Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Giordani should be named ambassador to North Korea

So, while I was away, a few things happened that caused quite a lot of brouhaha. And yet I feel no need to cover them extensively. Let's say that in a way they were "pre-covered" months ago through this blog entries. But the news that North Korea will open an embassy in Caracas forces me to write this quick post.

The first thing is that Giordani, the longest serving minister of Chavez, was finally booted by Maduro. All sorts of explanations swirled, from the demise of the radical wing to the ascendancy of the moderates and new bright economic days away, passing by Maduro becoming finally "el presidente". None of the above.

Giordani dismissal was accompanied within hours of an extensive letter that he published. First comment: for such a long letter to be published so fast and so bitterly can only mean that Giordani had known long ago that his days were numbered. And he was ready to torpedo under the flotation line as needed. He was and is a jerk, though and through.

Basically the letter aims at putting all the economical blame on Maduro. Giordani conveniently forgets to mention that when he was sworn in the currency floated at around 500 to a dollar. When Chavez died the official rate was 6300 to a dollar. Regardless of what Maduro has done evil, and he has done a lot, Giordani presided over a regime that saw Venezuelans lose more than 90% of their assets. Simply put, as long as Giordani does not acknowledge that fact and apologizes for it, whatever he writes has zero credibility. Second comment: Giordani letter is a self serving exercise whose lone aim is to create political trouble inside chavismo. No more should be read into it.

What does the exit of Giordani means for the future? Nothing and something.

Nothing because his replacement, Menendez, is another commie that may be somewhat more of a pragmatic like Ramirez, the strong man these days it seems. But that does not mean anything because not only he will not be able to change the economic system which is strictly geared to preserve the power of the chavista mafia-elite, but I doubt very much that Menendez has the intention to change anything, nor,for that matter, the capacity to do so if allowed.

Something because after all Giordani leaves orphans within the radical wing that will need to place their support with another faction of chavismo, not necessarily the other radical factions led by people like Rodriguez (Caracas mayor) or Jaua (foreign minister cum shadow pothole fixer for Miranda state). In a situation that seems on a tight cantilevered equilibrium, any sudden displacement of support can cause serious inner trouble.

At any rate, in case anyone thought for an instant that removing Giordani was good news (I was not, I tweeted instantly that this was all B.S., even before Giordani letter became public) the regime today made it it crystal clear that it is a dictatorship and pretends to remain one, and a harsher one as needed. By opening a North Korean embassy in Caracas in the coming months, the regime establishes contact with what is likely the most repressive regime in the world (though in all fairness some Islamic fundamentalist wanna be states can compete). It is to be noted that Venezuela has ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to have an embassy from North Korea or open one there. NONE. The purpose of such a venture is symbolical, a message to democracies to shove up their democracy.

Since this blog always tries to be constructive it cannot let go this rarest opportunity to be so and suggests Maduro to name Giordani as the first ambassador of Venezuela to North Korea. Justice will be met where needed.


  1. What kind of life can an ambassador in North Korea expect?
    How many countries have embassies with NK?

    I never expected to do this,but i'm gonna have to do some reading on NK politics...
    When you live in a joke country,your life starts becoming a joke

    1. I've heard you don't have problems with airplane noise. This is an issue in the capital of Europe, Brussels, and in some areas of London: flight routes have changed a lot and added too much noise in some areas close to where the embassies are.

      So: the Polish ambassador to Belgium and the EU is likely to be disturbed more often by planes flying than the Polish ambassador to North Korea.

      You also have less light pollution. If you are an astronomer who loves to look the night skies, see the stars, there is probably no other capital in the world like Pyong Yang.
      On Wikipedia you can see there are a few countries with embassies in N.K., including Sweden, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Cuba, China and Bulgaria.


      I think your suggestion about Giordani is great. We should seriously ask Maduro to send Giordani to North Korea.

    2. You forgot to mention weight loss,i think it has to do with the weather.

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Juan Crespo,

    We have a North Korean Embassy in London and they try to interfere to protect their leaders image abroad (read below).



  3. Mirafloresology.

  4. We should keep in mind the Cuban dictatorship is an ally of North Korea and was caught shipping weapons to little Kim's regime by Panama. Venezuela has raw uranium resources, the North Koreans like to play with nukes, and there may be more to this than meets the eye. My guess is that Raul C. Is trying to goad the empire into criticizing and slapping sanctions on his Venezuelan colony to justify the economic meltdown they are experiencing.

  5. Sending Giordani to North Korea is a great idea!

    Let's not forget that the same Giordani wrote in 1994 that "North Korea economy is very strong"(1)... just when the great North Korean Famine started...

    That says a lot about his economic knowledge...

    (1): "Ciencia y Tecnología para Venezuela: Una propuesta alternativa", Editora Apucv, Caracas, 1994, pp. 7 and 26, authored by Jorge Giordani, Juan de Jesús Montilla, Víctor Morles, Hector Navarro.

    1. I doubt it signifies anything about his knowledge.I think it indicates the kind of person he is in the moral sense.


  6. Boludo Tejano6:40 PM

    Perfect solution, and commenter Dago beat me to the punch why it is.

  7. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Screw the North Koreans, Cubans and Chavismo. They all belong in the same pigsty!

    Venezuela is getting pretty close the the tipping point.

  8. Charly2:47 AM

    Justice will be met when needed? How about terminating Giordani like Dear leader terminated his uncle, as fodder for a pack of dogs. Then Venezuela will really be at par with North Korea.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Daniel I am surprised! No mention in your article on the French connection. Giordani claims Maduro is receiving counsel on the economy from France!

    As if the French know anything about a functional Economy. The french Government of all people! Lol.

    The accusation in Giordanis letter is so out there I am almost tempted NOT to beleive

    1. Listen,doode.

      Anybody's opinion IS better than these guys "running" Venezuela. They have 0 common sense just like any other self-respecting communist.

    2. Anonymous4:35 AM

      Receiving economic advice from a foreign power is one thing. Understanding how to apply it to your own country - given the intellect available in Venezuelan politics - is very much another.

    3. Contrary to what some of the regime would like to become popular belief, the French connection ain't it so. It is not because a couple of guys like Temir Porras did study in France and got deep links with some retard leftists that this constitutes any firm link with the French government. French connection in today's Venezuelan contest refers to some Venezuelans spending some time in Frrance where they learned to eat properly with fork and knife and enjoy some of the French delicacies. It does not go any further, I can assure you. If not ask Air France or the Alsthom or Total about all the money owed them and how the regime has broken all sorts of contracts with them on how they are routinely extorted.

  11. Abolutely, Daniel. He deserves that embassy!


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