Sunday, December 28, 2014

In Venezuela criminals are appointed to the High Court, TSJ (UPDATED)

Maikel Moreno salad days
The current cycle of the regime tight hold on ALL levers of power and decision is finally over: the high court has been packed solid red. As I wrote in a previous post, nothing is to be surprising there: the regime knows it has lost the majority in the country and since it is a mere band of thugs it is preparing itself to find ways to remain in control no matter what. This is the way thugs/mafia/criminals operate.

The only surprise here, whatsoever, is the brazenness of the whole thing. And today takes the top price as a criminal is one of the newly appointed 12 "justices". One would have hoped that the regime would have found some tiny fig leaf to hide the impudence of its actions. But no. For example, two of the "justices" appointed are directly involved in flagrant irregularities of Simonovis case, Marjorie Calderon and Maikel Moreno. This last one was already a legal creep in the Puente Llaguno and Danilo Anderson affairs.

Then again let's not forget that the previous chair of the TSJ, Luisa Estela Morales, had been fired because of her incompetence, not once, twice. Never mind that the whole TSJ was filmed a few years ago singing as a chorus "Uh, Ah, Chavez no se va" (and here at 4:10, and even clearer here, the infamous 2006 session).

The requirements to be a "justice" in Venezuela is not that you are a legal eagle, that your prose and logic are impeccable.  No, the only requirement is that you are willing to sign any sentence that those who truly hold power send you.


@dolartoday has the full "prontuario" (penal record?) of Maikel Moreno, today sworn in as a "justice" to the highest court of Venezuela, TSJ (it bears repeating!)

1987 murder in Ciudad Bolivar
1989 associated with another murder
1990 manages to go free
1993 secretary in some Caracas court (!!!!!)
1995 becomes lawyer from the Santa Maria U. (one of the easiest universities to get a degree from, little bit more than signing attendance sheet)
2002 defends one of the regime murderers of 2002 April
2003 becomes a minor judge in Caracas (!!!!)
2004 issues arrest order against Simonovis
2005 judge in charge of Anderson case (where he did forgeries)
2007 suspended in March and fired in June
2014 TSJ "justice".


  1. Ronaldo2:44 AM

    When the group in power is immune from prosecution while opposition are prosecuted without evidence, the country has failed.

    What Chavistas do not appear to realize is that these Chavistas are committing crimes against all their fellow countrymen including all Chavistas.

    Time to exit Venezuela.

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Big gap between 2007 and 2014? What was he doing?

  3. Boludo Tejano9:17 PM

    Look on the bright side. Finally the TSJ will have someone who can write killer opinons.

  4. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Venezuelans are like oh well. Maybe we get a good guy next time.

  5. Charly3:24 AM

    Looks like this is the only way to strike back at those animals, strike them once they are out of a job.
    Surprised that nobody has not already roasted Mario Silva or Juan Barreto on the spit.

  6. Charles Lemos4:54 AM

    I'm stunned.


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