Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frontal, primitive, homophobia inside chavismo: Bernal as poster boy

I have been telling you that chavismo is homophobic, strongly homophobic, as are all these authoritarian to neo-totalitarian systems. Today the words of representative Bernal would have him resign within 24 hours from his public positions in any civilized country. Of course, in Russia or Iran those words could be considered as wise, I suppose. But in Venezuela unfortunately it may not go further than the twitter storm tonight.
Bernal (left) is not the lone
homophobe inside chavismo

Freddy Bernal, former mayor of Caracas and now one of its National Assembly representatives, has always been a violent character, from his previous support to coup mongers like Chavez, to organizing the "colectivos" of Caracas which are nothing but an armed thug militia. Under his 8 years tenure Caracas went, of course, from bad to worse, but the regime did establish a firm rein on the political activities within. Now, for example, an opposition politician cannot go publicly to Bolivar square downtown for some wreath laying ceremony.

To add insult to injury Bernal is also a former cop, of the corrupt type. And now he is in charge of some commission to restructure police in Caracas. Whatever, the man has no credibility outside the groups that need dirty jobs done at which he seems to excel. Unfortunately he is a public figure, an elected representative and as such his position would require a minimum of self control. One thing is to insult Obama and the US for political expediency, another one is to admit that gay Venezuelans are second class citizens. Let's look at his words. In an interview today at pro regime Globovision he said the following:

“Sí, puede ser funcionario policial, siempre y cuando no manifieste públicamente su apetencia sexual, porque imagínate un funcionario que quiera ponerse camisa rosada o pintarse los labios”
Yes, [a gay person] can be a police officer as long as he does not state publicly his sexual appetites [note: not orientation, not even preference] because, imagine an officer that wants to put on a pink shirt or wear lipstick
“No sé en otras partes del mundo pero en Venezuela, eso no va ni con nuestra cultura” “cada quien tiene derecho a la libre determinación sexual”.
I do not know about other parts of the world but in Venezuela that does not even go with our culture [wrong grammar preserved as possible]. Everyone has a right to his free sexual determination/choice.
Yet he says in the same interview obviously oblivious (intended juxtaposition)  “no hay discriminación de raza, sexo, o condición social” there is no discrimination based on race, sex or social condition
“Como somos socialistas, aceptamos y valoramos por encima de la condición sexual la condición humana, que es lo más importante, pero en una academia de policía tiene que haber hombres y mujeres que den el ejemplo”
Since we are socialists, we accept and value above the sexual condition the human condition which is the most important, but in a police academy there must be men and women that set an example.
And while he was at it he also said that hippies, tattooed, piercings etc should not go into the police force and should be sent to “al ministerio de Cultura, o al ministerio de las Comunas” the ministry of culture, or the ministry of Communes.
“Cómo nosotros vamos a formar un funcionario de policía con un zarcillo, y no tengo nada contra los que usan zarcillo" How are we going train an officer [male] with an earring, and I have nothing against those who use earrings. 

What do we get here?

I am not going to insult the intelligence of this blog readers explaining the primitive nature of that homophobia that would make proud a few homophobes in the States or Europe (though even the in Europe far right parties are much more careful than Bernal).

The problem here is that it betrays what is the mind set of chavismo, that comes as far as Chavez who albeit more careful never reprimanded those who uttered such ideas. Never Mind that the regime is peppered with noted closet cases that are usually the worst homophobes.

Clearly for chavistas like Bernal, gays (more than lesbians, of course, they just need a real male) are second class citizens, by choice, and thus should suffer the consequences, they are all live cartoon creatures and cliches, they should be sent only to certain type of jobs, those for sissies like culture (he curiously betrays his disdain of "comunas" by the way, sending them there too).

From here to send them forcibly to reeducation camps for conversion therapy, or some extermination system, the gap is not as large as you may think. It is just a matter of timetable.

Totalitarianism are all the same.


  1. Milonga2:41 PM

    Next Monday, the Plenario Intersindical de Trabajadores - Convención Nacional de Trabajadores (PIT-CNT) - the national and unified trade union - together with social representatives of Human Rights, among which defenders of gay rights, and the Federation of Uruguayan University Students (!!) are programming a march in favor of Venezuela, against American imperialism. They disregard that chavismo is against trade unions, is homophobic as you well describe above and has killed university students. Really, I don't understand this people at all. Please enlighten me!

    1. Uninformed people.
      People receiving / having received grants from Venezuela.
      Knee jerk leftists .
      Resentidos sociales.
      All of above: idiots.

  2. Milonga3:55 PM

    Suppose this would be imposible in Venezuela:

  3. "because, imagine an officer that wants to put on a pink shirt or wear lipstick". It would appear in his mindset that women should not be police either.

  4. Alain8:51 PM

    C'mon guys lets be honest, every man, absolutely every man on planet Earth, is repulsed by the thought of putting another man's peepee in his mouth. Tolerance YES! but acceptance NO WAY it is disgusting!

    1. Island Canuck9:04 PM

      "every man, absolutely every man on planet Earth"

      Join the fascists.
      Show a little tolerance.

      Just because you are not inclined don't deny the 10 to 20% of the male population their right to freedom.

    2. Alain9:32 PM

      Canuck you are the intolerant. Why do you call me a fascist. Why do you call me an "idiot". I said I tolerate you. Go ahead keep sucking.

    3. I am more repulsed by James winning another NBA title. Alain you clearly have thought way to much about cocks in your mouth as for most straight people this does not cross their mind. From your comments I would be more repulsed from you having a right to breed and be responsible for a child. You definitely would thrive within the Maduro gov't, ignorance abliss.

    4. Island Canuck10:12 PM

      Alain, you are obviously not well educated.
      You stated clearly that "every man" was included.

      That's just not a factual point when it's been shown that between 10 to 20% of the male population is gay or at least bisexual.
      Do a Google search.

      I agree with CLI.
      You obviously have deep seated homophobic problems.
      Look in the mirror.

      By the way I'm happily married & have raised 3 children over 50 years with 3 wives.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Alain

      There is no reason why I should put up in my blog with comments from a bigoted ignorant homophobe (redundancy intended).

      People have answered enough to your trolls. That stops here.

      If you have not joined yet the bolivarian farce i suggest that you promptly apply at an embassy near you. You'll fit right in.

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. You are now spam for this blog. And I am not going to bother explain it. Search the archives.

    9. 2Alain12:30 AM

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    10. Charles Lemos1:36 AM

      Umm Alain, tolerance = acceptance.

    11. Alain 1 or 2

      Since you insist on lecturing us let me just tell you that the size of a minority is irrelevant. When people like you are willing to dismiss a given minoritythen they are willing to dismiss all of them at some point. that is fascism.

  5. I find the comments attributed to Vernal offensive but let me remind you that their was a "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding gays in the US military up until a couple of years ago. In spite of the supposed policy, which was once considered a pro gay policy the brass defied Commander in chief Clinton, Bush and Obama, never relenting in their anti gay witch hunting. Not too long ago anyone found to be gay couldn't be a cop or a teacher in open, tolerant New York. Obama opposed marriage equality and open.gays in the military as a presidential candidate.

    I don't know how pure the opposition is on this matter but Venezuela does not lag so far behind the US, where the modern militant gay rights movement began one at the Stonewall Inn, where one spring night in 1969 cops rushed in beating gay people up one time too many.

    In how many countries do open gays serve in equal positions and truly equal career tracks in military and police forces? Not yet in the United States.

    Because you never seem to miss a chance to disparage Venezuela I feel called upon to put Bernal and the objectionable remarks attributed to him in context.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry about the double post. And thanks for not deleting my comment.


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