Sunday, August 24, 2014

The bolivarian revolutionary army goes to war!

In a feat unseen since the first two decades of the XIX century the Venezuelan Bolivarian Chavista Army has gone on the offensive and decided to dispose of this major threat to our nation: smugglers. No expense should be spared as these people have been able to smuggle away 40% of our food without no one noticing for months of "economic war". But guided by Maduro and Fidel, the glorious revolutionary army has opened its eyes and from the twitter of the commander in chief himself we get accounts from the glorious battles fought. Next, choice tweets from Vladimir Padrino account with my most admiring appreciation.

Of course, we need to start from the field command, on top of a hill as it should. Apparently from this exquisitely chosen strategic position many smugglers path are visible and are being destroyed under the keen supervision of the fat robust generals, a wonder to all. You may appreciate the latest fashion in bullet proof jackets which I am sure were an urgent necessity on top of that hill as we can see from the very anxious facial expressions.

And what are they catching?

First, we cannot underline enough the wiliness and resourcefulness of these smugglers. They will even use school buses for their sordid deeds.

Of course, I wonder how did all that stuff ever fit in a bus, and how come a bus going through dirt rods for smuggling purposes can be such a sparking marvel. But I am such a nitpicker... Whatever! The glorious army exposed these dangerous criminals, Heck! Two were even arrested. And if smugglers can put 8, EIGHT tons in a rickety bus (plus half a ton of refrigerating gas), the army will find them anyway!

But there is more!  Suddenly the Nazional Guard has become aware of the lines of trucks leaving with smuggled gas to Colombia. Apparently smugglers were able to hide in full daylight such operations but no more! Maduro enlightened Padrino and the revolutionary army can finally see what eluded its vigilance for the last 6 years, at least!

No point going further, the smart reader knows that all of these are mere propaganda, and a bad one at that as it proves beyond doubt that if smuggling with Colombia was possible on such a scale it was because the Nazional Guard was an accomplice. Period.

The question is why now? As I have written in recent posts, from that smuggling pseudo war to the finger printing machine threat in every grocery store is a propaganda strategy for the regime to get something else. What?  That is the question. My best bet is that the regime wants to establish a ration card system AT LEAST for its followers at Mercal or PDVAL state stores.  And through that ensure that at least the social base of chavismo gets its basic staples. What will be decided for the rest of Venezuelans is the interesting story.


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    The generals must be smuggling food under their jackets. Or is it effectivo from smugglers?

    The Vzla military would lose a battle against the Vzla Little League team. Tell them to go back to the cafeteria where they belong.

  2. Now the revolutionary bolivarian forces loyal to the eternal commander and his designated heir Maduro must head South towards La Concepción, la Villa del Rosario, San José, Machiques and on towards Colón. Their work there should be easier because the mountains are a lot higher, and the border region is controlled by the FARC.

  3. Charly3:01 PM

    Obviously another distraction that will last 2 to 3 weeks until another one is needed such as another magnicido for example. Let us go see what our neighbors have to say about it.

    The part I liked best is about those 3 dudes in civilian clothes waiting for their cut in the middle of the desert, one from the FARC, the second from the ELN and the third one from the glorious Guardia Nazional Bolivariana.

  4. The one on the centre of the photo, is that the legendary Dessert Fox?

  5. There are some (many?) fat men in this army.

  6. Ronaldo10:49 PM

    Stopping the livelihood of smugglers could become a dangerous and deadly task for the Venezuelan military.

    Stopping the income of the top Venezuelan military could become a dangerous and deadly task for the politicians giving orders.

    Stopping smugglers won't get far. Market adjustments will change bribes but won't stop the transfer of fuel and food to Colombia.

  7. Look like they lost the fight with the cheeseburger!

  8. Love the old school bus filled to the rim with goodies. What about all the shit that was smuggled to Palestine? Oh sorry that was humanitarian relief.

  9. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Instead of watching how the trucks cant pass through whatever they "inutilized", why dont they seize the trucks instead!


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