Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Venezuela News on Instagram

I have never liked Facebook and have only a private page for some relatives and friends, more by obligation than anything else. The attempt I did for a parallel Facebook page for the blog just consumed much of my time for something that did not seem worth it. Maybe if someone would collaborate in keeping it up, someone willing to add entries? At any rate after forgetting about it for months I did the logical thing and erased it.

Twitter took me sometime to warm up to. But I did though I never took full advantage of it, e.g., finding it ridiculous to follow everyone that followed just to bulk up numbers (trying to avoid doing the hypocrisy, like I do in Facebook, of masking people). Or failing to understand why I should put narcissistically on Twitter where I eat or feel. Do people actually care much about that? I am sorry, I cannot do it, not even for my friends. I call them and talk when I am interested in their lives.  Please, forgive me for not following most of you, it is not personal, it is simply a lack of time.

But finally a week ago I yielded to check on what was Instagram all about. And this one may well be the one I was looking for!  The more so that crisis pictures are going to abound and finding time for blogging is more and more difficult. Instagram could be a snappy way to report short stuff that I cannot write on blog but is still interesting to report on.

So, please welcome @duquenal_at_vnv , this blog Instagram support.  Do not expect it to be running fast and smooth. I need to get a hand on it but I have a feeling that pictures of protests and empty shelves and long lines will be easy to come up with.  Which will not stop me from putting nice pictures of Venezuela which I have even less time to figure on this blog.

Hope to see some of you there!


  1. Roberto Carlos5:18 PM

    As of this moment I don't see any advantage but ... maybe I should wait until you put something interesting there to see its benefits over this one.
    Are you planning to discontinue posting here? Do we have to go to both sites to see your posts? I hear you are also on Tweeter ... life was so simple when all we had to do was come here.

    1. Thank you for being confused. It allows me to explain stuff.

      Blogger/Blog: OpEd pieces to explain stuff happening. For people who have time or like to read.

      Twitter: to retweet stuff that may or may not be important about Venezuela. Plus some thoughts that can be developed in a limited amount of characters, when blogging time is not available. For people in a rush or stuck at the dentist office without entertainment.

      Instagram: pictures of stuff seen around as it happen, without needing to reach a computer. Kind of a picture is worth a thousand words. For people of the Saint Thomas persuasion.

      In short, three complementary sites, you may chose to follow all or none or one or two.

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I have been avoiding Twitter .... now you made me re-think about it


    1. warning: twitter can become addictive!

  3. IslandCanuck6:51 PM

    I use Twitter as a news source following sources that keep me up to date on what's happening here in Venezuela.

    Simple things like TraficMargarita, newspaper sources like TalQual, etc., DolarToday, VenezuelaSomosTodos, NewsweekEspVenezuela and many more.(a total of 60)

    I don't post personal comments and my profile is locked to prevent government snooping.

    I follow Daniel so I know when new posts are available as well as Caracas Chronicals & Miguel Octavio for the same reasons.

    If something is happening in Venezuela I'll know very quickly.

  4. Charly8:08 PM

    Poor us who still use old fashioned Email. As I was writing to a colleague a few minutes ago who was pushing me to reply ASAP although I am in transit on an intercontinental flight: "I long for the days of the telex and when I used to get back home before my postcards".

  5. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I can remember time spend in a London shipbroker's office in the late 70's where one of the top dogs could read the telex tape and tell us the message details before it went to the teleprinter. And then he could cut and paste the telex tape to respond to the message and use the telex as an open message machine. This was before fax and well before basic email.

  6. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I'm excited to see what will bring to the world. It takes live streaming to a new level. Just hold up your phone and broadcast to the world.
    Fun to watch live concerts and stuff... but it becomes even more intreresting when big important events are unfolding. Ofcourse it requires a decent connection.. but it has great potential.
    - Martin

  7. Hey Daniel I have a blog under Wordpress and everytime I do a post there it also updates my Facebook page and the title of the blog post becomes the twitter message, so I need to keep the blogs title under 140 characters I dont know if Blogger does this but I guess its kind of late because you decided to use instagram I would suggest to not get rid of Twitter dont stop using it because in Venezuela is the main form of dessiminating information and you would be losing a way for people to know you have comments



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