Friday, February 27, 2015

Free Fall

Wednesday I was writing about the black market rate crossing the psychological barrier of 200 Bs. for a single USD. Well, two days after we have this:

And there you have your answer why the mayor of Caracas was taken "into custody" away from his nearly unguarded desk by a detachment of masked, truly secret, "anti terrorist" police that would have been , for its numbers, a source of envy to the marines that took down Bin Laden. I stress numbers because quality wise these assholes bullies were not even smart enough to take down the surveillance cameras. Then again they may have wanted to advertise their brutality.

And there you have the answer on why suddenly protesters bodies are found, tied up, a bullet in the head, kind of mafia style execution. Of course it is not the police, it is the "colectivos" to whom the police gave the arrested protesters. A terror scheme that is imported straight from Cuba.

And there you have why the regime allowed use of deadly weaponry to control protests, a fateful decision that had its first victim with a 14 years old child out of high school, trying go help an injured protester.

Simply put, the bloated corrupt bureaucracy is unable to accept its responsibility in the economic mess that Venezuela is today, running fast toward collapse as the black market drop of 10% in two days indicates with extreme clarity. The extraordinary selfishness of a corrupt military class has been the real factor that has stopped any sensible reform in the face of the looming crisis because, I suppose, they were ready to kill, preferred to kill before giving up their privileges.

That is how ALL revolutions end, in a blood bath, the last step before a new civilized order can emerge again.


  1. Island Canuck3:48 PM

    Some comments on SIMADI and why the black market price is rising so fast.

    As of 9.30 AM (Friday) this morning the SIMADI market was closed at Banco de Venezuela & they were not accepting new solicitations.

    The government is running this market just like SICAD 2.

    If it was a true market - free & based on demand - the rate would be closer to the black market rate. But as you can see the rate is being moved in decimal points which is totally illogical when you consider the pent up demand.

    People have not received $$ through the old SICAD 2 since November 2014
    There has been no SICAD 1 "auction" since October 2014.

    There are NO dollars in the goverment market & the outlook in the coming months is scary.
    As you say Daniel they will be doing everything in their power to divert attention away from the real problems but they can't keep it up.

    The explosion will be here soon enough.

  2. When the guillotine makes a public appearance ...

  3. Yes, yes, yes. But as long as there is 2/ Ignorance (uneducated pueblo, our main asset, especially after the Gigantic Brain Drain of the past decades), 2// Corruption (i.e. Robo de trillones de $$ al dia.. , y Enchufadismo popular Chronico) and some harina pan or street mangoes left (Le Pain de la Bastille), and maybe 4/ a bit of Circus for entertainment (la novela, madurismo, conspiracy theories) you've got somewhat healthy Dictatorship.

    1+2+3+4 = Vzla.

    Regardless of the dollar exchange (concept way too fancy for 95% of illiterate Venezuelans), inseguridad, escasez etc..

    IOW: Pueblo bruto, enchufao (engrasse), gordo y divertido come cable que jode)

    1. IOW, Many of us have been saying for about a dozen years that Chavismo is not sustainable, that's it's about to fall because of the unbearable crime rates, galloping escasez, and putrid economic situation that keeps getting worse.

      Guess what, 15 years later, even with a retarded monkey named Maduro, they are still in power, much like the Castros. Regardless of the dollar or other fancy financial concepts.. regardless of the inseguridad or escasez.

      Why? 1+2+3+4. Ignorancia+ Corrupcion (engrase masivo)+arepa+circo.

      With that historically proven formula and a few "elections manipulations) totalitarian corrupted regimes perpetuate themselves.

      Just thank Simon Bolivar and our languishing heroes de la libertad that we don't have radical Islamic thugs and religious extremism to deal with, which is what makes the same formula specified above even worse in the Middle East. (i.e. the dictators are right because they are approved by God, Egyptians, Romans, Roi Soleil and all that crap)

  4. Everyone talks Maduro and Chavez, but lets be truthful they are simply pigeons for Castos. Reality is Cuba took over Venezuela and was well on their way to taking over much of Latin America and Spain. If not for the drop in oil the Castros likely control much of Latin America through bought gov'ts. Was easy for them as all has a majority poor populous that can have their votes bought by trinkets and all have corruptible people throughout the constitutional layers.

  5. Island Canuck6:38 PM

    DolarToday ‏@DolarToday 2m2 minutes ago View translation
    Así cotiza el $ a esta hora BsF. 221,02 y el € a BsF. 247,46

    It's now at Bs.221
    The important number is for cash in Colombia which is Bs.197.88.

    The other higher number includes all the bank charges & commisions to go from Bolivars to Pesos to US$ for bank transfers.

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  7. 264 today on 05MAR2015.
    Yet, implicto has gone down.
    Freefall !


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