Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tal Cual on yesterday rioting

The inside page of Tal Cual is worth reproducing.

The points that Tal Cual recalls in the accompanying texts:

Chavez said early in his term that "buhoneros" (street vendors) had to be left alone. As such they provided some of the downtown troops that Chavez need on hand at any given time.

Further, some of the spaces that had been recovered by the city where deliberately surrendered again to buhoneros, in spite of all the considerable financial and human effort to recover at least some key areas. Not to mention that doing such a thing at Christmas shopping time is a crass error!

Buhoneros are certainly victims of unemployment, but then again the government has not improved anything on that front and, besides, that is no excuse to take hostage the whole downtown area.

As I have already written: deals made with Chavez are ALWAYS bad deals.

PS: Bernal, one of Caracas mayors, Barreto the Mayor at large. Thus the three B are the Bane of Caracas.

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