Thursday, January 08, 2015


Words have failed me through the day.

It is not enough that in one of my countries my freedoms have been reduced to their finite expression, just enough that I am not forced to leave right now. Though the clock is running faster.

But my other country has been struck in what it is dearest in our hearts: freedom of expression, freedom to dissent, freedom to be civilized, freedom to make fun of.

The well prepared attack in Paris today was as deliberate as 9/11 was. The real difference is the number of bodies. Both attacks aimed at destroying a core value of Western Civilization. At the WTC it was freedom to live as you see fit, freedom to try to make a life for yourself. At Charlie Hebdo it was freedom to think.

And the world has understood that very well. I think that not even 9/11 raised such an unanimous condemnation as today did. Not because 9/11 was less despicable than today, but because it has finally become clear for all that a small group of people want war, not a war between civilizations, not a war on different interests, but a war between civilization and barbarism. Secretary John Kerry ever careful to downplay his francophone past spoke in French. The Italian prime minister polished French reminded that for many educated Italians speaking French was natural. Barack Obama reminded us of the shared destiny of France and the US since the beginning, in all aspects now. We saw Iran and Saudi Arabia, and former French colonies sending supporting messages to France.

Even Maduro felt obliged to chime in through Twitter, even though his regime has been attacking and killing journalists for the past 15 years. How quickly he forgets that on 9/11 Lina Ron became famous for protesting against the US embassy in favor of Bin Laden men. But Chavez and too many chavistas have been promoting barbarity of all types and maybe suddenly they felt a chill, they felt that this time around they may want to pretend to belong to the civilized rude awakening. The world is going to look harder on those who fake it.

I truly think that Chalie Hebdo is the epilogue of 9/11, a cycle completed. We had a chance to deal with those facts and causes for a decade but we have not been able to come together on solutions. Now, time is over, we must confront our failings. Or it is going to get worse.


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    "we have not been able to come together on solutions"
    A good start on a personal basis is to always try to drown evil in an abundance of good. This has been a cornerstone of western civilisation from the start. I fear we are creating a vacuum that is being occupied by intolerant people.

    1. Anonymous12:48 PM

      The problem is that we refuse to acknowledge the real core of the problem: the unwillingness of Islamic world to get it's house in order. I've already seen comments that "Muslims should not apologize ..." and various tu queque fallacies "when an attrocities is commited against Muslims in Sweden, we don't want catholics to apologize" (never mind the fact Swedes were historically the greatest enemies of Catholic church).

      This just won't do. Unless Muslims decide they've had enough and weed out the terrorists from their own ranks and alter their religion into something that won't be a clear and present danger to anyone who isn't with them, it's a matter of time when they will get the said war ... and a das Endlösung den Muslemfrage to go with it.

      As Chomsky put it - you push and push and push,but at a certain point some people will push back.


  2. je ne suis pas charlie #jenesuispascharlie

    1. Charly1:31 PM

      Still hard core Chavista Mr. Weixel?

      Je suis Charlie.

    2. Always was a ¨¨¨hands off Venezuela¨ advocate and Istill am pne, I never expressed any complete total agreement with the Chavistas, only their right to govern unencumbered by my country. But yes, were I a Venezuelan and I had to choose bettween the Patriotic Pole and thise who ask the United States to impose sanctions on their own country the choice is obvious.

    3. Boludo Tejano9:07 PM

      Eugene: je ne suis pas charlie

      In this case, not even President Maduro is in agreement with our oikophobic friend Eugene: COMUNICADO: Venezuela se solidariza con el pueblo francés ante ataque terrorista al semanario Charlie Hebdo:

      Nicolas Maduro, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on behalf of the Government and the Venezuelan people, strongly condemns the terrorist attack on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 , at the headquarters of the French weekly "Charlie Hebdo " in Paris, which left an unfortunate loss of life for the French people to mourn.

      The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela offers its deepest condolences to the people and government of France , especially the families and friends of the victims of this despicable act.

      The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela condemns terrorism in all its forms and calls once again for respect for life and tolerance , reiterating the bonds of friendship that unite the two countries. At the same time, the GOV hopes for tranquility and peace in that European nation and hopes that investigations will enable the French authorities to identify and hold accountable the perpetrators of such a cowardly and criminal act .

      As Monty Python once stated, say no more.

    4. Charly9:24 PM

      Mr Weixel, nobody imposed sanctions on Venezuela. Sanctions were imposed on individuals whose violations of human rights were proven amply. The rest of us do not feel the pinch to the point that my tender half and I will go vacationing in Florida next week.

