Thursday, October 16, 2014

Waldoniel special 2014

Here are 4 pictures of 4 places I have visited these last few days. That way you will understand better the low posting rate. Note: it is 80% business trip and I am exhausted, but I still manage a day out on occasion. Bonus points if you guess more than the mere place or country.

City one: (hint: NOT Venezuela)

 Country 2: guess the fruit for free bonus. And no, it is not litchi or Asia.

City 2:

City 3: and a marvelous concert to boot, nobody coughing, no cel phones.

Further hints if you follow me on Twitter.


  1. City 1: Madrid?
    City 2: Paris. That's the fountain on the SW corner of the Centre Pompidou.

  2. Palacio del Jamon Madrid
    Arbutus strawberry, most likely in France.

  3. City 3: Vienna, Austria. The Musikverein

  4. Boludo Tejano1:59 AM

    Paris, Texas.
    Or was that China, Texas?

  5. charly9:47 AM

    #2, châtaignes. Où? Mais en Corse bien sûr.

  6. Readers are well travelled!

    The winners are Carolina and Feco. With bonus points for Carolina specificity. I listened to Bruckner 5th. You cannot be much more viennese than that...

  7. Interesting architecture for a church, the flat ceiling. Cool post all around.

  8. Yield on 2-yr Venezuela note rises to 31% (was 10% in August ) as bond investors flee the economic collapse

  9. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Good thing you said the first one was not Venezuela or one might have thought it was a museum display case in Caracas featuring pre Chavez.

  10. 1) Madrid, Spain
    2) Loco cactus fruit
    3) Argentina
    4) Brazil

  11. 1) Madrid;
    2) Corbezzolo (Arbutus unedo), could well be Italy or France;
    3) France (Paris, Centre Pompidou;
    4) Hmmm, looks like a concert hall I've been soooooo long ago... I can't remember whether it's in Austria, or in Italy (Brunico).


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