there any wonder why there are no whistleblowers in Venezuela? Is there any wonder why no one is willing to risk it by exposing the utterly corrupt class of criminals calling the shots in Venezuela? Is there any explanation, other than the rottenness of the entire political edifice, why the leader of the opposition, Henrique Capriles, and the leader-in-waiting Leopoldo Lopez, have not uttered a single word about the rampant corruption of those exposed in this site?
    The thugs that I have exposed over the years are playing the short game. There's no consistency, let alone substance to their BS. But I am playing the long game. I started out in October 2002. I have outlived the master puppeteer, I'm in very good health, eager to continue with my mission, and getting better at it all the time. Every threatening email, every hacking attempt, every mention to my family, every shot at buying my silence, every action by chavismo against my perceived collaborators, every thing is being recorded and will come back to haunt the perpetrators. Every last thing tried against me, or my family, will only find vigorous counter measures. Be in no doubt. 
    Lawyers, spin doctors, and collaborators of Derwick, and dear bolichicos: I know you read this site regularly. Be assured that with every attempt at silencing me you're opening the door to litigation, which will come your way, sooner or later (I'm in no rush). Know that Federal Agencies and law enforcement staff visit this site regularly. Know that, as I write this post, you're being investigated where it matters, where involvement in criminal activities have consequences, where none of your "do you know who I am?" bullshit is going to cut it, and where your dirty money, however much you've stolen, can't bend the course of justice.
    My mission will continue. I will take me time, but I am determined to expose the entire Boliburgeois class. You have been warned.


  1. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Well done!

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    "'re being investigated where it matters, where involvement in criminal activities have consequences, where none of your "do you know who I am?" bullshit is going to cut it, and where your dirty money, however much you've stolen, can't bend the course of justice."

    This is music to my ears. Thank you both.

  3. I question if the site is being blocked by the host (movistar) or if it is being blocked somewhere closer to Venezuela.


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