Friday, January 08, 2016

Tales of a military temper tantrum

What has inflamed the 2.0 tonight is the late afternoon address of Padrino Lopez, in cadena nonetheless. A quick video analysis follows.

The act at Chavez grave is a "desagravio", that is an act of redress, in this case of the memory of Bolivar, Chavez and the honor of Maduro. We get that in the first seconds. Of course this is a response of yesterday Ramos Allup iconoclast act or removing the images of Chavez and the fake Bolivar at the National Assembly. The fake Bolivar is a "reconstruction" based on the skull of Bolivar that Chavez got through profanation. So, from the start poor Padrino ends up being quite ridiculous defending a 200 yer old reconstruction which present Bolivar with more "negroid" characters than the portrait that Bolivar himself approved of.  But this bolivarian Venezuela....

In all truth here the outrage is against chasing Chavez from the National Assembly hallways where he should have never been to begin with. So the alleged Bolivar insult is used as an excuse to justify the defense of 17 years of ideologizing Chavez demi-god status.

Observe the actual camera focus at 40'' on the red foulard with the 4F which is the apology of the failed coup of 1992. Right there this is unconstitutional, illegal, traitorous and what next. Objectively there is no need to listen to the rest of the Padrino crap, but we must.

1:09 Padrino places Cilia flores above all the other representatives of chavismo. Some pigs are more equal than others.

2:03 Observe the panoramic of a fat military. Priceless.

2:35 The idiot taking pictures behind Padrino in what is supposed to be a most solemn occasion. They really cannot behave. Ever.

3:09 According to Padrino the whole fatherland has been "ultrajada" insulted, violated, etc... So he is the avenger.

3:30 He insists on Bolivar being the one offended. Go and see the Ramos Allup video again and tell me about that.

3:50 We finally get to Chavez "hijo insigne de bolivar y de la patria también" notable child of Bolivar and of the fatherland too. Note the order.........

Follows an amalgam as to Ramos Allup "ultraje" to the armed forces. Sure, the idol was toppled! Including biblical references of Jesus saying that you do not fight Satan with Satan. And suddenly at 6:30 Padrino approves of this, that they will not fight Satan with Satan.

7:45 close up of the fake Bolivar as he is cited that good manners make good laws. Really? Under Chavez?

Follows a dissertation about the preservation of Venezuelan history. never mind that Chavez rewrote it.

9:09 Freeze there and notice that the 3 army stars and the title of the communique Padrino then reads. You can see the title there.  By then you notice that the event has been very carefully planned.

Follows a series of banalities noting that Maduro is the embodiment of the state so he was also offended.

11;00 Padrino starts justifying the invented Bolivar of Chavez, starting that this image has been accepted by all (not by me anyway, but I do not want to make this post about me).

Follows more bullshit about how Venezuela became bolivarian.

11:35 Anti capitalist jab.

14:15 In defense of Misiones.

14:44 "Bolivar y Chavez", the amalgam is now complete. They cannot be separated and are both the embodiment of the fatherland. There you go!

15:33 The attempt at amalgam of Maduro to Chavez and Bolivar starts.

15:58 Padrino ratifies the army unconditional support to Maduro. Really? How often will that support need to be ratified? One wonders.......

16:59 "conciencia supraracional", supra rational conscience? What the f...? Is this the intellectual excuse for a coup?

And then, surprisingly, Padrino finishes this totalitarian speech with an olive branch of sort stating that all have Venezuelan best interests at heart and that such scenes should be avoided so as not to foster further divisions.  I, for one, read into this that Padrino has not read the speech he truly wanted to read. As to what that speech would be, I'd rather not speculate.

I do not know what this all means. However there are a few things that I can advance without fear of beeing too far from the mark.

First, for the armed forces living in inbred chavista and Cuban propaganda the idea that some people actually did not like Chavez at all is a surprise. For some reason they have equated a heavy imposed silence on us as a tacit acceptation of Chavez grandeur. It is not, and they are in shock.

Second, the actions of Ramos Allup have hit at the center of chavismo core beliefs, all that was used to justify years of looting and human rights violations in the name of a higher cause. That mental idol has also taken a hit.

Third, the regime suddenly realizes that the opposition means business and that a confrontation of powers is not a sure success for the regime. A rule in warfare is that you need to know your enemy. Watching the reaction of chavismo it seems that the opposition knows its enemy plexus much better than expected.

Still, Ramos Allup wishes he would have had it as easy as Leo the Isaurian.


  1. I watched an interview tonight of Jaime Bailly with JJ Rendon who said that the Chavista govern by magic. They get people to focus on a hand while doing the trick with the other. In this case, they get outraged or claim to while sweeping under the rug the number one problem; how will they feed the people in 6 months. I suspect Venezuela will not need the new NA to unseat the current moron. Pitchforks will do.

    Also while looking at the reconstitution, I cannot render exactly the French expression: une gueule patibulaire.

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I am a Venezuelan who was raised in U.S. and I see these events through that lens. Being offended at things is becoming somewhat of a high art in the U.S. lately, and I see the same behavior on display here in Padrino Lopez's speech. It's what we call "Outrage porn".

    This umbrage is nothing more than a means to shut down dissent and give a convenient excuse to not take the national assembly seriously. So let them give their puffy speech. Best thing Henry Ramos Allup can do is ignore it, maybe return pretty lip service to Padrino Lopez's words about raising decorum, but still keep the kitsch away from the people's hall and get down to business.

    And let's face it. Patriot or no, that low rent Madam Tussaud bust of Bolivar was tacky as hell.

