Thursday, January 18, 2018

The need to thread carefully around the Oscar Perez saga

I know I am not going to make friends with this entry but someone has to write it down.

First, what was done to Oscar Perez this week was an abomination, an execution worthy of what Stalin did (or Hitler for that matter but since Maduro claims to be from the left...).  The regime took no forms, could not care less that the whole neighborhood filmed the execution, and actually wanted it to happen as such, as a warning to ALL Venezuelans of what the regime is willing to do at this point.  And never mind that Oscar Perez was not the lone "ajusticiado" in that massacre.

Needless to point out that the whole world has noticed; well, the civilized one.  The consequences for the regime will be significant even though at this point I am believing that the regime has realized that its international cause is lost and they have decided to retrench for as many years as it take until eventually the world relents. After all, Obama did go to Cuba. Did he not? 

In short not only the regime does not care any more, but they may be actually relishing their road toward outright genocide.  Before Oscar Perez happened let me remind you that HIV folks, kidney problems folks, diabetics folks, miscellaneous terminal disease folks, are quietly left set to die.  Removal of the nuisibles, genocide beginnings like what Stalin did in his earlier days or Hitler before he opened his concentration camps. Nobody outside is ready to use the G word but then again until 2017 few were willing to use the D word. Now all agree that this is a dictatorship (except other dictatorships but that is par for the course).

This being said let's not rush in making Oscar Perez a saint.  True, I was not a believer in the beginning but even though it would be callous not to consider him some sort of freedom fighter now. Yet, it remains that there are too many holes and chiaroscuro in his saga.

It all started when Oscar Perez, part time actor, secret service/police holder, etc,  managed to get a chopper over Caracas, threw over the High Court building a grenade (all that and unable to get more than a grenade?) , managed to fly away and land over a convenient "conuco" in the mountain that allowed him to escape. This over the highest security zone of the country as no flights are allowed over Caracas. And yet not even an army chopper took off from La Carlota base to chase him...

Then he popped in an out at opposition events, and even claimed to be linked to some famous operations were undertaken by dashing warriors that caught inside a cab at a local police check point.

I am sorry but not all pieces match here.

Let me stress again that no matter what the true story of Oscar Perez will be in the end, what they did to him is unacceptable and worthy by itself to send Maduro to international courts.  For those late in the game Oscar Perez finally tracked down offered to surrender and yet was killed, probably at gun point to his head.  The regime is delaying the process enough that we can advance the most horrid suppositions of wrong doing.

One problem for example is how come the regime sent paramilitary forces when there were already hundreds of security personnel surrounding Oscar Perez hide out?  How come the leader of one of these paramilitary/colectivo Heiker Vasquez was killed instead of, say, the commanding officier?  How come our criminal (indicted on so many counts and yet freely roaming Caracas and doing state mafia business) got today close to a national funeral?  The picture here is for the head of a paramilitary colectivo receiving the honors of state security forces. I mean, W.T.F?

Criminal Paramilitary Heiker V gets an official honor guard and yet, in all probability,
the body of Oscar Perez will not be released to his family.
Observe the chubbiness of the pallbearers... I do not want to use cliches but...

Something is just too fishy here.  I am going to indulge in a little bit of conspiracy theory here. Forgive me, and please, do not ask me to elaborate more than what I will write.

Oscar Perez was sponsored from inside the regime by a group wanting to screw a rival group. It was an internal chavista strife that used the opposition exaltation of a few months ago to produce some military hero to add to the protest and violence.  By all means, it does not imply any guilt or complicity on Oscar, he could have been a true believer manipulated through and through.

But my point is that it is possible that the guys that sponsored Oscar Perez realized that the gig had gone too far and that Oscar could well uncover them. He had to be killed. Period.

Now, you can add to it as you please.  One thing that you cannot take away from it is that Oscar was trapped into a story that whether he created it, in the end he decided it was worth dying for.  That is more that can be said for a boatload of opposition leaders.


