Monday, April 21, 2014

Stand offing happily in Venezuela

Easter week came and went without anything being solved in Venezuela.

I have been very busy on my personal emergencies, and trying to rest in between. Little time for news, not that it matters. The stuff I know about, that I live first hand, is the ability to work and produce. And on this front there has been no improvement. Whether the regime has a stash of dollars somewhere it is is not making them available for production. Maybe they are going to Cuba, to China, to corruption, but true productive business are having all the trouble in the world to get dollars to remain open, let alone be productive.

The dialogue/debate/guarimbalogue is going nowhere fast. To begin with a very substantial portion of the opposition thinks that Aveledo and co. are not representing the true interests and needs of the people, and I am not speaking of opposition only (1). The point is that the guarimbalogue is discussing the sex of angels without addressing our disastrous economic policies, our dependency on Cuba, on the lack of attack on true corruption (has anyone read anything about an investigation on the 50 million "commission" to Diosdado in the Venezuelan press? In fact, read this apologist and cry).

Meanwhile protest continue though they are are in a shifting mode. But peace is nowhere around the corner and the economic crisis keeps rolling on. The black market rate is at 67 even though the alleged "free" bolivar of SICAD 2 is at 50, nobody knowing how that value is attributed besides the will of the regime holders. And the last paper that still had a complete edition, El Universal, has gone down to a reduced edition, even though it did not publish the list of Venezuelan officials that Marco Rubio want to be pressured by Obama. A paper saving measure by El Universal? Even at SICAD 2 there is no printing material as the regime keeps suffocating freedom of expression, guarimabalogue and all.

I think I am going to focus on survival because no one out there cares about my needs. If the opposition is not able to send a commission of representatives to take a stand at the OAS, there is nothing to keep waiting for.  If Maria Corina Machado has been booted and tomorrow a session of the Nazional Assembly is called as if nothing, why should I take these people seriously?

Fuck Aveledo, Capriles, Borges, Allup and the MUD!


1- At least Aveledo had the wisdom to remind people that the student movement is autonomous from political parties.


  1. Milonga8:15 PM

    Dear Dano: Happy Easter from Bangkok! And yes, fuck them all!

  2. Charly9:20 PM

    Dear Dano: Happy Easter from Miami! And yes, fuck them all!

  3. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Daniel, could you write a short (well...) article using your personal experiences, explaining how difficcult is the procedure for requesting Cadivi (or Cencoex) dollars ? I have been told that now CNP (Certificado Nacionales de Produccion) only last three months now !

    Best wishes for improvingyour business and best wishes for solving your personal issues !


  4. Nunca mejor dicho. Buena suerte a ti y compañero.

  5. For sake of argument let's compare your situation with ours with Australia. Populations: Australia ~ 22 mill NZ 4 mill. Resources: Australia -considerable mineral wealth and vast areas in sheep and beef. NZ some coal and a little gas; export receipts mostly from agriculture. Stable democratically elected governments in both countries. Independent judiciaries jealously guarded. Little corruption. Literate and generally well educated populace. Settled originally from UK and Europe but now diverse ethnicities. So you can see I'm noting the similarities between us and the Venezuela Cuba scenario. Having the hand of Mother England overseeing our every move as a British colony for 60 or so years set both countries on a course that has led to a free society where everyone is treated the same under the rule of law - even politicians. So how did both countries do it? I don't know. But given what you have, how could things go so horribly wrong? If we tried a stunt on Australia like Cuba has done to Venezuela we'd be turned in dog food. So deep down when did the rot really set in? Is Education (or lack thereof) the cause? Is that why few complain?

    1. Anonymous10:44 PM

      You forgot about the Aborigines, or genocide some would say.

    2. Charly3:14 AM

      Hey Anon, there will always be a progressive leftist around to piss on your parade. This is why Australia and NZ are what they are and Venezuela is down the drain, resentment, resentment and more resentment makes it a joke of a nation.

  6. My impression is that stable democracies need a large affluent, educated, and informed middle class.

    1. Hugo chavez's participation in an attempted coup de tant should have forewarned of his disrespect for democratic process, and then allowing him to run for President was a generous idealistic decision that is explicit do described in Matthew 7:6. "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces."

    2. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Exactly, an educated population or there is no real democracy, too easy to mold the uneducated to the will of the powerful, free this, free that, and thanks for your vote.


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