Monday, February 02, 2015

Cabello sinks, the army can shoot with real bullets, Patricia Janiot exposes. Maduro panics?

In defence of your nation, religion, and laws,

Today the regime decided to intervene Farmatodo, the big pharmacy store chain of Venezuela, the first one to operate US style (all, from medicines to pop sodas). And it did so nastily by putting in jail its CEO and attendants.

What is unusual here, so to speak, is that the take over was carried on a Sunday. What is curious here is that Farmatodo did follow some of the "advice" of the regime such as limiting purchases to spread evenly the goods, and even put up finger prints. So why seize Farmatodo instead of, say, Locatel?

The charges that "justified" the takeover were that Farmatodo did not sell all the stuff it received in December (how much? what type? could it distribute it timely to its nation wide chain? why would it leave the field to its competition that we must assume did sell their stuff?). The excuse was that Farmatodo promoted public disorder by creating long visible lines of people through the artifice of having only a few cash registers open.

I feel, I feel the deity within,

This is all bogus of course. If there are lines at Farmatodo these days, it is because they have received something (toilet paper, diapers, soap...). Never mind that in normal business times having a line at your store is an actual discouragement for customers to come. Only Apple stores can get away with this as a marketing tool.

His radiant glory erst display'd;

I suppose that if Maduro decided to do such a media catchy takeover (it is about medicine, you know) it is because CNN in Spanish has released this weekend a damning one hour report on the Venezuelan economic crisis. The star was Patricia Janiot who had to leave Venezuela in a hurry last February after she was threatened by the regime. But she came back and she took her revenge. Trust me on that one,m I watched it twice (not complete on You Tube yet).

I have to give it to her, she did represent very well what Venezuela is today. And she got the furies of chavismo unleashed upon her. But no matter how many chavista sycophants answered the appeal of their masters, Maduro needed to do something to prove to his dwindling followers that he was in charge. Farmatodo would do. Who cares of the consequences?

The cause of Heav'n your zeal demands.

This is that's there to it. The country is ruined. Maduro knows it. But he needs to keep providing circus. And more circus as there is less bread tweetered a wit. That his main rival Cabello seems suddenly on the fritz is not big consolation for him. Unable to change course, there is no other option left but rushing forward, a la Thelma and Louise. Maduro has a lost cause: his retaining office.

Arm, arm, ye brave! A noble cause,

In his cause Maduro is not alone. The military know that the way things are going repression will have to be brutal. So they made this week "legal" even though it is unconstitutional, to allow the army to shoot real bullets when they are called upon to keep protests at bay. The protests they have in mind are of course those of the chavista hoi polloi that will realize sooner than expected that taking over Farmatodo did not fill up its shelves. Far from it, in fact. The medical crisis is going to get much worse fast.

Judas shall set the captive free,
And lead us all to victory.

Some wishful thinking to end this entry. Though I fail to see at this point a possible, not too painful, way out of the mess Maduro is driving us into.


  1. The end is coming for this Chavismo gov't as the economy continues to decline. Likely their only course is to go to a full Cuban hand out basic staples to the poor in hope they see it as better then other options. Key will be where will the evil head of this gov't run, and will the successors be willing to buy there heads out of Cuba as they will have no value to the Cubans once out of power?

  2. Charly1:46 PM

    Why Farmatodo and not Locatel? When the Locatel store opened in Barqto, big names cropped up such as Marisabel Rodriguez de....

    More circus? The show will be complete when His Nibs is fed to the animals.

  3. I find it particularly terrible that people cannot obtain the medicines they this point I have no idea what will happen but in the short run at least I see no possible easy way is also very suspicious that we are seeing a growing Podemos....which shows us the lack of efficient reporting in the foreign press....firepigette

  4. Island Canuck2:23 PM

    Just a reminder to all of you out there that think that things can't get any worse.

    The oil that they are selling today is based on the price 90 days ago (November, 2014) when the price was almost double what it is today.

    Just wait until we get to March & April when they'll only be receiving south of $40.

    February historically is the most violent & disruptive month of the year.
    It doesn't take a seer to see the future.
    Things are going to get a whole lot worse even if the government was thrown out tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Communists at the root are just elitist thugs masquerading as the saviors of the poor while they fill their pockets with $$$. The fear with them as they gain absolute power is that you will get vicious massacres of anyone they see as a threat. The revolution long ago had already started to jail any opposition figure that had popularity and create any and all possible scapegoats they could dream up to cover their mistakes. Now you can see that Maduro is utterly desperate like a man floundering in quicksand. Chavez knew better than to destroy the private sector because, like it or not, it provided goods needed by the public and helped maintain a sort of uneasy social calm that balanced Chavez's fiery rhetoric with what he actually did. Since Maduro has fallen irrevocably into the "Cuban trap," the revolution is now eating its young and anything could happen. Murder and mass exodus are likely candidates for the future as conditions worsen. Who can forget the image of a policewoman gleefully pounding a protestor's face with her riot helmet? When Castro once stated a few years back that "socialism doesn't even work for us anymore," I guess Maduro was not listening.

  6. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Maduro, or is it Arreaza? has gotten rid of all possible rivals. Let's see if it is Maduro or Arreaza the one that survives.

  7. Anonymous8:25 PM

    "What is unusual here, so to speak,,," lol.. .. unfortunately, el pueblo gets pissed only when they get Hungry and bored. Bread and Circus. Plenty of circus, and still some chicken and harina pan left, so the chavistas are still there. Sadly, el pueblo can even endure the lack of medicine.

  8. Charles Lemos9:21 PM

    Speaking of circus, I was channel surfing yesterday and caught Maduro and Cabello at some ceremony honoring some Venezuelan who rebelled against Paez. I found it rather enlightening. Dear lord are you in trouble. These are henchmen not leaders. How does anyone fall for their utter BS?

  9. Who is this nutjob?

  10. Anonymous11:01 PM

    For those interested, the complete report is available at


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