Saturday, February 10, 2018

Open letter to Marco Rubio

Dear Senator Rubio

I was directed to a string of tweets you posted earlier on today. They are below next.

First let me congratulate you from your constant attention to the Venezuelan situation and your efforts in helping the democratic people of Venezuela.  We all have to thank you for keeping the Venezuelan crisis in the front burner of United States priorities.  I say that knowing full well that this approval alone is enough to bring me trouble as I reside in Venezuela.

And this is why I write to you because something is doubly wrong with these tweets. Supporting these could actually get me into serious trouble, but for the wrong reasons. Let me explain.

You did not say anything that I have not said at some point in the blog. So, the trouble for me here would come from relaying your tweets, not from their content.  Even your quoting Bolivar appropriately is trouble for us as it underlines the corruption of his good name perpetrated by the chavista fraud.

The problem comes from putting your faith in the Venezuelan army.  Here, in Venezuela, we all know that there is not such a thing as a military solution. We all know, we have all suffered, we have all seen what the army has become under Chavez and Maduro: a corrupt and decrepit former institution. An institution, I should add, that was not in good shape when Chavez arrived in office.  What he did was to open progressively the doors to massive corruption inside. One by one the generals either went on to retirement or bit into the corruption cake, lavishly fattened by the decision of the Bush administration to let Chavez do as he pleased as long as he sent all the oil the US asked for during the Gulf War.  And oil price was high, so high these years!

It is hard to read, I know, but it is the to the bitter point summary. Neither Bush nor Obama paid the required attention to Venezuela and that is why we have a much worse crisis than what it could have been.

That is why I am dismayed to read that you are suggesting the military to intervene and boot Maduro out.  Are you that naive or is it part of a devilish plan you have concocted with your colleagues?  I would like to know.

Look at the Maduro administration: military everywhere. Between retired and active military you have a majority of governors and cabinet posts.

THIS IS ALREADY A MILITARY DICTATORSHIP. Maduro does not rule, he just has allied himself with the military. They let him figure while they pick up dry the bones of the country.

The beauty, for the army, of the Chavez regime has been that they reached power, absolute power, without the need to fire a single gun, without the need to make a military coup.  Their only limitations has been to pretend that this is still an imperfect democracy by allowing a whole bunch of leftist civilians allied with a civilian kleptocracy to do their bidding. In fact that kleptocratic "elite" has been the one managing the corruption business of the generals.  Cuba understood this very well: they infiltrated the army so that those who aligned with Cuba would share the loot with Cuba while becoming the real power in Venezuela.  Helped along, of course, by Cuban expertise on SS controls: Starvation and Surveillance.

This is why your tweet, the one where you address the military itself confounds me so much.  They, perhaps, even discredit you.

Unless your diabolical plan is to encourage a group of the army to break away in exchange of an amnesty for them. In short a small blood bath to avoid the major blood bath of massive repression and civil war.  Is that so?

Allow me to be skeptical of the solution.  Here, the army must be eliminated. It is beyond recovery, from the soldiers eating out of garbage to the generals that are almost all to a point incredibly fat.  The soldiers that allowed their commanders to make them eat garbage are not recoverable. And the generals so used to power, riches and free abuse at this point are unable to comprehend that they wronged the country. They are beyond the pale, beyond redemption.

I know you know. But please, let it be clear. There is too much at stake for us, and for you, the USofA, to play loose with tweets. We need to know that indeed you are well informed.

With all my thanks for your invaluable labor fighting for freedom, here and in Cuba.


  1. Yes it is sad to see people that likely know better trying to egg on the military. They will not cut their own throats.

    But we can dream. In our dream world the USA would guarantee the military defense of Venezuela once the Venezuela military was full decommissioned and the arms destroyed. Ex military not corrupted can enhance the police service.

  2. Boludo Tejano7:53 PM

    Good points. While there are probably some honest officers, the top of the officer hierarchy is corrupted, from Commander in Thief Vladimir Padrino López on down. Chavismo has had 19 years to control promotions and retirements.

    The soldiers that allowed their commanders to make them eat garbage are not recoverable.

    I would imagine that the military hierarchy is very aware of what a bullet from an angry corporal or private could do to the officer corps or to a civilian Chavista muckety-muck, and accordingly has very stringent access to guns w ammunition.


    Correct. Even more accurately, Venezuela's Genocidal Tyranny is a MILITARY KLEPTOCRACY, where Maduro and other clowns are just "tontos utiles".

  4. 1) Political power flows from the barrel of a gun. Sad but true. That is why the USA has a second amendment. Liberals and other mentally impaired folk refuse to accept this. Christ got crucified and Ghandi only triumphed because his adversaries were highly moral men. Venezuela's situation is much closer to Christ's. So one must conclude that Maduro will be replaced by some armed force. It wont be the large contingent of Cuban security services in Venezuela. Nor is Columbia likely to invade. But there may well be junior military officers whose families are suffering and who are revolted by what socialism has done to the country. And certainly the troops aren't part of the Chavista cabal.

  5. he's asking padrino lopez to change sides...and he has stayed silent...maybe he's thinking about it.

    1. Boludo Tejano4:09 AM

      he's asking padrino lopez to change sides...and he has stayed silent...maybe he's thinking about it.

      I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for him to change sides. Tweet of Commander-in-Thief Vladimir Padrino López. Included are 3 photos with Fidel Castro.
      Seguimos aferrados a las ideas y a las causas mas nobles de la Humanidad .Hasta la victoria
      Tr: We will continue to cling to humanity's most noble ideas and causes.

      Fidel and Chavismo associated with "humanity's most noble ideas and causes." Tell me another one.

      Very unlikely that he would change sides. If he did change sides, I wouldn't trust him for one minute.

      A further point is that his parents named him Vladimir, which suggests to me that he was raised a Commie. Recall the Venezuelan Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, a.k.a. Carlos the Jackal- who had brothers named Lenin and Vladimir.Carlos the Jackal definitely put Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's theories into action.

    2. perceptive and doesn't bode well for his changing sides...still, he apparently pressured maduro to recognize the opposition winning the national assembly so...

  6. "Are you that naive or is it part of a devilish plan you have concocted with your colleagues? "

    Yes Marco Rubio IS naive!!


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