Thursday, August 16, 2007

NO to Chavez

The front page of today's Tal Cual says it all: the indecent proposal that Chavez vomited on us last night must be refused, must be fought with all our energy, with all the risks it might imply to our personal safety.

There is nothing to be rescued from that proposal. Any good that one might want to seek in the proposed constitutional changes is eclipsed, overwhelmed, buried by the intention behind the proposal: install a system who will terminate democracy in Venezuela and ensure that will last as long as Chavez is alive. With all the opprobrium associated with such systems designed for an elite perpetuation.

When I have more time I will get into some of the obscene details but I could not wait any longer to denounce the legal coup that Chavez is intending. It is worse than what I was expecting it to be.

-The end-

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