Monday, June 22, 2015

Hunger strike succeeded? Elections on December 6

UPDATED. One of the main petitions of the hunger strikes holding around the countries was that the Venezuelan electoral board, CNE, announces the date for parliamentary elections. Only in Venezuela we need hunger strikes to get what should be a routine date set up that should have happened a year ago!

At any rate after a tortuous press announcement where CNE head Tibisay Lucena attacked everyone for "distortion" of reality when she could have done the announcement on a web page weeks ago she said they would be held on December 6, which was the legal date all along. Attacking Twitter will not save Tibisay from the established charges that she is a mere minister of pseudo electoral affairs of the regime.

And speaking of Twitter the first consequence to be expected:

That is, may all the hunger strikes, starting with the one from Leopoldo who cannot walk anymore, be lifted.

Update: Lucena has also announced that the only allowed "observers" will be those from UNASUR, rejecting OAS and EU observers. That is already a guarantee that there will be electoral fraud. Not that it may be enough to stop a plausible opposition victory but remember that the goal here is to prevent that the Venezuelan opposition gets 3/5 of parliament which would allow it to reverse some of the authoritarian measure of the regime. In addition it is easier for the regime to break a mere majority through threat and bribery than to break a 3/5 majority. Now it is up to the MUD to steel itself and demand more guarantees. I am not holding my breath.


  1. Island Canuck7:51 PM

    A definite win for Leopoldo.

    He forced them into announcing a date for elections they don't want.

    Not that I think that even winning these elections by a huge majority will help the situation.
    They will not leave voluntarily or democratically.

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Winning the elections? haha...doubt it...even if they do it will be worse than ever.Even a rat knows better than to continue down the same path that has no cheese.I think people are out of touch with their instinctive intelligence which is what keeps us alive, and is thousands of times faster than the ambivalent mind, and the chaotic emotional brain.

    f gipette

  3. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Another decision made in Havana.

  4. I still say you need to stop working. There's no way to organize a national strike, but every person has to either stop or slow way down. Chavistas are social parasites, most of them don't contribute much to the economy.

  5. The Hunger strikes have had strong effects, regardless of the date of the stupid elections. That laughable fraud, say a 55% "victory" for the MUD was inevitable anyway. Plus 3/4 of the Petitions will not happen. Still, the hunger strikes gave some strength and "unity' to the MUD, brought a lot more International Support, which in the case of Brazil, for instance, will always help.

    Now the Circus continues, let's see what's next after the Mango Maduro dance, Decreto Obama, Aventuras de Narco Cabello, Autobus Brasilero,,, until "gano la MUD!!, 55%.. y los presos? la corrupcion, la escasez, los muertos? Peor, gracias.

  6. Roberto Carlos10:29 AM

    Daniel get your Excel spreadsheets ready.

    Your analysis and color coded charts are are always a must read. And your predictions also always right on the money -or so you tell us.

    You are so amazing you can even predict how much they cheat!

    1. Thanks, it is nice to be appreciated for the work that meant then, really. But unfortunately I have already explained why I shall not do this on the coming election. Or at least not in the details I used to do.

  7. Island Canuck12:49 PM

    The threats now start.
    Both Diosdado & Maduro in full threat mode.

    Here's just one example:
    Maduro: Si la MUD ganara la Asamblea Nacional el 27 de febrero sería un niño de pecho

    Anyone who thinks they set a date for elections voluntarily doesn't get the politics here.
    They were under severe pressure from many sides.
    The next 5½ months are going to be a steady stream of insults, threats & violence.
    They will look for any excuse to delay or cancel the elections.

    1. The bus driver will escalate the dispute over Essequibo, almost to the point of invasion, as the pretext to cancel the elections, or create a nationalistic fervor to retain control. No lie or outrageous claim is too great for the regime to keep its power.


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