Thursday, December 09, 2004

What you could not see live yesteday

Pictures of Caracas downtown rioting are popping around. No matter what, things will get reported.

This morning RCTV was showing at 8 AM (censored time) the images that they supposedly showed yesterday (I could not verify that). I do not know if RCTV is throwing a gauntlet to the new law (RCTV is target nunber 1 in chavismo effort at muzzling the media) but this morning in La Entrevista they were clearly relishing the moment. It would make sense for RCTV to seek a judicial challenge as soon as possible. After all, one thing is certain, the government will try to shut down at least one media as a warning.

No matter what, the street rioting yesterday between chavista supporters and chavista police is certainly the kind of things that chavismo does not want to air. Now that the opposition has been fraudulently eliminated, these type of things will be more likely to happen. The rioting AND the censorship.

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