Sunday, December 06, 2015

Election day 2015 post


Tibisay spoketh. It ain't pretty for the regime, a 2 to 1 victory for the opposition. Still 17 seats in play that will decide whether a 2/3 supernumerary majority is reached (and the end of the regime as we knew it). Maduro bitched but accepted with lame references.

Meanwhile suddenly San Felipe is awakening.

And this concludes our election day post. Next? Governor elections December 2016 or... earlier presidential.


In two minutes we are "the day after"


Tic-tac, Tic-tac.....


An insisting rumor is that the opposition would have got 2/3 of the Assembly! 113 seats!

If this is indeed true it not only goes beyond our widest hopes and expectations but it will create a speedy downfall of the regime. Buuut.... leaving all the mess for us to fix with all the political consequences.....




It is getting more difficult for the regime to hide the opposition victory. As usual, when compared to, say, recent Argentina elections, the Venezuelan electoral system is pathetic.

On the good side, if rumors I get are confirmed my predictions may turn out to have been good. Note: I would not mind at all being wrong and that the MUD gets 2/3. :-)


Nothing to report. The CNE does its usual waiting game while they try to cook up the results so as to make not looks so bad for the regime.

At least some figures of the opposotion have gone to twitter to claim victory. We put pressure whichever way we can.

San Felipe is quiet and I am at peace. Few fireworks and coming from different places than usual. Maybe a good omen.


Looks that there will be a solid victory for the opposition. Maybe I should change my predictions to case 3? Or make up in a hurry a case 4? With 25% spread and a 2/3 majority?


And there is this.


The illegal voting hours extension is creating quite a scandal. Best admission that the regime lost the election.


Apparently in some Zulia districts the PSUV forces people to vote "assisted", being nice enough to push the buttons for the voter least this one pulls a muscle or something.


Got back in service an old modem and got some Internet. My normal provider, Intercable, not only killed my Internet but also killed my phone! And TV while at it. And no, I did not forget to pay for the service.

Right now the usual ruckus on illegally extending voting hours even though most centers are done with voters. The usual bring in the vote despair and those voting that should not be doing so.

6:06 pm

Made it safely to San Felipe. Roads near empty. Saw one of the "mobile CNE" voting center for poor or distant or hard to reach areas. Big line, red shirts, a PSUV red tent right in front. No pressure...

Voted fast. But next voting station had a huge line. Voting machines down, no permission to start voting manually yet.

No Internet at home. Down many areas of the country. Need to update through my cel phone. A big pain you know where


To try to go around the news blockade and censorship the MUD did a few things, such as a Youtube channel devoted to election day incidents and results later on. So do particulars with new portals in the provinces. This one from Margarita.


About to leave Caracas. So far nothing too far fetched as far as I can tell.

But there are illegal things like this:

Observe the intimidation tactic of the chavista in that illegal PSUV "information tent" too close from a voting center, taking a picture of the one documenting the abuse.

7:20 AM

There are traditions, but....

In 2013 I wrote what I was hoping to be my last election day post. Today I am not going to write down what had become a tradition of sorts for this blog. Since that fateful April 2013 my life and moods and priorities have experienced dramatic changes. It has been for me a significant effort to write down that recent series of YV-X articles on the election held today (YV is the international code for Venezuela). As a consequence of erratic writing and unrestrained bitching all my blog parameters have gone down (to the levels I had in 2010, which were already respectable nevertheless).  The secret of successful blogging is regularity in publication and mood, if possible. And that I have not been able to provide. Yet these election day posts were usually my top visited posts of the year, which makes me feel a little bit guilty toward faithful readers.

In addition this year I have not left for Yaracuy to vote. yet. The thing is that I am basically living in Caracas now for many, many reasons, from personal security to having to take care of my SO (now spouse, by the way). During part of today I will be travelling so as to reach San Felipe before polls close. I thought about not voting but I learned that the San Felipe district had become competitive and I would hate myself if we lost it for a single vote.  Also, after years of losing elections, for once I could place myself on the winning side.........

I will try from the road to Tweet or Instagram things if I come across noteworthy moments. And hopefully after 5 PM I may be able to cover some and update this post. But it is open so that readers who may want to share electoral information can go ahead in comments if they please as I will not be able to purvey then. Because with the arrest of Lopez and exile of others and my own changes I have lost track of my informants and I am now just a spectator like you guys. O tempora..


  1. IslandCanuck2:12 PM

    No ABA from 3.30 pm until after midnite yesterday & this morning.
    Now working.

    My wife left early for her polling station & to p/u her family.
    4 votes MUD
    1 PSUV (abuela)

    After some delays opening the tables she has now voted.
    Was quite fast once everything was working.

