Thursday, March 30, 2017

What can the opposition do now?

As an appendix to the preceding blog entry this short post. Short because there is not much the opposition can do.

1) It needs to react strongly, and unified. On this respect, the opposition needs to break in two if necessary. The latest ruling by the TSJ is just too much. If Rosales or Falcon want to negotiate some shit, let them do it. It is time to take a stand on principles. After all, whether you take that stand will make no difference as to your destiny into exile of next cell to Leopoldo Lopez in a military prison. Thus if unity is not possible, so be it, take your chances.  We are now at the time where historical judgments are made.

2) Keep seating and making laws. It does not matter, the TSJ will even annul your bathroom break schedule if it needs to. But make points, vote outrageous populist laws if necessary.

3) But start with a debate on annulling the TSJ itself. Preparing thus the terrain for the application of article 350 which allows civil rebellion in front of institutions that violate the constitution. Timne to be strong.

4) Remind folks that it does not matter whether the TSJ approve a monetary deal. IF that one is not approved by the NA, the day the regime falls the state will be under no obligation to pay debts incurred by Maduro and the TSJ alone. If the regime accuses you of starving the country let them do it: people now know better.

5) Get ready to call for a constitutional assembly. Nothing else will work out, so might as well go straight for the biggy.

6) AND there is of course article 350 of the constituion station that allows and demand rebellion against a government that does not act democratically or legally. The problem is that you declare rebellion and the "right" side is in the eye of the beholder; thus start civil war. Though I suppose it could be invoked by the NA to suspend the TSJ......

That is about all what I can think of.


  1. They can invoke 350, declare the TSJ and Maduro are carrying out a coup de etat, and request that other nations prepare a list of regime leaders from Maduro down to Erik Malpica and David Cabello, who will not be given entry into participating nations, and will have all their assets frozen for aiding and abetting a gross violator of human rights and a thief who is stealing Venezuelan funds.

    1. I had forgotten 350! But it was 3 AM

    2. If they leave the OAS, will nations freeze any assets, deny entry to other countries, etc..? What will be the penalty for leaving the OAS?

    3. It is up to the different countries. The thing is that they will then be legally allowed to do sanctions.

  2. I'm sorry...but who didn't see this coming a year ago? from other countrys? chance.
    Why should anyone care?'s not even a problem for their neighbors...the best part will be when the Cuban flag Flys over the capital...and sell oil revenue goes through Havana..and the Venezuelans get their ration card for 20US a month.......this whole thing is going to plan...Besides Chavis take trash .now you have Russian..chinese...Arabs robbing you..and it's to late to join the revolution....while the coffers of Swiss..Russian..American .panamanian banks are full to capacity...they have the nerve to beg for help...good luck

  3. Guess we saw this coming since Maduro has been in bed with Cuba! I truly hope the Venezuelan people finally wake up and fight this government.

    I saw on YouTube the other day pregnant women are fleeing due to lack of medical help to have their babies. Very sad...

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    The opposition has NEVER been unified. Based on the larger than life egos involved, my advice to Venezolanos in Venezuela:
    1. Become a fan of Maduro. They will at least be employable and get to the front of the line
    2. Find any friend in Doral or Weston and get ready to wash dishes in Miami
    3. get to Colombia and, in a twist of fate, be the 'Cachifa' for the same Paisa whos mother used to be a Cachifa in La Lagunita.


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