Monday, April 23, 2018

They also have gay Komissars

I came across this tweet today and I can hardly express my indignation in words. Every day chavismo/madurismo seems able to reach new lows of vileness.

This tweet is to bring in the gay vote for Maduro through a special social "activity" to help the LBGT community.  Not only it is a vile attempt, but it is also an insult to the intelligence. Then again it is a chavista specialty, is it not?

Long time readers of this blog are well aware that I often documented the innate homophobia of the regime (as well as its anti semitism and other anti).  In short for late comers, this is a military regime that has never backed down at using anti gay slurs, from bad jokes to outright attacks on opposition politicians. It has been deliberate, a constant in time, and Maduro has perhaps been the worse offender (though Diosdado Cabello runs a tight contest).

But that is not all. Since the bolivarian revolution scam came to power in 1999 with a promise of expanding human rights we have degenerated into a dictatorship that is not afraid to kill (and export its repression model to Nicaragua, for example). While this was taking place many Latin American countries moved on to legalize gay marriage, even our neighbor in Colombia.  Venezuela is the lone continental country where gay rights may have regressed in the past 20 years.

So, what does that tweet says? First, it a campaign act. It does not matter what public social services may show up, they are there because they have to support the Maduro campaign logo.  The manipulation goes far enough to put the rainbow flag in the twisted M normally with the Venezuelan colors.

But let's play the game and check out what services did go to the event (note: there is at this time no tweets or pics or stuff of the activity posted, so a resounding success it was not). There are five logos.

The first is the number that you supposedly call when you find no treatment or no medicine and they tell you where to go. Nobody calls, they never answer. Like most public services in Venezuela that rarely answer the listed phones.  And yet in an international interview Maduro claimed that health in Venezuela was fabulous and all solved through that 800 number which gave you immediate attention.

The second one is "barrio adentro deportivo" which was initially to equip low economic neighborhoods with outdoor activity equipment.  Yeah, right, they are going to sponsor gay kids junior leagues in the barrios.....

SAIME is to do ID cards and passports. I doubt that they will be doing transgender name changes.

Then there is the one for you to get registered at the PSUV/Fatherland card. Yeah, right again....  I do not know whether it means that the only LGBT that will receive food or care have to register with a fascist party the PSUV.

Finally some vaccination program, which is of course only for chavistas as vice president Tareck El Aissami said that to have your kids vaccinated you needed to show your fatherland card.  Opposition kids can rot, for all that we know.

Now about the real needs of the LGBT community, those ones? Screw them!  They are not even allowing for the control free import of anti VIH treatments for those who can pay for them. Only those with family and financial support can have them brought in suit cases from folks travelling overseas. The other VIH folks are left to rot. Just like opposition kids? This is eugenics.

Never mind the other needs, maybe not as life threatening but as pressing: protection for transgender people, name changes, education in school to protect gay teenagers, at least a legal civil union, etc.  As a matter of fact there is a transgender representative in the parliament elected in 2015, Tamara Adrian, through Voluntad Popular, the lone party promoting openly gay mariage. There was talk of discussing a civil union / equal marriage law. That was quickly shot by the regime. Which, by the way, could have already voted on that easily through the constitutional (illegal) assembly elected last July. Why has it not be done?

Regardless, that "presidential commission on LGBT" tweet has not even 400 followers, and its time line is way more about propaganda/politics than gay issues in Venezuela.  No wonder the gay community is not following.  But managing the site gets folks a job, probably a certain "advocate" for LGBTI issues, Miguel Franco.  In his tweets you will read stuff about the Petro (not how it will allow for us to buy antiretroviral drugs) or the standard mandatory retweets that you see in any chavista time line. Even a gay chavista cannot be a tad original [sigh]. Well, he does have more followers than I do but then again like most chavista "influencers" he follows about the same. They follow each other or their master's whistle. Who knows?

In the end the effect is near zero, besides upsetting people like me. But then again it is yet another shinning example of growing chavista vileness. And I could not let pass that.


  1. This "igualdad social" rally and propaganda is just another attempt of the Narco-Tyranny to brain-wash the remaining uneducated populace. Continue the brain-wash of the incredibly IGNORANT populace, I should say. You'd be surprised how many still believe in Chavista Populist crap as "igualdad para el Pueblo", and how many still despise the "burguesitos" or "oligarquia" or "sifrinos". Yes, Millions and Millions are that clueless.

    That is the Intended Audience. The poor, ignorant, incredibly uneducated masses left. Not you, or the millions who left, with minimum education and minimum information about the world we live in.

    Few people like to say it, so I always do. It's the totally CLUELESS, uneducated, ignorant and often corrupt and complicit pueblo-people that created Chavismo, and still maintain it to this day.

    The LBGT community ain't no different. They are very different from Daniel though, a highly educated and well-informed minority. They are usually just as ignorant and clueless as the rest of our "bravo" pueblo. Thus, many will attend these rallies, beg for their ClapCrap bag, and chant for "equality for el pueblo" or "rebolusion".. Many are not stupid enough to believe it (ignorance doesn't necessarily equal lack of brain cells) but many will..

    "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité", remember? Except in Kleptozuela, in the the 21st century, they forgot about the most important parts: Freedom and EDUCATION. The Brain-Wash now continues, just as in Cuba, replacing freedom and real education with hatred for the 'bourgeoisie'.

  2. Chav's have been using gays for target practice places like Av. Libaratador for years and all gays know it. I don't see many coming forward to get a credular with a bolivarian rainbow flag on it like a pink triangle! Nobody's going to come out for a bag of anything?

  3. "In the end the effect is near zero, besides upsetting people like me. But then again it is yet another shinning example of growing chavista vileness. And I could not let pass that."
    So true!


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