      I also read with interest the article "Je suis ni Charlie ni Charlot". Looks like the death of these caricaturists was well deserved. Also looks like your stand has not changed much since the days of Oil Wars. This is good, Chavismo needs all the help it can get these days as the cheering is slowly fading in the background.

    5. @Boludo Tejano:So then I should not understand that the magazine is racist and spreads Islamophobia because the President of Venezuela issued a normal and typical diplomatic message regretting the assasinations of the (racist) cartoonists? Im not Charlie, thank God. And thank God I am not a head of State who has to be diplomatic.

      This change complements an existing U.S. arms embargo against Venezuela, which already applies to items subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation and to most of the “600 series” items on the U.S. Commerce Control List. Venezuela is not otherwise subject to specific U.S.he wou export controls, other than the regular country-based controls that apply under the EAR based on an item’s ECCN and the corresponding reasons for control on the Commerce Country Chart.
      US Sanctions
      Means that software, equipment, services that could be used for military purposes can not be shipped to Venezuela. This would include equipment from third countries that have 25 per cent US made contnet.

      Okay, so you believe that my country has the right to decide who is quilty and who is innocent in a Venezuelan criminal case and if Venezuela does not comply with United States wishes, economic punishment should be wielded by the US against Venezuela?

      Venezuela seems to be about punishing guarimba leaders and participants who agitated and engaged in violence with the purpose of forcing the elected president to leave office. Americans have determined these Venezuelans need US protection, that these people are freedom fighters This in spite of the fact that Venezuelans can recall their president peacefully under the Constitution.

      Further these sanctions may not be the last word.

      If Venezuela remains non compliant the sanctions can be stepped up and the Miami gang is all for this right now.
      In Iran, the Wrong People Are Suffering

    6. Weisbort, venezuela is controlled by a dictatorship. Don't use the word "venezuela" when you refer to the maduro regime. The proper words would be "the maduro dictatorship", "the maduro regime", or "Maduro's surreal abomination".

    7. My name is not Weisbort. Venezuela had an election and Maduro won. He represents Venezuela. John Kerry of all people ought t shut his mouth about elections.

    8. Eugene how can you be so ignorant. Clearly Chavez bought his popularity while raping the country. Stole from those who had and gave to those who had no rightful ownership. Although giving to the poor from the countries own resources has merit the motive was never to give to the poor. A true give to them would have been a country that could stand on its own, economic growth that would benefit all for decades to come. No he robbed the countries future to buy an election. Breaking endless constitutional rules to do it. It was not a fair election or Maduro loses by a lot. Using countries wealth to buy the election is illegal by the constitution. Using public funds to run a campaign, seizing all forms of media that tells the truth. Using public funds to drive people to election booths and forcing employees of the gov't to vote through intimidation. These illegal forms of winning an election could go on forever and yet even then after the election the gov't had to order the election council to destroy the records such that no one could prove anything. My wife (Venezuelan) has a close friend (school friend) who works in government and was part of busing the same bus load of people from election booth to election booth. Voting many times likely in the names of people who didn't vote as much of the poor don't. Many of those people being bused were not even Venezuelan. Did the poor benefit, maybe for the short term but the only real benefactors were those who got stinking rich within the gov't and pulling their strings. I realize I am wasting my breath with you Eugene as you are likely sitting in Cuba with a team of others getting your sandwich a day to sit on the internet spewing false crap as you living. I don't blame you as it is all the work that is left given what the gov't in Cuba and now Venezuela has done. Sad part is the oil boom that just occurred could have made Venezuela a paradise for all Venezuelans and the people could have been more then ignorant pawns. Really sad part is that you think the USA brain trust is hurt by all Chavez and Maduro have done. They took the worlds largest known old deposits and made it completely dysfunctional. USA big oil etc couldn't be happier, not sure Chavez and Maduro are not working for them.

    9. You are out of your mind but I will take a second with you.

      I do not represent Maduro or the PSUV. I simply oppose my country interfering and bullying in your country.

    10. The only major interference and disrespect has came endlessly from Chavez and now Maduro. Giving free oil all over the world to buy influence against the USA and publicly calling leaders the Devil etc. The USA has no way taken on the level of influence started and executed like Venezuela. As for the latest sanctions they are only on a few bad eggs and not within Venezuela. Whereas Venezuela laid sanctions against many Americans over the Chevez and Maduro reign. Confiscating companies, imprisoning people etc. A Venezuelan can move to the USA and live the same as an American. An American has no hope right now in Venezuela. You cannot be a stupid person given your ability to chatter and source links which makes me believe you are either funded to act this stupid or just an asshole looking for conflict.

