Sunday, May 27, 2018


A few things.

There is an election in Colombia this Sunday.  We should hope that the Uribista candidate wins on the first round ballot. Period. No other one is a safe choice, be it Chavez admirer Petro or decent Fajardo.  Difficult times are coming to Colombia, the graver if AMLO wins in Mexico. Colombia will bear the brunt of the Venezuelan crisis. It will see the peace process meet its predicted unraveling (no matter who wins).  The election of Duque will bring the man with more resolve to the Casa de Nariño. But he will not be able to overthrow everything because for one thing he will not have stable majority in congress and because Colombia is too engaged on progress. It just needs a steady hand. With its entry into the OEDC and NATO Colombia is now the third most "advanced" country in Latin America, after Mexico and Chile.

The Santos legacy will be discussed and controversial for years. The peace accord with the FARC, even if forced by Norway Nobel committee, will need to change or it will fail miserably as Venezuela becomes a terrorist friendly anarchy. But that Colombia entered OEDC and that it was considered to be a country serious enough to be an associate of the NATO speaks volumes about how serious the Colombia elite has become since the election of Uribe 16 years ago. Not that folks like Pastrana lack merits, but the willingness of Uribe to stare down the FARC unflinchingly made all the difference.
The Joshua Holt thing deserved at best a foot note in the previous post.
Interesting to note that the Holt release came on the day that Juan Cruz, LatAm advisory to Trump, sated that Venezuelan regime is committing crimes against the humanity (going as far as mentioning Pol Pot...).
Long ago this blog was big and got yours truly as far as the BBC on TV.  But times have changed and now the newspapers have front page daily what this blog was saying a decade ago. I do not mind it, my work is done, the more so that my own personal circumstances have become direr by the day leaving little time to blog.  But some folks remember still. I was surprised that a Romanian site I gave an interview years ago came for more. There is the curiosity link of Venezuela News and Views in Romanian.

"INTERVIU Bloggerul Daniel Duquenal despre alegerile din Venezuela: Un scrutin ilegitim / Ţara e o dictatură narco-militară coruptă"
I am grateful.


  1. Worse part is if all those immigrants that moved to Colombia from Venezuela could vote they would vote for the closest thing to Chavez that ran in Colombia. People never learn. They don't blame Chavez they blame the rich for running out of money for Chavez to give them.

  2. Juan Cruz SATED or STATED?

  3. Well, looks like Duque and Petro for round two. Hopefully the ones who voted Fajardo will swing mostly for Duque. While not a guarantee they will, it seems to me they would break more for Duque than Petro.

    Roberto N


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