Friday, September 18, 2015

Blogger Naky Soto at the NYT

I recommend you read one of the best summaries on recent events on Venezuela at the NYT OpEd from Venezuelan blogger Naky Soto.


  1. Ronaldo7:52 PM

    Naky places the blame on the correct person.

    I always wonder why the Chavista government does not provide a minimum standard of living, including health care and security for the Venezuelan poor. It would be so easy and they would have a decent chance to win elections.

    Don't buy Russian weapons, don't have 3,000 generals, don't allow corruption, don't send cash to overseas tyrants like Castro, encourage business, support domestic production, etc. It can be done. But Maduro is so stupid and afraid, he can can only steal from the people, blame others, and threaten violence while not fixing the actual problems.

  2. Nice article, but I don't think the stress was correct. Yes, Maduro is highly unpopular and things are getting worse by the day but the whole country's oil boom was squandered already during Chávez's reign. The murder rate was already at this level when the caudillo went from 19 murders per 100000 inhabitants in 1998 to over 60 in 2010.
    Maduro is just a stupid, corrupt tool without charisma. The damage started in February 1999.

    1. Right.

      People are making a HUGE mistake differentiating Madurismo from Chavismo.

      The uneducated, extremely ignorant pueblo that is left after the massive brain drain still LOVES Chavez and Chavismo. They remember the "regaladera" times, they bought the whole Chavista bullshyt.

      Over 60% is "chavista" , anti MUD, anti-"sifrinos", anti-capitalistas y burgueses", etc.. and they now blame Maduro and Cabello only.

      This will come back to bite everyone in Venezuela as soon as the next Chavista-light Mudcrap gets the power back. The Populismo Monster is far from vanquished, and it had many ugly faces.. the Nicmer Evans or Giordanis, Rats jumping ship, will be everywhere to scavenge on whatever's left of Vzla's rotten corpse.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. please tell Dr. Aluta that millions want Venezuela free of interference from Cuban and other poseurs. Does she guarantee results from her spellcasting?

    2. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Her spellcasting doesn't work as I tried it last time Kate put her ad on Daniel's blog. I asked the spell caster to get rid of Kate and she showed up again.


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