Thursday, March 20, 2014

An ABSOLUTELY DISMAL editorial of the New York Times

On occasion even the greatest papers in the world can really, really mess up things. The editorial of the New York Times on Venezuela will be an example on how misinformed, how misguided, how tone deaf an editorial board can be. At least, since it is the New York times they do not get all wrong but that cannot compensate at all for what they got wrong.

The title is "The Blame Game in Venezuela" which is already our first clue as what is in store inside: both sides are equally guilty even though we all know that one side controls absolutely everything in the country and thus the other side has nothing to offer for a negotiation.

Let's start by what they get right: "This is not a “Venezuelan Spring” to be resolved by the exit of a discredited tyrant." Followed immediately by what they got deadly wrong "Mr. Maduro ... narrow victory in the presidential election last April is not in dispute". How can a respectable newspaper publish that when it is public knowledge that the opposition has not recognized the result, that it has claimed fraud, and the the regime simply dismissed all claims based on its control of the judicial power?

Then we have a little bit of good "Mr. Maduro’s predictable response in the government-controlled news media has been to blame it all on “fascists” and the United States." Though we would have appreciated mention that the government controls overwhelmingly all media... After all, the polarization comes from that heavy handed control and even heavier use of propaganda.

But at the end, after some appropriate banal observations, we read this: "But there must be moderate forces within Venezuela — like the labor unions — or countries and institutions outside Venezuela acceptable to both sides, such as Brazil or Unasur (Union of South American Nations), that could act as mediators."

Does the NYT editorial board reads other newspapers? Do they actually think that there are moderate labor unions in Venezuela? Do they think UNASUR is serious, or at least more serious than the OAS that the editorial discards in the preceding paragraph? Is Lula a fair umpire? WTF?

I am sorry, but the NYT is totally missing the boat, is not getting the moment. I recommend that you read the Washington Post with which I do not quite agree with all but which at least is way better informed and understanding of the Venezuelan situation. Waaay better coverage than the New York Times which never recovered from shifting Simon Romero to Brazil....


  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Sadly, the NYT editorial board isn't quite up to snuff nowadays when it comes to the situation in Yogi Berra was quoted saying, "it's deja vu all over again". I remember reading Simon Romero's "balanced" accounts of yesteryear, but to think that in 2014 some of our worst fears back then are now becoming reality ie due process - thrown out the window and upcoming food rationing cards to name a couple.

    In any event, I ask myself the same question you posed earlier "Does the NYT editorial board read other newspapers?" or is it perhaps that the Ukraine crisis simply overshadows ours, maybe it's the missing Malaysia Air jet liner Flight 370 dominating headlines.

    Fellow reader feel free to reach out to the editorial board and enlighten them by contacting them at:

    I would start with Madame Terry Tang, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, before Prof. Amy Chua gets to her. Lastly, if any of you have oversight over any print media advertising, do as Daniel suggests and put your money on the better bet, The Washington Post.

  2. Boludo Tejano5:28 PM

    On occasion even the greatest papers in the world can really, really mess up things.

    On occasion?

    1. I wrote paperS.... Don't make it personal to poor grand ole lady ...

    2. Boludo Tejano3:29 PM

      I WAS making it personal to the Gray Old Lady, especially to its editorial page. William McGowan wrote Gray Lady Down, a good narrative of the NYT's decline.

  3. Milonga7:01 PM

    They never recovered from having the label "liberal" which in the USA means left-wing, communist, whatever. And people are really intimidated of saying the D word (dictatorship) referring to Maduro since your government labels itself left-wing and graciously donates some gas for winter use in NYC via the Kennedys and so on. Should they be called fascist for using such word. It´s the world upside down "el mundo al revés". Or maybe even your government pays to write such editorials, one never knows nowadays.

    1. Roberto Carlos1:38 AM

      But Milonga you left out that The New York Times is all in (no pun intended) for gay rights. So all is forgiven. It is Daniel's favorite newspaper. With the Democrats in power Daniel can "love" anyone he wants.

  4. mad mike2:39 AM

    ROBERTO...your comment was stupid, mean spirited and unnecessary. criticize Daniel for his choice of papers, but leave his personal life alone. bullying in any form is reprehensible.

    1. Roberto Carlos6:19 AM

      Bullying? What are you a five year old?
      I am using Daniel's own words to justify his always siding with the people that are ideologically aligned with the government he detests. That simple.
      Even in his criticism of the New York Times in this post he softens the critique by saying "I am sorry, but the NYT is totally missing the boat, is not getting the moment."
      Missing the boat??? Pinch Sulzberger the publisher of TNYT, Jill Abramson the Executive Editor and all the way down the line are ideological anti american leftists that do not miss the boat EVER. Every word they write is calibrated to do the most damage to their opposition or to prop up their socialist/communist anti american fellow travelers. Do you think they don't know UNASUR is a leftist tool, just like the UN is? This is the newspaper that supported Stalin; whose correspondent in Moscow in the 40s Walter Duranty was deliberately sending erroneous reports on the Ukraine famine and starvation to preserve the image of the communist ideology. Do you think they would lift a finger to help the opposition of a leftist anti american regime, not in a million years. Misinformed my foot! The New York Times is the most despicable of the "culturally superior" newspapers.

    2. Mad Mike

      Worry not. I am used to the fact that homophobia is a many splendored thing.

    3. mad mike3:30 PM

      okaly dokaly my friend...I just get really up in arms about jerks that cant help but use personal slams to try an make some type of an "intellectual" argument. ive decided to at least call them out on such BS. both on blogs and in real life situations. It might not help in this world...but then again, its the right thing to do...cheers daniel


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