Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just as a side thought.... Pensamiento fugaz...

If Giordani and now those who support him, Isea, Navarro, Alvarez, Osorio...  are so sure that they are clean and that they know who betrayed the revolution through corruption, what about some names?

¿Si Giordani y los que ahora lo apoyan, Isea, Navarro, Alvarez, Osorio... están tan seguros de que son impolutos y que saben cuales son los corruptos traidores de la revolución, por que no soltar unos nombres?


  1. Charly2:45 PM

    If I understand, well there are two types of rats, the white rats and the black rats. Looks like the white rats are accusing the black rats of mischief. Looks like the world of rats is quite similar to the worlds of humans. However rats are rats, they should be eradicated, they bring all kinds of pestilence to humans..

    1. Anonymous10:08 PM

      Even if one wins the rat race, one's still a rat.

  2. "rats are rats"-yep, it is a universal truth

  3. Daniel we all know why.

    There are no enemies on the left.

    1. Wich might also be the reason why they won't throw any of them in jail.
      They may go for a kill but I don't think so. These are malandros however.

  4. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Good questions. Lets see how far they are willing to give more information to the public without incriminating themselves. It is a joke. I hope all of them go to jail sooner than later for what they have done to Venezuela. Last time I was there, I saw how the country was looking run down. I didn't want to offend my family telling them that, but Venezuela is a different country. The supporters of that type of government should really open their eyes. I hope Venezuela is not becoming another North Korea. People are dying of hunger over there.

  5. Isea? Puedes leer en Corrupción en Venezuela un poquito de los motivos por los que Isea no va a decir más nada.

    Es probable que Navarro uno de esos que menos se aprovechó financieramente (aparte de tener un buen trabajo y choferes y cositas así por lustros), pero hasta a él el chavismo le sacaría un expediente si quisiera él revelar algo.


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