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  4. These events sure are a shame. But the CIA identified the problem many years ago, called it "Blowback". I suggest you pick up a book called "imperial hubris", written by a retired CiA analyst. And I need to curtail my comments because in Europe we do have censorship about some issues. So that's all I have to say about that.

  5. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Europe is surrounded by failed states where a majority of the population identify with Islam. Not surprisingly some of those people want to come to Europe to start a better life for themselves and their families. But for whatever reason, Muslims don't normally integrate into the culture of the host countries, preferring to continue living according to the way of life of the failed societies they come from. This causes fear and anxiety in many parts of Europe, and the corresponding rejection by many. The second generation of these immigrants, born in Europe and hearing criticism of European culture at home all their lives, become the murderers of journalists and others. I don't think that islamophobia is particular widespread in Europe. It would help if Muslims tried a little harder to integrate, and respect the way of life of others. And don't criticise western values at home within earshot of their kids.

  6. Some Western values merit criticism.

    BTW regarding free unfettered speech what about Holocaust revisionism or even denial? Say certain things in France and you´ll be explaining yourself to a judge

    1. Charly2:58 PM

      And since these Western values merit criticism, leaded criticism was meted on the proponents of these Western values the other day. Serves them right, doesn't it?

    2. Charly3:46 PM

      And please stop using links to justify your own bias, it is the easiest trick in the book and only a display of intellectual laziness. An example:

      Just to show you we could be going all day on tit-for-tat.

  7. @CharlyDon´t tell me how I must or must not compose a post. As a free speech advocate you should allow for others to express themselves in the manner that suits them, not that suits you. As is I am using a laptop here in Venezuela and wi fi is expensive, so I do try to budget this stuff.

    The West far exceeds the Islamic sphere in the use of leaded criticism. Perhaps they are taking a page from the West´s own libretto.

    1. Charly12:56 AM

      "Perhaps they are taking a page from the West´s own libretto." Two wrongs don't make a right. Which reminds me of a racist sick jokes, a few years ago in an election in British Columbia where a candidate upset by the (rich) Chinese invasion in the province said in a public discourse: "Two Wongs don't make a white". He lost by a wide margin.
      Taking about racism, Mr Weixel, do you remember when you accused me of blatant racism for my opinion on President Lincoln, a white folks if any?

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  8. My post:

    1. The cartoons tend to be racist, highly disrespectful in a pornographic way towards several religions and inflamatory therefore #ImnotCharlie.

    2. Eugene

      Worry not: we know EXACTLY what you are.

    3. Charly4:05 AM

      Mr Weixel, here is what I wrote recently on another post:

      "Charlie Hebdo started as “Hara Kiri – stupid and vicious magazine” (my translation), a libertarian/anarchist magazine. Following a publication related to the death of Charles de Gaulle, the French administration shut down the magazine and its owners opened Charlie Hebdo that took a more political approach. “Charlie” refers to de Gaulle. Cabu who was killed today was one of the founders of Hara Kiri and Wolinsky also killed in the attack was one of its caricaturists. Hara Kiri’s trademark was bad taste. Here is a sample of its front pages:

      Charlie Hebdo, the heir of Hara Kiri was also a master of bad taste. Looks like bad taste kills these days.

      Finally, a quote from Voltaire: “I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

      Mr Weixel, Hara Kiri, the supreme pornographic magazine of the day made my youth and also the pleasure of a whole class of medical students at the Université de Montréal. Now please do me a great favor. fuck off. I have no respect nor empathy for people like you. You assisted destroy the country I learned to love. May you all go the way the fucking eternal turd went.

  9. Re Je ne suis pas Charlie : seeing some of the comments above, I would like to note that Charlie Hebdo specialise in extreme bad taste, but if anything, their editorial line is strongly anti racist ( and also strongly anti religions). Their political leaning is extreme left / anarchist .They always use their cartoons to shock and create polemics, often to show the point of view of their enemies or to denounce views or ideas that they find abhorant. The form of humour in their cartoons is very dark , 2nd degree, and can get quite a lot of time to get used to, and is often hit and miss and meant to be offensive. In France, their main enemies are the extreme right and religious nuts of all kinds.

    1. IMHO aned that of millions more their stuff is obnoxious, racist and inflamatory and so I will not identify with them.

    2. Anonymous5:13 AM

      Who is this idiot troll Weixel, Daniel, and why is he being allowed to post on this blog!


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