Thursday, January 21, 2016

Where to start?

The economic emergency decree?

As readers already know this decree is a fraud and cannot be accepted as presented. The Assembly knows it is a vulgar trap to try to put the blame of the crisis on the opposition (which will not work chavismo is misreading the whole thing badly). So the opposition will examine the decree, and will reject it based on some of its glaring lacks suggesting politely that the regime reviews it.

Then we will see what happens. The only good thing that may come from this confrontation is that it may be a fake one used while the real negotiations take place behind closed door.

Presidential commission to solve the crisis?

Yesterday Maduro summoned hundreds of people to an act at the Teresa Carreño, once upon a time the show room of Chavez. Now Maduro need to summon people to fill it up. This being said the top of the private sector still alive was requested to attend, and came. As if they had another option. And out of the proceeding Maduro named a few commissions where an occasional objective person was sit. These commissions are supposed to draft the measures around 9 motors of the economy to get us out of the crisis,.

Nobody explained where the dollars would come from.

I am not holding my breath.

Is Merentes an oriental sheikh?

The scandal defraying tabloids is that Merentes beach home has been robbed. He was alleviated for 300.000 USD, about 50.000 euros and a few expensive watches. Nothing more. The robbers need not break in, they had the keys and wore masks as they had been told about surveillance cameras,  The first question is of course: what the fuck is the president of the Central Bank of Venezuela doing with 300.000 USD in his beach appartement?  Does he not know of a safe bank where to deposit that?

But it gets better: Merentes is not pressing charges, Records are diligently erased and what we know comes from press investigations who get the police sorces to speak, Apparently Merentes is a patron of his hometown of Naiguata. Many surgeries, home fixing, pot holing come through his intercession. The medical part is more interesting as it seems that several of surgeries were not of a nature to save a life threatening condition.  Young girls under age got significant "enhancements" and became mistresses of Merentes for a short while. I suppose until the next one was fully healed.  It is possible that the silence, perhaps even accomplice, of the parents was bought.

And Merentes would have been robbed several times but this time it was a little bit too much and he could not hide it as well. One of the girl, probably a favorite lasting more than the usual even got a set of the keys for convenience so she could get ready for action as soon as Merentes arrived from Caracas.

The question here is which is the worst criminal offense: pedophilia or smuggling illegal amounts of foreign currency that he helped himself out from the Central Bank reserves. In Venezuela morality and ethics are distorted.

Torture of women?

IF all of this was not bad enough get ready for the worst. In her latest visit to Leopoldo Lopez in jail his wife, Lilian Tintori, and Lopez's mother were sent to a different room where they were forced to get naked in front of their kids. Lilian was on the rag and she had to take it off and show to a guard. The director of the center a little while later published an evangelical psalm. He is a christian, you know.

It is to be noted that such a physical abuse made with an excruciatingly lengthy care by female guards (it is my own personal experience that female military are in general way worse than the male ones) is designed to also create psychological damage and it is hence a form of torture.

And that is exactly what happened, OAS secretary Almagro condemned what was done to Lilian Tintori. Though if you read a pro chavismo canard like Panorma, they do cite the tweet of Almagro but in the title you read "reproach", not condemn. Note: Almagro is not the lone international voice criticizing. Only the regime seems to ignore the gravitas that Lilian Tintori has gained.


The regime is going to keep its show and dance until the end, and at any chance it will play dirty. There are already fake videos presented by Cabello trying to exculpate the commandeer of Ramo Verde where Lopez is jailed.

There are certain red lines that the regime simply cannot accept to yield on: an amnesty law; punishing an abusive military; impunity for high officials is a must; the economic crisis is going to be solved by us and no one else, even if we created it which everyone of course knows they cannot solve anything anymore; the USD are ours to do as we please.

Now, tell me, where do we start dialogue there?

The tweet from another president supporter to Tintori: Laura Chinchilla


  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Two men are waiting in a food queue and one of them finally snaps. “That’s it,” he announces, “I’m sick of lines, and I’m off to shoot Nicolás Maduro.” With that, he storms off, only to return an hour later, and jostle back into his former spot. “Well, did you do it?” asks his companion. “I couldn’t,” the man says. “The line to kill Maduro was even longer than this one.”

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Very old Soviet Union joke. Well recycled. :-)

  2. roberto carlos11:57 AM

    About the Merentes story, based on your report there is no evidence at all it is all rumors or gossip to discredit the guy as if he needed any more discrediting. Why publish?

    Question, what is 'pot holing' is that a gay activity Merentes is engaging in?

    1. The Merentes thing has "defrayé la chronique". That all investigation was stopped and no charges posted is, well, probing.

    2. Charly5:18 PM

      As the Frenchmen say: "Ah le demon de midi" (Noon's devil to describe the condition that affects a lecherous an older dude drooling about young chicks)

    3. Anonymous8:35 PM

      If your vulgar comment about pot holes was meant to hurt Daniel in any way you failed miserably. I'm sure he has heard grotesque comments from sub humans like yourself before and he will hear grotesque comments from sub humans like yourself in the future.

    4. Roberto Carlos12:35 AM

      Anon sorry to have offended your super virtuous sensitivity.
      barebacking, tea bagging, pot holing, it fits right in. If it isn't one, it should be.

