Thursday, September 01, 2016

1S coverage by VN&V

Since last night post things got worse. A bevy of journalists have been barred from entry in or outright expelled from the country (useless unless they also expelled those that are already installed as fixed correspondents). Human Rights organizations count already 37 arbitrary arrests in the last 48 hours. Access to Caracas is nearly blocked. Threats from the regime have reached a new high pitch. Etc.

Still, I think that this is absolutely counterproductive and for anyone that will stay home scared, a newly pissed off one will decide to hit the streets tomorrow.

I, for one in a million, I hope for, will be there. But the sector where I am supposed to stand in the "taking of Caracas" is not the most glamour one, nor scenic. The objective of the event is to have a sea of people stand in the three main road axis of Caracas besides the main one, the central autopista. Mine from El Cafetal is the Rio de Janeiro avenue that follows the right bank of the Güaire river. Next to the smell of the open sewer that Chavez promised years ago to clean up so he could take a swim with Evo.

I supposed that one advantage will a be less crowded network usage so I may be able to post things real time on Twitter and Instagram.  In normal marches rallies closer to downtown some times you cannot even send a text! You have on the right side of this blog the links to both. Keep in mind that I am the last one of the historical bloggers still reporting from Venezuela in English. And who knows for how long...

Also if you have something to share send it to me. If I can download it and put it up I will. Or at night tomorrow.

That is all for tonight, going to bed hoping to forget for a few hours all the crazy going on,  including dangerous remarks by Maduro, remarks that by themselves would get him a spot on one the The Hague benches. It is that crazy for these creeps...

See you tomorrow starting sometime after 9 AM , maybe, depending on how the country wakes up.


  1. You are 100% controlled by Castro (cuba) and unless your countrymen are prepared to fight a bloody battle there is no hope.

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      ...and then put a ruthless man a la Pinochet in charge who will house to house "eliminate" any foci of Chavismo thugery, or you will find yourself right where you started and in less than a year. They have tasted blood and the good live and will forever figh to get it back.

  2. It's amazing that what the criminal regime cares about now is the media. No journalists, no drones, no planes, soon even El Nacional could be shut down.

    My take is they figure today's protests will go away, if not many people are watching. And will soon be forgotten.. It would limit the people on protests, since only those with internet would have a clue as to what/when/where is going on. Plus it would limit international condemnation. Plus they could get away with frivolous arrests, and even violence.

    Guess they forget about cell phone cameras, cell videos, and the internet. Unless the Chavistoide Criminal Thugs expect to confiscate every cell phone they see today.

    Hopefully lots of people will come out today. The corrupt guardia nazional, the corrupt police, the bribed and corrupt military, cannot handle thousands of people in the same streets. But there will be some violence, cruelty, arrests, repression. Because when a beast is cornered, it reacts aggressively. And all of those thugs, the Chavistas, the corrupt police and guardia and military know the face jail. It ain't gonna be pretty, I'm afraid.

  3. What a waste of time....advertise your intentions to a Cuban controlled Regime..wheres the surprise?...they are far more prepared "and its showing" than the opposition..every door,every lock,every key..milterized militia..well armed and determined national guard ..nothing changes without surprise....let them chant and walk..bla bla bla....sad their so unorganized

  4. Maybe this is the day Venezuelans have been waiting for. Which way it will go, only time will tell. God bless you all.

  5. A protest is great in theory but will accomplish littke unless is an all out revolt.
    The regime is looking forward to it to demonstrate to its business interests that no democracy exists that it is in full control and going no where. Cuba has beat Venezuela and now owns it. Will be tough to ever return back to its potential.


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