Wednesday, June 17, 2015

24 days of hunger strike for Leopoldo Lopez

I do not want to go into details here. But it has taken 24 days for the cruel regime to allow a trusted physician to go and check on Leopoldo Lopez. Such is the talent of those in charge, willing to let him die if necessary, in gulag conditions.

I have written that he should stop his hunger strike, no matter how principled that one is because in front he has thugs that are happy to see him go.  They are wrong, they will pay a big price, but they cannot see that, and they would not care anyway. Totalitarian dictators ALWAYS go down taking everyone with themselves.

Now we enter the critical days for Leopoldo Lopez where irreversible damage may happen. Where the worst may happen. I wish I were able to pray. And, by the way, I see a lot of people inside the opposition that claim to pray but do not seem to be doing so.


  1. Yes, it's about time for him to stop. I disagree with those who say that hunger strikes have been useless and ineffective, as part of the opposition protests, but even for a young Triathlete 3 weeks with just liquids is dangerous.

    The entire opposition, starting with Tintori, MCM, Ceballos, Ledezma AND Capriles, AD, Copei MUD.. should all publicly ask him to stop his hunger strike now.

    And the 88 students can continue for him, declaring publicly that they are taking over for Leopoldo for now, adding a couple dozen more, perhaps, with good medical supervision, until the next "elections" are stolen again, and then more forms of mass-protest can resume.

  2. Anonymous3:18 AM

    sorry, but i dont see three weeks with just liquids as dangerous unless he had medical issues already. As part of my religious experiences I have several times went 21, 30 and once 40 days with only liquids. I was out moving around doing activities during the day. I lost alot of weight but never got sick or was in physical danger.

    I dont see how him sitting around all day drinking liquids would put him in physical risk.

    I am not a dr but i know from my own experience and other friends that you can go 40 days with liquids and not be in jepordy. after 40 days i dont know.

    i personally feel he should stop the fast as well

    1. Anonymous4:29 AM

      It all depends on how much you are drinking, a diet of nothing but water would require at the very least 400 calories worth of liquid per day (Own experience). So, yeah, it is possible. Now the question is, does Leopoldo have access to the quantity of water required ? Has he been drinking the quantity of water that he should ?

    2. Anonymous5:52 AM

      Agree that hunger striking bad choice but the regime will tube force feed him a lo Guantamo if necessary. He wont die.

    3. without proper medical supervision you're definitely taking a risk with 3+ weeks. The immunologic defense mechanism, for one, is weakened. The guy is in some filthy jail. The vital organs are also more vulnerable, especially in case of any pre-existing hidden condition, or even just unknown medical predispositions. Please don't play doctors on TV, here..

    4. En la rueda de prensa realizada este miércoles estuvo presente el ex viceministro de Salud y gastroenterólogo, doctor Guillermo Seijas. Respaldó la alarma de la defensa al afirmar que López se encuentra en la tercera etapa médica de la huelga de hambre.

      “El organismo desde que entra en ayuno comienza a suplir sus necesidades calóricas y de consumir azúcar. La etapa más peligrosa es cuando se acaba la grasa del cuerpo y el organismo comienza a consumir las proteínas. Podría desarrollar sustancias tóxicas y agravar importantes órganos como el hígado, corazón y riñones. Finalmente, el especialista resaltó la importancia de que al líder de Voluntad Popular lo asista no solamente un médico de su confianza, sino un equipo que debería ser de la Cruz Roja Internacional

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Can't wait to go vote in the next election and show this government how much we hate them. That'll show them!

    1. Sadly, your vote won't be counted. The votes have already been counted, even though the dates of the election are yet to be announced.

    2. It will be counted but infortunately for the wrong side.

    3. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Please don't tell me they cheat!!!. I'm with Daniel, the vote must be fair otherwise why would he waste any of his valuable time doing his linear regressions and matrix optimization analysis charts.

  4. Anonymous4:38 AM

    I think of LL and i get a strong pain in my heart.The opposition does not deserve him, but truth does.He is pure truth.

    I also hope he stops because the only reason to do this is so that the opposition react and take responsibility for themselves and their country....and they don't.



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