    5. RC
      You are an idiot.

  3. "As readers already know this decree is a fraud and cannot be accepted as presented. The Assembly knows it is a vulgar trap to try to put the blame of the crisis on the opposition (which will not work chavismo is misreading the whole thing badly)".

    I don't think the MUD is gearing up properly to defend itself against the barrage of countless assaults from the Criminal Regime. Of course this bogus decree is just the start of a massive campaign to blame abolutely everything on the MUD, "the burguesitos capitalistas that don't let the gobielno chavistoide rule and fix the economy.."

    And millions will buy it, or at least play along, same as with the "imperialismo" and "guerra economica". Millions. There are still over 6 Million enchufados Maduristas, and over 60% if not 70% of the ignorant populace is still Chavista. They Adore and worship Chavez. And "socialismo". That's like 20 Million "bravo pueblo" people. As the economy continues to get worse, much worse, people will start blaming the MUD, for what 17 years of Chavismo Thuggery created.

    Want proof? The "pueblo" is Wise enough, Educated enough to blame only Maduro, and not Chavez for Venezuela's Debacle. They have very short memories, they forgot about the 12 years Chavez was in absolute control, when the disaster was created. That's how "wise" and "smart" they are.

    The MUD should be hammering on the fact that Chavez and Chavismo are to blame for everything, and that this little "emergency decree" in nothing but another Enormous Lie, to deceive Millions of ignorant people. And to some extent, the Lie will work. Just watch.

    1. I agree, the regime has a choice real soon of either cutting all social programs or defaulting on their debt. They will use the assembly as their excuse to cut all social programs. The new economic minister is just a show to act like increased social programs are what the regime wants when really they know they have no choice but to slash social programs. If I am the assembly I would double down publicly for the need to increase social programs given the grave situation and let this gov't get pitch forked out of town after all social programs clearly fail (not that they really haven't already).
      The assembly should put a motion forward to triple wages, lower taxes, give higher travel benefits etc, if asked how to pay for them say take it from the rich ie Chavez daughters 34 BILLION and all the other newly massive rich Chavistas.

  4. "Now, tell me, where do we start dialogue there?"

    The "dialogue" has already started. With none other than Aristobulo and Henry Derwick Allup in charge. Another Classic Kleptozuelan political Bromance is brewing.

    Sooner than we think, the corrupt 50 Chavista deputies will be having cafecitos and then whikicitos with the highly Corruptible 109 Muddy deputies. Or do we forget about Venezuelan political history, including the 40 years of putrid ad/copey Asambleas?

    You can bet your house or the kids' college fund that the Bribes are in th air. Favors, Trades, promises, compromises, extorsions, and straight-out Cash allowances. Have you seen the faces or education of some of the new Muddy deputies? Many, not all, will jump at the first $Million they've seen in their lives. That's for sure. Under the cordial watch of Aristobulo, Henry, Cabello, Cilia, Merentes, Ramirez, the corrupt military and the beautiful TSJ.. PDVSA and Drug money will be generously re-distributed in the new Asamblea. Nothing new in Vzla. After all, they will all still enjoy 95% impunity for years to come.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. (outside of subject you reported by Daniel in this post - question of the ignorant)
    Hi All,
    Venezuela is not a country of interest for typical Polish person; for me it became such only because of my (ex) partner: as the situation was getting worse and worse it became my duty to 'organize' some Rx medication for his mother...
    I have a question/problem I would like somebody to explain to me:
    communication with people seems to be one of the major problems for the National Assembly. Venezuela, very much like Poland of my youth, seems to have a very powerful method of reaching everyone: cadenas (there was NO WAY for you to avoid listening to the speech of the First Secretary of the Communist Party or watching 1st May manifestations...). Why NA is not trying to use cadenas to _their_ advantage obliging state radio and TV stations to broadcast programmes prepared by the 'communication commission of the NA' or the like on, say, weekly basis? communication is very important, especially if you expect things to get much worse before these get any better. I saw that in action during the days of transformation in Poland when Jacek Kuron, a minister of Social Policy, was a compassionate face and spokesperson of the government to the people explaining in simple terms what was happening, why was it happening and what the gov was trying to do to help those in greatest need... It was _really_ important as people did not understand what was happening; it was a change nobody was prepared for; we used to live in 'communist' country and people were lost facing the challenges of life in 'new' Poland that was so much different... The NA (or the oppo- you choose) needs to talk to the people, and if it is legally possible to hijack the tool that so far was in exclusive service of the government, why not ? Can not NA, at least until there is some specialized radio- or tv- station reporting the work of NA, vote themselves into cadenas ? is it really impossible ?

  7. Eduardo3:06 PM

    Well, Ramos Allup has said that the economic decree can't be accepted:,ba8fb94d36dd6a07755b0d564a5c73b2moioxm9e.html

    1. Great news for Chavismo. They will blame the MUD for El Nino, La Nina, the price of tea in China, traffic jams in Guatire, banana shortages in Barlovento, tornadoes in Florida, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, the price of Gold, and crime in Honduras.

    2. IslandCanuck7:38 PM

      "Nicolás Maduro: Lamento que la AN le haya dado la espalda al país"

      I'm sorry that the AN has turned their back on the country.

      Yeah, right!


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