Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Chavismo is not taking it well

True, even Nicolas Maduro preferred to concede defeat rather than taking to the streets. But his concession was like the Chavez one of 2007, "victoria de mierda" but more banal in its content, "defeated by the economic war" that nobody but chavistas seem to understand what it is about. Which allows us to think that the economic war is just a myth a la Cuban embargo.

No point entering into details but from the chavistas I read or heard of today it was all about battles, temporary tactical retreats and whichever military jargon you wish to use. Truly, 15 years of Chavez have brain washed them and now everything is a battle with the unavoidable conclusion that the battle can only end when the other side is, well, annihilated.  I do not see how we can plan a transition with such people who clearly see this election as an anomaly, a mere bump, an occasion to reorganize the troops before the final battle. So far, the message of el pueblo has been lost.

And this is worrisome, not necessarily for their war wishes that they may or may not desire to execute when the time comes. The worrisome part in all of this is that chavismo is more astounded by the defeat than we could have fairly expected. Clearly, months of rather very negative polling have not prepared them at all for the possibility that they may just lose the election. Amen of being trashed.

It is of great concern that the surprise of chavismo, their basic frame work and ideological "formation", is making it difficult for them to see what happened, to understand what it means, to bring them to some form of self examination. Maduro's word by themselves read of "dead man walking", the empire and capitalism and an economic war beat him, not the Venezuelan people judging his incompetence. Roy Chaderton, the ineffable Chavez ambassador to wherever, always the failed foreign minister, had the nerve to say in all seriousness that the opposition had a unfair media advantage because the world media followed empire orders against the regime. I now that he is stone faced but surely he cannot have forgotten easily the years when the foreign media SUPPORTED Chavez. And he certainly fails to explain us how this could have possibly helped the opposition facing a media blackout inside Venezuela, foreign or national.

And there is also the "traitor" epithet being easily thrown around, the ones that benefited from Chavez and now turned away.  True, you can always call them traitor but at least try to understand why they betrayed you so that next time around you avoid such treason...

A nice little story today tells us a lot about the general mood of chavismo hard core "public servants", those that are in key propaganda and decision sectors. I am talking of the "journalists" and workers of ANTV. This wanna-be Venezuelan C-SPAN is all but. It is the channel through which chavista representatives can promote themselves, usually insulting their opponents with liberal use of propaganda documentaries and the like.

Well, Ramos Allup, the MUD hatchet man on the CNE and one of the engineers of the victory, said that ANTV had to be redrawn fast so it could offer to the country a plural window of opinion. Something that even this blogger promoted this week end as one of the first measures to be taken by the incoming Assembly, an easier way to open the airwaves with a true public network service than starting anew. ANTV workers were not only not amused but offended that their "professional" work could be questioned. In fact, they consider that their "conquest of information rights" cannot be challenged. They have been great journalists, according to their criteria...

Clearly, chavismo had become a very conservative, close minded group. It badly needs a stay in the opposition, a spa stay for mind unclogging we could say. That defeat is not only good for them, but necessary as well.


  1. roberto carlos5:06 AM

    'ratchet' should be hatchet.

  2. roberto carlos5:20 AM

    Conservative does not equal closed minded. You are projecting what you wish conservatives to be just because they have opinions different than you. Acting like chavistas do with their opponents already?

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Its a great day for Venezuela, and therefore the world...

  4. Daniel I know if it's a tough mind set to get our heads around but we need to start now. Chavismo is the opposition :)

  5. The idea of a "chavismo opposition" is going to take some getting used to... it doesn't quite roll off the tongue yet.

  6. Charly1:37 PM

    Dark days ahead indeed and listening to Maduro last night was enlightening in that respect. In addition MUD claim 112 deputies, CNE concede 107. If the CNE does not give the MUD access to the tally, you know hat happened do't you?

    As the picture becomes clearer on the events of 6D, looks more and more like Gnl Lopez Padrino saved the day. Who is he? Here are two articles on him published shortly before the elections. Take your pick one is anonymous, the second by Sebastiana Barraez from Quito Dia generally quite well informed.



  7. Humberto2:56 PM

    From afar, I've noticed the same thing Daniel. I agree with you, unfortunately. But, I am not surprised.

  8. You must assume they will use every trick, chicanery, trap, blackmail, murder, misinformation, and bribery they can think of to roll back UNITY's victory. Unity leadership seems to be a bit naive dealing with the Maduristas. The way the 112 seats has been left up in the air is just an example.

    Right now, they must be working out which unity members can be bribed to switch sides. If they can't find enough, a couple of them will have car accidents or get murdered during a robbery. Whatever you can think of, they already thought of, and are setting up to execute as needed.

    It's important to make sure the exPresidentes are kept informed of what goes on, and be prepared to get additional support as the next wave of shenanigans unfolds.

    The unity party should also probe the reformist wing writing against Maduro at aporrea. That group is a mixed bag, but I'm convinced the number one enemy is the gangster element as well as radicals tied to the Cubans (I assume you realize individuals like Jaua and Silva are Cuban agents).

  9. I still struggle with Chavismo allowing a 2/3rds majority unless something has been negotiated out. I think USA has negotiated something with the Castros and enough of the top people (likely a few generals and maybe Maduro) to allow the election results to date and the seats remaining to officially allocate the 2/3rds is being negotiated. I just do not see how the MUD has gotten this far without some negotiation.

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Not sure what the US or Cuba have to do with this. I think the military just got tired. They see the suffering their families go through and all their friends emigrating from the country. One can only take so much. They forced the institutions to be fair and told PSUV to go jump in a lake when they started asking for help. There is a very good reason why MUD's top representatives said thank you to the military.

    2. My understanding and correct me if I am wrong is that many of the top military officials are loyal Cuban military. Plus lets explore your thoughts on this that the military on their own said enough is enough. Given that they have been behind most of the corruption and thieving, ordering deaths through the collectivos, making millions through crimes of the state, etc. Without them negotiating something where does this leave them? They will likely have their accumulated wealth taken, likely be sentenced to jail, not only from the new Parliament but from the US for drug crimes. I believe some negotiated to have a few take the fall and the rest come out of it completely free having realized things were going to get real ugly soon.

  10. Anonymous5:49 PM

    It's incredible. A two thirds majority has been achieved. The people have spoken. MUD has a lot of work ahead.

  11. I took a brief look at Aporrea.com to see what the diehard "intellectuals" are saying. One guy said that Maduro should dissolve the Assembly "in defense of the People." Another one said that everyone in the government should resign. And a third one could not believe that "poor people" would betray their own interests and "loyalty to Chavez" to a bunch of food hoarding "golpistas..." Very insular and weirdly convinced of their bizarre reality...

    1. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Yes, dissolve the assembly so that the corrupt can continue to steal. What a bunch of pigs.


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