Friday, August 25, 2017

Luisa Ortega lavish life style

One dichotomy when you analyze the current regime of Venezuela is to decide if it is communist or fascist. In the grand scheme of things it does not matter much since they are both totalitarian in nature and end point. But the road chosen does have different collateral damage. I, for one, think that its narco-criminal nature makes it more of a fascist system that uses a populist/commie rhetoric to justify its means. But in the end, it is a smallish group of fascists strictly holding to their privileges.

Today we are going to comment the search at Luisa Ortega home. Please, let us know whether the lynching method is fascist, or communist.

For those late in the game, Luisa Ortega, Venezuela´s general prosecutor broke with chavismo, was removed illegally by the illegal constituent assembly and had to flee the country. Now she is in exile and finally releasing a lot of info on the regime corruption, notably the Odebrecht garden variety.

Her home had been searched once, they did not find anything damnable but they did arrest the housekeeper so as not to come back empty handed to headquarters.

Thus the video below as to the house search this week, totally unnecessary but designed to "shame" Ortega, to demonstrate that she is against the revolution and "el pueblo". A moral lynching in due form. All on state TV (where else?) by the innenarable Boris Castellano, now a lynching specialist.

A few choice moments of the above video

-Start: the woman has fled the country and yet there is a number of cops at her apartment building as if there were many terrorist in hiding. And sure enough there is already state TV reporting on the spot. A coincidence, of course.

-0:13 You noticed the masked cops, as if, again, we were under a major operation when a 3-4 specialists would have been more than enough. Note the urgency of the action: they waited for the elevator!!!!!

-0:23 The journalist, as the creep he is, notes the two security locks "this time work was not as easy" forgetting that there was already a first search....  And then he adds "when we entered in we learned why so much security". Of course, the creep forgets to mention that whomever can barely afford it has two security locks in their apartment...... If anything to sleep tight.

-0:35 "the marble floor witness of the life of luxury and excesses of the general prosecutor". But I note myself that the apartment is rather sober in its furniture and decoration, a typical upper middle class, but middle class still, and in accordance to her status as one of the most important, and best paid, public servants per her fonction.

-0:40 The brand names she uses which are perhaps even needed for her image in certain functions. He notes that she left these behind after her shameful escape....  Yeah, right.....

-0:53 My favorite"a selection of foreign drinks of high cost", becasue wine is not incriminating enough. But of course, it is important to underline that it is foreign, to imply that she was working for foreign agents. There is even a bottle in a case of her name that we later learned had been given to Ortega by Padrino, the defense minister!!!!  Probably part of the end of year traditional presents in Venezuelan business. I will note that I am a nobody but a French origin nobody and thus made the sacrifice to get my own cellar. As such Ortega's cellar is not much better than mine....

-1:20 after describing art work "very expensive" the creep stresses that these may have been acquired through the corruption network of Ortega. There you have it, declared guilty on the spot. Except that we learned later that these works were probably coming from Museum gift shops......  Note the stress on a Warhol serigraphy becasue, well, he is american, you know.

-1:25 her kitchen is nothing to write about, and her cups are not any nicer than the ones I have for my personal use when I drink my tea pot alone in my meditations moment.

- The rest talks of a strange collection (of 2?) of her portraits. First, there were probably gifts. Second, they do not seem to be placed on privileged positions across the apartment....  So gifts that she could not throw away.....

I live to write about these moments, those that illustrate what a morally corrupt, cruel creature this regime has become.


  1. Boludo Tejano10:25 PM

    Régimen hace un esfuerzo frenético x desacreditar a Luisa Ortega, ahora mostrando sus lujos, Y si visitamos a Diosdado o a Pedro Carreño?

    We have a partial answer for Pedro Carreño. ¿Socialista? Pedro Carreño lleva corbata Louis Vuitton, no sabe que responder, y queda en ridículo. Right after telling us that Socialism- not Capitalism- provides us the only route to justice, Pedro Carreño doesn't know how to answer a question about his Louis Vuitton tie, and looks ridiculous.

  2. Well if the Ortega Beaaatccch isn't beyond retarded, she keeps her stolen millions where most Chavistas as herself do: hidden overseas, under friends/family's obscure names, or else.

    Her somewhat fancy apartment doesn't say anything about the criminal wench. 10 years serving the Chavistoide genocidal narco-regime does. 10 years as a powerful accomplice of a bunch of Mega-Thieves describes her best. Sending Leopoldo Lopez and many others to years of jail and torture tell you all you need to know about the despicable, ship-jumping, ugly Rat. For the countless deaths and immeasurable suffering of innocent people, she deserves no less than life in jail, no parole. 23 hrs per day stuck in a filthy cell at Ramo Verde, with Delcy la Fea, Iris Varela la Asquerosa and.. Tibi Beaaatch. Las 4 ratas immundas presas. Junticas. Y que les den peor comida y tratamiento que a los presos politicos o al pueblo. C'est le moins qu'elle merite cette salope.

  3. "Communist/Fascist/Narco-Criminal"? Ortega and all prominent Chabestias, along with Millions of pueblo-people, leeches and enchufado$ formed a peculiar disaster that should be called CCNK : Criminal Cubazuelan Narco-Kleptocracy. Kleptocracy is by far the most accurate term, some sort of tropical, authoritarian thievery petro-narco regime disguised as a 'democrasia populal pal' pueblo y la patria bolibanana de Bolival' They are many things, but above all, they're just Mega-Thieves: Vulgar Kleptomaniacs, Ladrones. Disguised as "chavistas" " 'sosialisjtaj' or "rebolusionarioj'de la patria.. En reality Capitalists hasta la medula, they just love money, power and fame.. above all $$$. Let's forget already about any intelectual "ideologies' or various misleading adjectives and tags.. Ladrones Criollos. Puro Guiso. Vulgar Cleptocracia, maj' na'.

  4. Thank you for the optics ... and the smile, Don Nadié.

  5. Anonymous7:29 PM

    The "expensive" personalized foreign wine in the fancy box is from Mendoza, Argentina, and is available for about $9 (about 150000Bs, which sounds like a lot). The box is probably more valuable than the wine.


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