Monday, March 09, 2020

Coronavirus a.k.a COVID 19 : the Venezuelan story

No need to soften the blow. If the first case of Coronavirus in Venezuela is not yet confirmed, it is just a matter of time until a verifiable one is reported.  In fact, the Pan American Health Organization has announced that it is sending missions to vulnerable countries. That is, vulnerable in their health system, including in the list Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua. The implications are obvious.

Venezuela is highly vulnerable to such an epidemy. The public health system is in shambles, unable to deal with such an epidemic, justifying the worries of the PAHO.  The private system has become terribly expensive, and it is certainly not designed to substitute the public health system. At all.

Never mind that elemental precautions such as washing your hands with soap are often daunting as soap is of poor quality, very expensive, and running water way too often not available. Using long stored buckets of water will not cut it.

More worrisome is the nature of the regime bound to hide what could be a major catastrophe.  I am going to pass on the usual accusations of conspiracy that the US would have created the Coronavirus to destroy China (and the world? including the US?). Some chavista was bold enough to mention 1989 as the date when the inoculation started.....

The idiocy of chavismo, its absolute lack of understanding and interest for science and objective data is well documented. What is more dangerous is its denial. Already the government of Zulia, where that possible case has been reported, said that it was all a farce, a simulation.  Imagine what will happen when it will not be possible to hide cases of COVID 19 in Caracas....

Let me remind the reader that the regime has made its strong suit to kill statistics and hide the extent on which old epidemics returned. We have again tuberculosis and rubeola. Paludism, Dengue and Yellow Fever are all back even though they do barely appear in official statistics.  And this has been happening for a long time. Ten years ago I was hospitalized for hemorrhagic Dengue and already doctors told me that they stopped reporting cases as the health ministry simply refused to confirm the cases coming to them daily.  Imagine today.....

Woe is us.


  1. Island Canuck1:29 PM

    It's now at 10 cases (if you believe them) and rising.
    Schools closed as of Monday.
    Restaurants only allowed takeout food.
    Metro and public transportation only with masks.
    Banks only with masks and gloves.
    Considering quarenteening cities with the army.
    Considering closing businesses.
    Movie theaters are closed.
    Flights stopped from many countries.
    Etc., etc.
    The novela is just starting.

    1. Island Canuck12:33 PM

      Since I wrote the above about a week ago a lot has changed.
      All non essential businesses are now closed.
      The complete country is under quarantine.
      All domestic and International air traffic is closed.
      Ferry service to Margarita other than food and essential transport is stopped.
      Gasoline for individuals is stopped.
      Food stores and pharmacies remain open but only with masks.
      Cases now "officially" at 77.
      I personally believe it's much higher.

    2. why are you even still there in venz?

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Getting worse each day, no gasoline available, Maduro promoting hocus pocus "scientist", with cure, etc.

  3. well this should be fun...

  4. Nicolas Maduro indictment by the US

  5. and with oil prices dropping like a stone because everyone is staying home, it looks dire for VZ

  6. Life now is a soup opera

  7. Sharon7:08 PM

    Haven’t heard from you in over a month. Hope you’re doing well. We want to hear from you! Take care.

    1. I am here. Thanks for your concern!

  8. Only good for the people is that Venezuela routinely gives the TB vaccine which they are finding is reducing fatalities by 80 percent. The regime will enjoy the fact that they can lockdown at a time when there is no fuel and they can quarantine/prison any opposition and claim the virus killed them.


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