Monday, February 23, 2015

El llegadero entry post


Too many things have happened since I posted last on February 2. No point recapping it all. Then again people consult blogs more for interpretation and opinion than news. At least this is what I do. Google News does a fine job to keep you up to date (though not on Venezuela as official media is now so dense that it is hard to fish out real news #GoogleFail).

So I decided to try to write a series, as brief as possible, to let the reader try to understand what is going on right now. As the Venezuelan expression runs, we are at El llegadero which is a concept word here, meaning we have reached a nasty point we should have reached long ago no matter what we did to try to avoid reaching it.  Something like that. I will highlight the links below as the entries are written so this post will remain on top for a few days. And will be changing as needed. Click on the ones that interest you. At their end you can return here with a click.

- Why there cannot be a peaceful transition
- Why we are flat broke and in an nonviable system
- Why the regime has/has-not devaluated the currency
- Why is the regime jailing private enterprise (and this blogger threatened) 
- Why the regime's real agenda may not be what it seems
- Why is the opposition so lackluster

and more, or less, as needed.


  1. I'm waiting for why is the opposition so lack luster. Big question for me for a while.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Michael I have also wondered this and have only vague conjectures.I think fear has driven many to isolate and withdraw themselves from too much participation.Psychological defense mechanisms set in to a point where they are not totally aware of the depth of the dangers they face.It's the only way they can face what is going on....Others who are more aware seem to have the odd viewpoint that God will provide and that they are somehow chosen by him for very special treatment...going out to protest and acting in an aggressive way just doesn't seem quite spiritual enough for them...and surely will not be seen well by God

      Then there are those cynical types that never think anything will work.

      I think Capriles did a lot to foment these sorts of more passive attitudes.


    2. Charly4:29 AM

      Twice, I have talked with friends close to the official opposition on the lack luster attitude of their pals and twice I got the same reply. The oppo is very afraid that a far worst group than Maduro and his pals could take over. When I read between the lines of JVR's gumpf, I also get the impression that also scares him. Let us not forget he has a Chilean wife and should be very well aware of what went on over there under Pinochet.

  2. Michael, They don't have a clear vision nor do they offer a real alternative. The best they could do was run Henrique "Chavez Lite" Capriles. If you read Spanish see

  3. Daniel,
    You need to "get out of town".
    Nicolás is on a rampage.

  4. Anonymous4:41 AM


    Have you considered moving to Doral or Weston?

    1. If you provide me with a decent job there and the means to move, let me know an I will consider it.

    2. Daniel, seriously. Which nationalities do you have?

  5. If I may ask, how is Venezuela's predicament worse than that of Germany post=WWII? How is Chavism going to fare in the future compared to how Nazism has in Germany today?

    1. Things are not comparable. Chavismo's crimes are of a different nature and original purpose.

      This being said it is truly a war economy and we need to get ready for a postwar era. The only difference is that we were not bombed out though our infrastructure is nearly destroyed.

    2. No reply? Well, leveling cities was overcome across Europe and Japan. Nazism was thoroughly discredited. The majority of Venezuela want to move on! So, why is Venezula trapped in this quagmire? If anything, it's s chance to start anew! It is darkest just before the dawn!

    3. Postwar era? First, the vultures will come! I think the Chinese are already scavenging through the ruins. The boliburgueses also are likely to join the feast. What will be needed are dollar denominated business loans, open boarders to open trade barriers, UN Security, a constitutional convention to reconstruct the constitution with provisions that prevent another hijacking of the government. Also, must make sure the political lesson taught by this nightmare is entered into history books!


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