  3. I think Ramos Allup overstepped. A better option was to have the Assembly discuss the building appearance, explain that party symbols were not helpful when the nation needs to unite to fight crime, poverty, etc, and then vote to have the material removed carefully. I would have kept Bolivar Chavez style and commissioned a new portrait.

    It seems to me Ramos Allup is a bit manic, simply goes beyond where he needs to go. The Unity faction has other, more measured and diplomatic, deputies, and they need to have a talk with the guy. He's going to cause a lot of damage with this bullshit attitude of his.

    1. Allup had good reason to remove images of Chavez and the bastardized version of Bolivar. Venezuela has separate branches of government, if images of other Presidents are absent in the Assembly, why have an image of Chavez. He also is justified in putting the original image of Bolivar in the Assembly.

  4. Indoctrination to the tenants of the revolution is a vital element of Chavismo so the utopian fantasy shines brighter than the stark disaster in its wake!

  5. Saw a great quote today from Diosdado, in Yahoo news ( "You need balls to carry out a coup d'etat. We'll see if they have any."

    I see 4F was highlighted in the video, but I think Diosdado may have forgotten it for the moment. "Coup" probably isn't the thing he wants to assert, given who couldn't carry one out on 4F. You need balls, after all.

  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Daniel - a great entry, and thank you for taking the time to highlight parts of the speech.

    I thought this gem was also worth pointing out:

    15:34 "....[Maduro}.... elegido por el voto popular.... hoy lidera acertadamente la consecución de los mas elevados intereses del país." (Maduro... elected by popular vote... today leads effectively the achievement of the highest interest of the country)

    We all certainly know by now the story of the "popular vote" and what/whose those interests are...

    1. I wondered about putting that one. But it was getting long as it was. And on a different topic.

  7. It seems the regimes played the last card it needs to. With the swearing in of the 3 barred assembly members they have gone to the supreme court to make any decisions that come out of the assembly null and void. Which the supreme court will do. Then they will charge the assembly head for breaking their version of the constitution. So as far as I can see from this point on it is up to the people to revolt to the point the military will fight for them and not the paid thugs the regime will sick on them.

    1. + 1, Y Dios Los Bendiga VZLA y el Pueblo while they fight for their freedom...

  8. I am in total agreement that the profanation of national symbols all goes in the other direction against chavismo and is pretty much crowned by their exhumation of the Libertador from his tomb. Rumors abound as to the "real" motives for that profanation centering on the rituals of certain Babalaos to "transfer" the mystical powers of Bolivar to Chavez.

    But the simplest explanation for the desagravio would appear to be getting Padrino to swear allegiance to Maduro/Chavez and force an oath on every other member of the FAN in the same direction. Question is whether this will backfire on those who see this as a blatant attempt to traffic in the memory of Chavez beyond the pale of rationality. I heard Maduro call Chavez both "eternal and infinite" and equal to Christ and Bolivar. I also heard Padrino say that taking down Chavez's image was worth fighting against "to the last soldier of the FAN."

    If one has to take any of this at face value all of it is massively offensive to the Constitution and reality which I suppose is par for the course. Another gem from the Commander in Chief: "I have not doubt that if the fascists were in power they would liquidate the army and invite the US to take over."

  9. Boludo Tejano1:07 AM

    Seems to me that Padrino Lopez has taken a step back from what he allegedly did the night of the elections, where he was supposed to have informed Maduro & Co. that the Armed Forces would not tolerate any violence or the like against the results of the election. December 5: neutral arbitrator for the nation. January 7: Chavista cheerleader.

    I wonder if he got a little talking-to. "The Cubans are watching your family." Or "plomo o plata." Maybe he has taken some drug money and can thus be blackmailed into submission.

  10. It seemed weird to me to see the civilian government including Maduro standing in perfect formation while Padrino spoke. I mean, the image is that of the speaker being in command and the rest as the subordinates. I wonder if it is sign of things to come ...

    Anyway, I also see this as free publicity for HRA and the new AN. Those that were not aware of HRA antics are going to check it out for sure. And they will get to decide if the response isn't a little bit cuckoo!

    I mean a full military response (a parade no less) for some pictures!
    Who are they trying to scare?

  11. Uneducated, rather unintelligent people need "heroes" all their adult lives. People also seen to need all sorts of idols, false prophets, numerous man-made deities of multiple sorts. They need supposed Virgins, false military icons, stupid politicians on a pedestal.. They fear false invented "satanas", or praise false Buddhas, make up different Mohameds, praise Reagans or venerate Charles de Gaules..

    Simon Bolivar was nothing but a flawed, mere mortal. Somewhat remarkable, sure, but nothing to fall on one's knees about. The dude was ugly. He was a mayor Sifrino, Boli-Burgues, as Pelucon as they get, born into a millionaire, ruthless family with slaves and top privileges. Quickly dispatched and destroyed his enemies, applied barbaric, bloody strategies to get his way.

    Exactly what Chavismo is supposed to stand against, un Capitalista Burgues, Sifrinismo y millonario. That was Bolivar. But of course, "el pueblo" has no clue about Real History, or anything else.

    "El Comandante Supremo Chavez'? Una RATA. Under-educated, a Liar, a Thief, a monster, horrible, totalitarian ruler, egomaniac, narcissist, a piece of Dirt. But "el pueblo" in their grandiose Ignorance, still love such a low-life scoundrel, admire him, venerate him, almost pray to the despicable dude.

    Ignorance knows no limits..


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