Monday, December 25, 2017

2017 roundup: intro

It seems that this year I will have more time for myself than usual.

Starvation shopping done? Check!
S.O. sort of stable? Check!
Nowhere to go to spend time and money? Check!
No way I can be productive at work? Check!
Forced holiday until January 15? Check!
Lots of things to catch up at home? Check!

So we'll be catching up with the surrealist news of neo-totalitarian Venezuela.

In the next installments you will read all about a constitutional assembly that has been sitting for 5 months and has yet to write the first article of a new constitution.

You will be awed by a government that is unfazed by hyper inflation and increasing hunger and diseases problems.

You will be shown the myriad of self destructive ways the Venezuelan opposition has displayed.

You will be taught of a whole lot of new shades of meaning for the word dialogue.

And many more wondrous tales from the grave to be.


  1. But why would you want a "constitutional assembly" to write a new constitution? It would be of some help, written by chavistas... to what end? To prolong the misery, perhaps to add a line or two of new rights that cannot be supported or extended as the gov't is broke?
    Better still to hope that the chavistas ineptness will only only serve to pat each other on the back and say, "good job there people" while continuing to not do anything constructive. If at least all they did was go home and drink to their dead hero, at least they wouldn't be piling on the citizens.

    Better they simply party in the palace.

    1. The alleged constitutional assembly has supra co stotutional powers. Hence its main usage for chavismo, to overrule any limitation that they have under the current constitution.

    2. I'd thought they were simply re-writing the greatest constitution ever.
      If their power isn't limited by a constitution, it's a dictatorship by committee.

      As you're living this hell, I can't add anything to this argument.

    3. The Constitutional Assembly was a back stabbing plan where Maduro and his cronies superceeded all power from the other Chavista group by fixing the election such that his side had full power. Once in place they have gone a witch hunt against the part of Chavismo which was fighting it over the limited funds left available. Had nothing to do with the opposition or constitution as that was their excuse to make it happen. The opposing Chavismo's were promised their spot at the trough but unknowingly were canived from it.

  2. Hi Daniel, I just wonder if business close for so long, how people survive? Do you get paid the time off?
    Best regards and all the best

    1. "vacaciones colectivas" everybody is out on vacation. everybody gets paid their vacation leave. that simple.
      as soon as enough major supplier opt for that method other must follow since they cannot work without the major supplier.

  3. Boludo Tejano6:26 PM

    In the next installments you will read all about a constitutional assembly that has been sitting for 5 months and has yet to write the first article of a new constitution.

    Yup. I would like to hear from all the PSF from that time who were informing us about the need for the new Constitution. El Finado called the current Constitution "perfect." How can you improve on "perfection?"

    The lack of action on a new constitution isn't a surprise, though. From the beginning of the "perfect" Chavista-written Constitution of 1999, the stance of the Chavista government has been "We will do what we want, regardless of what the Chavista-written Constitution says." Given that de facto impunity, why did they need a Constitution that says, "Chavistas, you may do anything you want?"

    The Constituyente was merely a ruse to bypass the National Assembly, with its inconvenient two-thirds oppo majority. I recall reading at one time or another that when Allende would lose a union election, a new union would get established. Same old, same old.

    Then there is Brecht's poem about the 1953 failed uprising in East Germany
    After the uprising of June 17th
    The Secretary of the Authors' Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Which said that the people
    Had forfeited the government's confidence
    And could only win it back
    By redoubled labour. Wouldn't it
    Be simpler in that case if the government
    Dissolved the people and
    Elected another?

    Chavismo dissolved the National Assembly and "elected" another.

  4. The opposition should jump all over the Justice First soup kitchen idea and put them up everywhere using international assistance to provide the basic food and medicines needed. Yes Maduro will eventually do all he can to stop it calling them hoarders etc but this will be met with damnation by the poor. Plus the service will win the poor class over in the same was Chavez did in the beginning.


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