  1. I suspect Oscar Perez was part of a setup to incite a military or armed rebellion they were willing to suffocate. This is an old trick. Afterwards they put Perez with his guys in El Junquito, where by the way there's a group of FANB military and Cuban agents sent by Raul cooking up something. At some point in time they decided to "capture" Perez and his group, so they could confess being helped by a group of Chavistas (Cabello's Mafia?) and they sent in a group to get them out alive after a suitable shoot out. Then a different group, which heard what was going on, decided to send in their guys, the two had a confrontation, and in the end somebody (Maduro?) gave the order to blow up everybody. Perez and his guys, knowing the gig was up and they were about to get killed, sent a few messages, and became heroes. And whether they were fake or not it doesn't matter. In the end it was real, they were murdered, and Venezuela will eventually build them statues, as they should. That's my conspiracy theory.

    1. nice to see filling in the blanks....

  2. We'll never know, but if you watch the film exchanges between OP and the Chavista thug in charge, "Mayor Bastardo" (Major Bastard), there seemed to be some level of complicity and even friendship between rebels and Chavista "funcionarios". Heck, OP even asked them to join in and switch sides, saying things like "tu me conoces"..

    There's obviously a very fine line between these handful of rebels and where they came from.. Uneducated, highly corruptible, most of them thugs, malandros con armas, and the colectivos, more of the same. Son la misma M. OP was perhaps a bit more idealistic, with dreams of grandeur as a hero, an actor big shows, and probably believed in some honorable ideals. But those were all gators from the same muddy pond, babas del mismo charco.

  3. As an actor how do we know he was ever even really killed and is not on a beach in Cuba? The picture sent of his bloody face does not look like a man in pain and the wound isn't prevalent. Who knows, and lets not forget the words conspiracy theory was made up by those committing them. Logic always prevails.

    1. that too.
      but not being a fan of conspiracy theories i let readers elaborate.

  4. Charly12:05 AM

    My beef in this the article is about: "or Hitler for that matter but since Maduro claims to be from the left...". The old canard launched so successfully by the commies that now fascists are extreme right wing. Balloney! One should read the Path to Serfdom by Hayek. He set the record straight a long time ago. The commies and the fascists were not at each other's throat because they had antagonistic ideologies. They were just fighting to attract into their camp the same lot of idiots. Hitler himself in one of his public speeches claimed that the enemy of the people was the bourgeois. Doesn't that sound Bolivarian enough?

    1. Just the fact that they called themselves National Socialists shows that they were on the left. Then there's Goebbels:

      "Why Are We Socialists?

      "We are socialists because we see in socialism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our racial inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our German state.

      "Socialism is the doctrine of liberation for the working class. It promotes the rise of the fourth class and its incorporation in the political organism of our Fatherland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and regaining German freedom. Socialism, therefore, is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the German people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy. Socialism gains its true form only through a total fighting brotherhood with the forward-striving energies of a newly awakened nationalism."

      See? national socialism as opposed to Marx's international socialism. Which kind of socialism killed more people? Marx's version. So why don't we regard it with the disdain we view national socialism?

  5. Tom in Oklahoma5:31 AM

    @ D Wolfe....I can't help but think that the millions of people who were murdered by Hitler and Stalin made little or no distinction between the two types of "socialism" you have described.....

  6. One common evil of both Stalin and Hitler is identity politics. The individual is not worthy. It's the group what matters. From there to start killing people in the name of defending the collective is a very short step.

  7. Tom in Oklahoma5:39 AM

    We all know that Maduro will not hesitate to kill to suit his purposes whether it be through shooting, starvation, lack of medical care and medicine/medical suplies. I just hope and pray that as his desperation continues to increase he doesn't start lining up perceived "enemies of the state" in front of a wall to face firing squads as happened countless times Fidel's Cuba.

