Friday, October 16, 2015

Weil sums up the Venezuelan situation

Cartoonist Weil publishes an extraordinary cartoon (and he has quite a few of them!)

In the background the symbol of the corrupt regime gangs fighting against each other for political control through colectivos, grenades, etc...

Further in front petty thieves stealing in hunger whatever they can (toilet paper, for example, how can that be any more pathetic?).

In front two items, paupers fighting over a chicken while someone is dead on ground through hunger, crime, whatever....

There you have it, Venezuela today. I am impressed.


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    1. wow, sad.. been a reader since 2006... real sad state of affairs.... what are your thoughts about december? any chance there will be a change? doesnt seem very promising.. at least not legitimately. (any thoughts as to why Manuel Rosales came back to Venezuela?) like what is his purpose? based on what I read it just seems he thinks the regime will fall, shortly and came back to basically try to pull a Lopez... but not sure what he was doing...

  2. At last an optimistic cartoon, I am talking of the two characters in the back trying to kill each other, a jolly good idea.

  3. Only thing that is missing is the high up Chavistas sitting on a gigantic thrown of gold(wealth) in the background humored by what they created.

  4. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Saw a picture of some Venezuelans in a market today on another website. They seemed very well fed. Just as fat as us Americans. Nothing will change in Venezuela till they lose that fat. Only skinny countries revolt.

  5. Only thing missing is people sippin on beer and rum on house parties/clubs.
    It is an ever present thing right?

  6. Milonga3:56 PM

    I am constantly pinning and tweeting Weil's cartoons - you can write a word-less book of Venezuelan past years just by using his work. No wonder authoritarian regimes are scared of cartoonists, they are always the best analysts of reality. Agree with Charly's optimism!

  7. I see that the gov't websites are saying they are ahead in the latest polls, so no doubt now that their intent is to sell that they won the elections.


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