    Lots of noise on Twitter about problems throughout the couhntry but generally everything seems to be working as of 8.40 AM.

    It will be a long day.

  2. IslandCanuck3:13 PM

    Here's an interesting note: ‏@DiarioTalCual 3m3 minutes ago
    Fallece Adrián Márquez de 20 años al estallarle granada en la mano, que se disponía a lanzar contra un centro electoral en 23 de Enero

    Died 20 yr old Adrian Marquez when a grenade exploded in his hand as he was about to throw it into a voting station in the 23 de Enero in Caracas.

  3. Congrats to you and your SO in your marriage !!

    1. Anonymous9:19 PM

      How did this happen?, I didn't know gay marriage was legal in Venezuela.

    2. Not in Venezuela but at an embassy that shall remain nameless.

    3. You voted twice today! of course it makes sense now. :)

  4. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Keep up the good work with this blog!

  5. Anonymous12:41 AM

    According to Eugenio G. Martínez ‏@puzkas Hace 45 minutos

    La participación en este momento ya llega a 15,3 millones de votos

    Think total voters are 19,5 million so it ammounts to 78% of persons who voted


    1. Which should be good for the opposition. Well, maybe, we can always hope.

    2. Anonymous1:02 AM

      That was quite a trip ! Congrats for the effort ! Miguel says mid 90`s


  6. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Comment by Rayma in Twitter:
    Noticiero de Verdad ‏@LucioQuincioC Hace 8 minutos

    Como dice rayma: 1 hora más de música no salvo al titánic

    As Rayma (cartoonist) says: One hour of extra music did not save the Titanic


  7. Anonymous12:49 AM

    According to Eugenio Martinez:

    Eugenio G. Martínez ‏@puzkas Hace 8 minutos

    7:00 pm 6.427 maquinas de votación de las 40.601 ya transmitieron a la sala de totalización

    Aprox. 15% of voting machines have transmitted results to totalization room (in CNE)


  8. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Daniel please clean your counter top!

    1. It is clean. It is just stained in deep.

    2. Anonymous2:38 AM

      Yeah riiight. What about that frayed paper tower holder. Tomorrow go to Walmart first thing and get a $3 replacement.

    3. 1) there is no walmart here
      2) it is not my main home anymore. All the old stuff is ending up here. Better stuff to Caracas

    4. Besides, it is good for people to see that I am not plutocrat, that the CIA checks have not arrived yet. ;-9

    5. Anonymous3:40 AM

      Daniel i am just yanking your chain. Really appreciate your analysis and the effort you put on this blog.

  9. Avila1:51 AM

    It appears that Caracas Chronicles is down. Is the site hosted in Venezuela? Keep reporting. Friends from afar are following closely.

    1. Anonymous2:36 AM

      Probably a DOS attack.

      Anon 242

    2. Anonymous5:16 AM

      CC is back on line. All of Venezuela had internet problems.

  10. Yes any info is appreciated as is limited in Canada

  11. Surprisingly after all of these years still did not taste bad at all. And emotionally it is one of the best ones I ever had.

    1. Charly4:14 AM

      I see you like Oolong too.

    2. I am exquisite....

  12. Caracas Chronicles is back up for now... No interruption here in Canada for Daniel's site or the Devil's ..

    I'll be more relieved when the official announcement is made. You never know...

  13. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Does this mean that the CNE does not really cheat?

    1. Nope, Alek Boyd showed years ago that the number of people + 120 years old voting and all with the same birthdate, was outside the realm of possibility.

    2. Anonymous4:26 AM

      That report, of which I am very familiar as I am the one who wrote it and Alek allowed me to publish in his blog, did not prove that older people voted. It proved the horrible state of the REP. But it did not prove any illegality.

  14. I cannot believe they will allow a 2/3rd shift victory. If this happens they wold be unreal. Maybe Obama and Castro negotiated something. Or else we willove see mass scare tactics to drive all but the slime out to neighboring countries. I was positive Maduro intended on cheating the results blatantly.

  15. Sorry guys for the bad English I should reread the mess my phone makes of what I write.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. What the hell?!?!....Nothing? ...does it not worry anyone that they haven't recognized the result?...tanks and military at Radio and tv stations!?..I'm starting to worry that there could be a Castro type pronouncement...or maybe I'm missing something?

  18. What the hell?!?!....Nothing? ...does it not worry anyone that they haven't recognized the result?...tanks and military at Radio and tv stations!?..I'm starting to worry that there could be a Castro type pronouncement...or maybe I'm missing something?

  19. Listening to Maduro...what a short political stature! He just knows how to blame anybody or anything. What a difference with the speeches of winners and losers in Canada and in Québec.

  20. Daniel you say 17 seats left, what is the cost as last I heard was 99 to 46 which left 22 seats?


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