Monday, December 16, 2019

2019 in review part 1: all changed

2019 should be a year to forget, not only for me but for Venezuela.

Writing a year in review when I have been away of Venezuela for so long, and with so few posts, is kind of tempting chutzpah; but there I go.

Changes in Venezuela have been multiple and perhaps decisive in a very negative way. They will deserve a series of small posts on their own. Perhaps writing shorter, to the point posts is a way for me to regain the habit of writing?

So I'll start by getting the personal stuff out of the way.  2019 should have been a normal year of grief after losing my partner of 20 years, and getting ready to lose my sick father. But it turned out to be more. My father did pass away in June but by then I had been diagnosed with cancer and since April I have been treated in France because, well, it was impossible to be treated in Venezuela. Grief became a reason to live on its own.

Treatment was complex and included a difficult hospital stay for a self graft.  I have only praise for the French health system, without a doubt over all one of the better in the world. Now I am better though bald for the time being.  I am down on "maintenance" chemotherapy for at least a year after which I should be fine for a while, giving science time to get new treatments for me.  I will be able to return home for maybe two months early next year. Maybe 2021 will see me returning for good.

That is, if Venezuela does not get worse than what it is. But that is for the following posts.


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Daniel - warm thoughts for recovery - all the best for 2020 from Canada

  2. Daniel,
    Make France your home.

  3. Daniel, great to hear you will be coming back soon. But, you are going soft man. There is no take down of the terrible, cruel, racist american health care system in your post.

  4. Good to hear that your health has stabilized. Your voice has always been a powerful advocate for the Venezuelan people, but it is now your time to focus on yourself and get better. All the best during the Holiday Season....Feliz Navidad!!

  5. Daniel, I don't write much here, but I read you often. Best wishes for 2020 from Spain.


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