Friday, December 02, 2016

Dialogue ante-mortem

I am going to comment a short note by Carlos Ocariz, the mayor of Eastern Caracas, a masterpiece of political conciseness. This will explain perfectly why there is no hope that a dialogue can ever happen between the regime and anyone else.

Translation, step by step, with my comments.

To the Vatican, mediators and the people of Venezuela.

Note: it is not even directed to the regime. Only the parts that have a certain level of seriousness, or for whom a lot is at stake. As is implied in the rest of the message, the MUD at this point does not care anymore about what the regime has to say on those matters, it has become a waste of time to listen.

We ratify the coherence and dedication to the [good] fight considering the MUD communique

There is no need to read the detailed communique of the opposition umbrella group, MUD. This note is eloquent enough as you'll see. Ocariz states unambiguously that this is a fight, and henceforth the dialogue was an attempt at a truce. But the causes of the good fight are still present. He also implies that the ways of his own people, the Primero Justicia party, are their own but that they share the common core and goals with the other players of the MUD. In short, we are united no matter what people may have speculated. And our union is way stronger than what anyone may think, in particular the regime.

It is inhumane that the government, in front of the crisis it created and we all Venezuelan suffer [the consequences], does not fulfill its engagements. The Vatican and the mediators bear witness of our dedicated efforts.

The Vatican and the said mediators are pushed against the wall. Let's see if they dare to say that the opposition did not do its best, that it should do more. And were they to attempt to say such thing, a further crass moves to favor the regime blaming the opposition, they better be ready to show the evidence. That is: the credibility of the Vatican and the mediators is what is at stake now. The Vatican and its Pope, mind you!

Also it bears underlining that if the opposition accuses the regime of the crisis, what cannot be argued is that ALL Venezuelans are suffering its consequences. For this reason alone the regime should try harder than what it does. If it ever tried, for that matter.

The internal divisions between government groups blocks them from honoring their word, and Venezuelans cannot be subjected of the contradictions/vagaries within the government/regime [exact word to translate not available].

What we all knew, the problem is within chavismo. What the opposition points out is to the direct problem of chavismo, that one group, led by Diosdado Cabello, wants no negotiation, no compromise, whatsoever. There may or may not be more than two groups of power within chavismo, but the one that is blocking any solution, that is aggravating the crisis, is the group of Diosdado Cabello who knows that their final destiny is jail because of their involvement in drug trafficking. And that crime, my friends, cannot go through any form of international amnesty. There is nothing the opposition can do about that.

What Ocariz says here is that any political outcome needs to go through an internal chavismo resolution, if it has a chance to become a relatively peaceful national settlement. Because if the Cabello groups takes over the only possible outcome is violence. They are the ones to find a solution for the Cabello problem, even an amnesty of which te regime should assume full responsibility in case some judge later decides against.

To the mediators and the Vatican if the government does not fulfill its [last meeting] engagements, there will be no reunion on December 6.

Note the simplicity. The MUD is not standing up and leaving. It simply states that the regime made commitments that were to be fulfilled by December 6, commitments made of its own volition. There is no point in discussing further commitments, or evaluating those made before, if the regime does not do what it promised to do [release of more political prisoners, recognition of the National Assembly constitutional role at least for the objectives set then, such as the election of a new Electoral Board]. As soon as the regime does its self accorded part, the opposition will return to the discussion table.

In other words, still without addressing the regime by name, the opposition advises the mediators and the Vatican not to waste their time, the time of all of them, MUD included. The mediators either show that they have what it takes, or get out of town.

Gettysburg address this ain't, but in Venezuelan political lingo it is as close as it will ever get. I, for one, am impressed by this short note from Ocariz.


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  2. I'll never understand why the Vatican, one of the Most Corrupt little countries in the world, would be involved in Venezuela, or anywhere else. What can they do? Nothing, of course, as always. They hide behind bogus religion to do nothing. They probably get nice bribes, though, because those priests love the good life.."in the name of Jesus" cuanto hay pa' eso?

  3. Now why do corrupt, infamous regimes like Venezuela even talk to the Corrupt Vatican Religious dumb crooks? Because it looks good, since the average people tend to think that Church=Good. Which obviously is not the case.

    Heck what's a crazy pope gonna to fix Venezuela's deep problems? Boost the economy, stop crime? Heck, not even the mighty USA or Europe mess with that..The Pope.. and religious clowns, they can't even take care of their own office, the Vatican, as Corrupt as it gets..

  4. Last I checked, the Pope was hugging and embracing both Raul and Fidel Castro in Cuba.. He might as well go to North Korea, and pray for their future.. These "religious" people are simply useless clowns. They talk some "righteous" crap which never, ever, has gotten anything accomplished.

    They should just stay at home, clean up their own mess, and stop STEALING. Google it up: the Vatican and the Churches everywhere are as Corrupt as it gets. Almost as corrupt as Venezuela.They pray to God, pero eso si, con una vainita p'a los frescos..

  5. Sledge, the origin of organized religion was Monarchs who started organized religion so they could take lands away from the people and go to war or anything else that is inhumane, all in the name of religion. All your stating is times have never changed. They are the largest cult in the world. It just makes me laugh with all the deaths and suffering going on in Venezuela that the Vatican uses the logic that the opposition must attempts talked to avoid conflict leading to death. In no way would a revolt result in more suffering and deaths especially in children and the very innocent then the current state. Worse then that you can guarantee the Pope has offered Maduro forgiveness for his sins.

  6. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Daniel you and SO need to get out of there now! I would imagine you have a plan if things get too bad but often things move so much faster than you can imagine. Whatever is keeping you there, business, family or a responsibility is just not worth the risk.

  7. Yes, a good letter: short, clear and sweet.

    Re "[exact word to translate not available]" you could try 'officialdom', not 100% right but near enough.

  8. There are only three ways forward now. 1) Some type of active revolution and overthrow of the government. 2) Wait for the current government to fail while perhaps protesting. 3) Ask others to help.

    Different groups are trying 2 and 3. Personally, I doubt 2 or 3 will work anytime soon. I think the best and most direct way forward is some type of revolution. It need not even be violent if it is very well organized. For 3 to work, Venezuela needs strong clear eyed leadership from someone willing to put everything on the line.

    1. I believe you are right Daniel, but I also think that the MUD and Capriles are waiting too long to decided what actions are they going to plan.

  9. I don't believe that the Vatican should be involved in this problem. They are not living and suffering what Venezuelans are living. It's good they care, but I will never understand why Capriles and MUD don't take advantage of the spur of the moment...they wait and wait to decide actions. This is a Big mistake. The dialogue suspended until January is simply ridiculous. Hunger don't wait.


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