Saturday, January 11, 2014

Maduro will do nothing

Let me rephrase that: Maduro will do nothing that will help solve Venezuela's problems, one way or the other he may take. The only thing an optimist could hope for, maybe, crazily, is that Maduro does not make it much more worse than what it is is. I am not with the putative optimists.
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In front of the national outrage that even bled inside the chavista electorate with the murder of Monica Spear, Maduro has no idea on what to do. And we can even question whether he could do anything if he had an idea. The proof is that he got the resignation of his entire cabinet, a mere entertainment to distract attention.

The interior minister, the one in charge of our safety, the one that bragged about the "patria segura" plan that has failed, has been one of the first "departed" reinstated in his job. That is right, Rodriguez Torres, @RodriguezT_MIJP, the traitor military in charge of attacking the presidential household in 1992 seems attached to his job. Normal, a criminal to make sure crime remains a tool for the regime.

At the education ministry it is possible that we never had quite an unqualified chair. @HectoRodriguez, Hector Rodriguez is the pro Chavez fake student of June 2007 who after the Nazional Assembly show to try to humiliate the opposition students was exposed as having been already on chavista payrolls, pre-appearance as a "student". From this first media fraud he went on to commit more frauds including allowing for the start of a mega fake signature scam at the Sports Ministry that cost the nation milionS of US-dollars. That blew up on the face of his successor and that got her fired this week. But Hector remains for some obscure reason untouched. Now this ancient bad student, then fake student, then corrupt sportsman is in charge of the schools of Venezuela. The only explanation is that he is so morally corrupt that he has been placed there to break down the resistance of democrats still in teaching positions.

I do not need to go into the other names released so far. It is clear with these two ones that the regime has absolutely no intention to soften its approach and that repression is the goal. In fact, preliminary comments on those that we already know, such as those from @rociosanmiguel who I am glad to read she confirms my suspicions, indicate that the army, namely the 1992 coupmongers, are gaining ground in power circles. Chavez never left them take too much power because he never wanted to risk any anti-hero of that saga overshadow him. But now Maduro seems to be forced to allow the 1992 coup to finally succeed.

For the economy do not expect any miracle.

Maduro today announced the creation of a series of viceministries to try to manage the food scarcity. We can be sure that meddling bureaucrats who will without a doubt start interfering with the tasks of their novel vice minister colleagues is simply going to make scarcity worse. Vice alright....

The hidden devaluation that started a day before X-mas, "only" for tourists coming to Venezuela has already be expanded to many economic sectors, including food. Thus it is going faster than that I expected, thinking naively that neither food nor medicine would be touched before February.

The regime thus keeps going on with the tools that have proven repeatedly to be worthless to develop the country and stop inflation. We can expect the worse for 2014.

But it gets worse because the subconscious of chavismo betrays them, their paranoia is everyday more in sight. For example Maduro said that the Monica Spear murder was used to promote an anti Venezuela campaign. To begin with it would be an anti Maduro campaign, but the point here is that Maduro already suffers badly of the "L'État c'est moi" syndrome. Attacking Maduro is attacking Venezuela even though he has yet to show his birth certificate and has stolen the April elections.

But I saved the best for last. To illustrate that chavismo has no clue, no shame, no morals and an extremely selective memory we have the words of representative Elvis Amoroso, who chairs the commission for security. He told us this week that all the weapons that are in the hands of crime come from before Chavez, that the opposition has armed the criminals of today, that capitalism is what kills people like Monica Spear. Of course, asking him to sustain such declarations is impossible since he only speaks to servile government TV talk shows.  The point here is that Elvis Amoroso pretends us to forget that he has been in charge for the last 15 years. He forgot about the motorbikes special criminals that are a Chavez creation, of the criminal paramilitary groups like Lina Ron or La Piedrita that were at some point publicly hugged by Chavez. He does not realize, apparently, in his paranoia, that the first question a real journalist would ask is what has he himself, personally done in 15 years to improve the country.  No, Amoroso betrays the meaning  of his name, he is still full of hatred after 15 years in office, blaming everything on the past governments, just as if he had been elected yesterday for the first time.

Haw can you expect things to get better when creeps and murderers like Maduro, Rodriguez or Amoroso remain in place?


  1. charly3:18 PM

    Time to cast some silver bullets. They are very effective against vampires and other assorted blood suckers.

  2. AK-47's: aren't they an infiltration in the last 15 years? And plenty of 'em?

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Marxists believe so blindly that their ideology is gospel and cannot fail that they push more of the same as a solution when things go wrong . It's like a bucket of water for a drowning man. They refuse to admit that communism just doesn't work, which is the evidence supported by reality.

  4. Island Canuck5:32 PM

    The CIPC police are "investigating"a gang that was selling arms in the Plaza Venezuela & ended up in a shootout with them as they were trying to sell an AR15.

    Ha, ha - it just gets better every day.

  5. Charly, silver bullets are for WierWolves. For the undead a Stake thru the heart is needed with liberal garlic and the entire deal seal under a crucifix. You gotta know your science man. :)

    1. charly1:14 AM

      Right you are and I stand corrected. Now come to think of it, a stake through the hart is how the CIA got rid of that pesky Chavez.

  6. Eduardo12:48 AM

    I don't want to depress you, but: have you read this:
    Misión Nevado.
    They will control animal's food price!

    Completely clueless

    1. Eduardo12:49 AM

      Sorry. Address:

    2. Well, it seems that as you were typing this comment I was already busy posting on it above :) It is not depressing, it is outrageously ridicule but not in a funny way.


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