Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Live! The implosion of the opposition alliance

Well, that was faster than expected.

So the day started with the sworn AD governors at a press conference.  They said it had to be cut short becasue they had to take a plane. But lo' and behold!  The woman went to TV for some interview (I think) and the 3 guys went to Miraflores Palace to have a nice and pleasant chat with Maduro, and the real power behind the throne, Cilia Flores.

While this was taking place Ramos Allup was preparing his press conference. A monument of cynicism and lies or a vile attempt at justifying something that cannot be justified.  There he said that the 4 governors "self-excluded" themselves from AD (saving Ramos from "excluding" them himself?)  He spoke like a chavista, claiming it was all a conspiracy against him and his party AD. 

Somewhere else the 5th governor who refused to go to the illegal constitutional assembly, Guanipa, said that Ramos called him to convince him to go to the swear him. Ramos denied that.  There is a liar. I pick Ramos but what do I know....

And to close the morning Capriles went to his own press conference where he said all sorts of nasty things (replying to the nastiness of Ramos). More Importantly he announced that he was leaving the MUD alliance as long as Ramos was in it.  Note: he said that it was a personal decision, not involving his party PJ. Yeah, right....

[Some other background noises from assorted figures]

By then I had decided to quit for the day......


  1. And as the implosion of the MUD takes center stage the fraudulent election and concentration and emphasis on that falls onto page 10. The Gov't has succeeded in the distraction of the people from the election fraud and the actions of Lucena in that fraud. She should have been in the hot seat and center of attention and instead we are watching the implosion.

  2. The opposition risks becoming the Washington Generals of Venezuelan politics. A more serious comparison might the PAN of Mexico in the 20th century, winning a smattering of elections but being irrelevant except to give the ruling party the veneer of democratic opposition.

  3. Ok now the regime has the oppo governors it wanted to allow in power.

    What is the opinion of Daniel regarding the municipal elections? I bet participate again since you wanted to participate in the gubernatorial elections because at least the regime knows it's disliked.

  4. I don't mean to highjack your blog, but this is the link to the first news about VZ in months. Very graphic and sad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYsrVeojrk4

  5. Seems clear Ramos sold out. Is why he insisted on participating. The regime worked out that they would give him these wins in states that they didnt like their candidate and he then legitimizes the Assembly. He has likely been their inside guy for a long while letting the regime know every move the opposition was making The opposition should declare this and at minimum will destroy his party and any further damage it can do.

  6. Daniel, is anyone doing any journalistic work to discover the voting tendencies in the barrios? Seems this kind of work is not being done because journalists are too scared to do it? Just wondering...

  7. Why ddo i keep ready Allop sold out?..where were all these people when he was president of AN..walking the streets unmolested..alone......cobello never once threatning him.....i dont ever remeber even an insult ....he was always a chavista...blackmailed im sure....but chavista thru and thru......a true judas

  8. Tom in Oklahoma4:02 AM

    I know the topic is the implosion of the opposition but it seems there may be a good chance we may witness the implosion and financial collapse of the regime itself shortly. The world is watching with baited breath to see if the 985 million dollar payment will be made tomorrow which is backed by a 50.1 percent controlling interest in PDVSAs Citgo. There is no grace period for this payment. It must be made tomorrow(Friday) otherwise controlling interest is lost. Even more compelling is the 1.2 billion dollar bond payment due on November 2. There is no grace period allowed for this payment either. It will be very very interesting to see how this plays out in the coming days.

    1. Boludo Tejano6:02 PM

      So far, it appears that they are paying.Venezuela’s Pdvsa paying 2020 bonds due Friday- sources.
      CARACAS, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA has begun the process of making payments on the 2020 bonds due Friday, according to three sources familiar with the operation.

      So far. Then there are the payments due next year.

  9. I bet most of the bond owners are chavistas, so it needs to be paid. Anyone knows if my understanding is true?


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