  8. Comparing a retarded clown with zero charisma like Maduro to Stalin, Hitler or Fidel is idiotic, for obvious reasons even Masburro would understand. Like comparing Churchill to freaking Padrino.

    Sure there are similarities between the totalitarian regimes in Russia, Germany, Cuba and many other countries. But KLeptozuela's peculiar blend of Tropical Authoritarian Klepto-Cuban dictatorship of the 21st century -- aka Chavismo -- stands out as a perro verde, a genocidal narco-regime disguised as 'socialist democracy', which in fact is nothing else but a vulgar Tropical Kleptocracy without a true outstanding, powerful, charismatic leader.

    Maduro is nothing, yet people blame everything on that poor stupid clown, a mere puppet of the Cubans, and a puppet of the Corrupt Military plus a couple dozen of multi-millionaire Chavista Thieves.

    Chavismo is by now an entire movement of under-educated, corrupt thuives and leeches, which includes many millions of average pueblo-people, complicit, participating in countless Guisos everywhere. So forget about that stupid clown named Maduro, the problem is much deeper than that, and he ain't even a freaking leader.

    1. Tom in Oklahoma6:51 PM

      @ are correct of course. There are no comparisons to be drawn between Stalin, Hitler and the hapless,clueless Maduro. He is much more of a common criminal who is in way over his head.I was simply expressing concern that his willingness to kill perceived enemies will be displayed more and more often as his regime and the country continue to sink into the abyss.

    2. Right. People tend to focus all their concerns on 1 man, the president, especially under-educated people in the 3rd world.
      Even in the USA, all they talk about now is Trump, when that retard isn't the one calling the shots, either, obviously. Congress, special interests etc, hundreds of powerful people call the shots here. It should be "The Trump Administration" did this, or failed to do that. Conversely, "The Chavista Kleptocracy" plus its millions of leeches destroyed Cubazuela, not Maduro.

    3. You guys are right that Maburro is a criminal but don't underestimate him. No doubt that Cuban help is indispensable to him. That doesn't change the fact that he's held on to power against all odds. Now, when it comes to the economy he doesn't know jack. This will be his downfall.

    4. Stalin murdered more people than Hitler could dream of. He just needed to hide his camps in Siberia.

    5. At least Stalin was perhaps the only true Communist. He lived an austere life, zero luxuries. The tyrant was an honest murderer, at least. Which is more than you can say about all other murderers who claimed to be "socialists" or "communists", including Marx, Fidel, etc. They loved the good life, capitalism and everything money could buy for them.

    6. Anonymous12:48 AM

      Very good post Sledge

  9. Tom in Oklahoma12:28 AM

    @ D Wolfe.....A Dios le pido....amen brother!

  10. Y de Maburro me despido

  11. When Hugo Chavez was elected Venezuela oil production capacity was above 3.6 million barrels of oil per day and depending on OPEC, Venezuela produced 3 to 3.5 million barrels of oil per day. Now, Venezuela oil production has dropped below 1.7 million barrels per day and is declining rapidly.

    Venezuela economy is also declining. More people need help. But with less oil to pay for help, social conditions must suffer even more until something changes.

  12. Anonymous4:29 PM

    The puppet character maduro serves is one of the distractor (for now) and the scapegoat (when the time is right!), meanwhile it allows the narrative to be deflected from chavez (another useful idiot), who is being kept "clean" of the current mess by the cubans.

    Chavez brand will come back with the daughters going back to " rescue" the revolution from the "mess Maduro made"...

    Good comment above about trump vs. the trump administration vs. the interests moving trump, in our #tropicalmierda (copyright CC), is more blatant how people just hold one man responsible, when in reality is a large group of cleptocrats, and corrupted citizenry...

    IMO only a strong nationalistic discourse, like MCM's with a focus on women and specially mothers, against abismal falling living conditions will do the trick. Forget idealist values like liberty and equality, only hunger, and disease, and personal safety concerns might mobilize the populus.



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